Mrs. Fortune teller

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This is a story about love develops between two lover with the help of Mrs. Fortune teller.

Mrs. Fortune teller

There was an Ora city in which people lives. The city was small. Only few people lives in the city. And all was the heaven like small shop, the flower shop and the gift shop. There was a man. The name of the man was Mr. Fartu and there was a lady the name of the lady was Mrs. Sapna. Mrs. Sapna has  a dream home in Ora city. She lives in her home.  But Mr. Fartu was came from village and joins the urban area nearly half months before. He has the office from where he does the job?

  Sapna also does the work in same office. Mr. Fartu and Mrs. Sapna were known to each other from six months. But they were good friends only, but not the lover. One day Mrs. Sapna got a card in the news paper that there is a Desney fair. So Mrs. Sapna calls the Mr. Fartu in Desney  fair.  Mr. Fartu came and in the fair he/she meets with a lady who was a fortune teller? The lady told that both people Mr. Fartu and Mrs. Sapna keeps his/ her arms on the surface of sphere then there was magic in sphere then she told to Mrs. Sapna and Mr. Fartu that you will be husband and wife in a few days. Something will happen in near future that will create love.

Then Mrs. Fortune teller off her duty.

Mr. Fartu and Mrs. Sapna do not believe in her but came outside the Desney fair then both came at their home by enjoying the fair.

Mrs Sapna was calling someone other but the number mixes and call goes to Mr. Fartu . Mr. Fartu received the call. Then Mrs.  Sapna said sorry to Mr. Fartu. Mr. Fartu was unknown of the fact of love. So they meet at bus stop also at the same time.

And in the office also they does the lunch same time so still there is no growth of love in them.

But that was a plot of a bird that was release from the heaven t o earth. She was releases by mistake. And first it came in the dream of Mrs. Sapna and Mr. Fartu.

In the dream they saw that they are giving flower to each other. But when dream grows bigger it was broken. And it was another day they listen the chirping of love bird at their orchard. Suddenly  It  develops a love between both. And the love was unceasing and unbroken. So when Mr. Fartu meets with the Mrs. Sapna.  He gave a flower to propose, Mrs. Sapna. And both felt in love. And became husband and wife in few days. And the love magic of love birds never ends.

 Actually Mrs. Fortune teller was the lady magicians who help in releasing love bird from heaven?  




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