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An old man dies and leaves a will but who will be the beneficiaries? And are they all genuine or not or has his will been faked? This is a story about such a conundrum. And it has a twist in the
tale as well.

Submitted: May 05, 2018

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Submitted: May 05, 2018



The witness stood before the court. He was a well-kept man about 50 years of age with grey hair greased and brushed back and wearing an impeccable suit. Really, he was also quite tall and spoke well talking about his relationship with his deceased neighbour.

"Did Mr...., your neighbour, often lend you books?"

"Yes, he did."

"And did you find these books amenable to your normal wish for reading matter?"

"Yes, interesting very."

"Indeed! And did you read the last book that your neighbour lent you?"

"I did look through it...."

"But did you find the bond numbers written down tucked in the sleeve that were the numbers of the bonds previously owned by the deceased and that he wanted these two girls who visited to have. These were two women who lived locally, young women at that without their own households yet to look after, helping him with his washing and cleaning, his papers, helping him to reminisce about his wife deceased a few years prior to his own death and that were generally acting as good neighbours?"

"Yes, I think I did. No! I only found them when the inspector called."

"Did you or didn't you?"

"I thought there might be a paper in there but I didn't look at it but I think there was a paper in there."

"Why did you not to see what the paper was? Your curiosity must have been aroused, surely."

"I don't know why it was in there but I don't know that I really was curious. It is just that I noticed it but didn't look at it until later and only thought of it again after the inspector called. That means it was the inspector who was the first to see that they were bond numbers...."

"Yes, we will hear the inspector's evidence later. He will testify that he found these bond numbers that belonged to the deceased and were the missing parts of the will. This is when the will was damaged and it was not clear how his estate should be divided up. Yet, he had the bond certificates in his house and these are listed in his possessions including the numbers of them taken down now."

"Did you have any contact or know these two girls other than possibly seeing them coming in and out of his home?"

"No, none whatsoever. However, I do think they helped him a great deal and I mean that most sincerely. And I know that they did his washing for him from time to time."

"Thank you, you have been very helpful."

"You may stand down."

The rest of the court case dragged on another day or two.

At the end of the case, the judge spoke and said, "It seems established that these bond numbers were given to his neighbour accidentally in the cover of a book and that this is a genuine copy of this part of the will. Unless there is any evidence to the contrary, the possession of these bond certificates will pass to these two young women. Any claims or counterclaims! No. So, this court will decide these bond certificates should transfer in their legal ownership to these two female helpers of his in his later years.... court dismissed"

It was six months later.

The grey-haired good looking older man was in a bar on the edge of town. He had the company of two young ladies. Really, they were both young, tender and beautiful. And they made him look good on his arm. Other younger men in the bar looked at them jealously. And the older man laughed at the younger men looking.

"Just pass them here what you owe me."

Under his raincoat, the girls passed him a wad of cash that was his share of the money.
Relieved, to finally get the money, he said, "I thought we weren't going to get away with it. Did you really just do his washing like you told me? But we have something better going together, don't we ourselves? This is when you were crying outside our houses saying that the old man would have wanted to give you some of his money. But that he had been pressurised by his wicked family not to. You asked me for help and we concocted this plan, our fake story to tell them, didn't we, all of us? And then we confirmed the deal by the phone call we made to his solicitor that afternoon and the solicitor calling the police on us.  You had been accused of tampering with the will but we did not have enough time to change the bond numbers and could only rip that out and work out another plan for it.  Then, the inspector called and we could have been in for it.  So now we've risked seeing each other again here, we need to lay low for another six months. Then, we should be able to start up our old relationships together.  That is me and you and your friend coming as well to visit us.  Also, we could enjoy our loot."

A young man was watching interested from some distance away but that now moved closer to them. Oddly, the three of them realized he must have been able to hear the whole time what they were saying. He was gruffly bearded, had hairy muscled arms and wore a sleeveless shirt. How he laughed when he saw them looking at him. He was about to say something but stopped and laughed more.

Then, he spoke in an even strong voice and said, "This is just my evening wear. You won't see me again anyway. I have a normal job the rest of the time. But it doesn't pay well enough. It doesn't when I'm a minion down the ladder socially, money wise and in every other way. But I can tell when someone else is onto too good a thing that I don't like myself either."

Leaning forward, he put his hands with a muscled strength you couldn't argue with. And he brushed the other person away putting his hands inside his jacket.

"Give me that!"

Seeing the two girls look at him a bit plaintively almost and a bit inappropriate as well when he was just a robber that had taken their own money, he said, "You might want to know that you won't see me again. This is around here or anywhere else. But I think your money belongs to me now.... So, I'm going to go out that door and I don't want you to come out after me for another half hour. You will get it if I do see you."

Once he had left, the two girls and the grey-haired older man were still standing in the bar.  They felt the worst and looked disconsolately at each other. 

"I'm going," said one of the girls. "Are you coming?"

"You can't go," said the older man, "because that man has said not to come out for half an hour. He could do anything to you including murder if you wanted to push him. This is just by you leaving this bar that he might do it.  It's stupid!"

"He won't do anything," said one of the girls to the other girl dismissively and really paying no attention to the older man's concerns at all.

"Yes, really? He will do something," the older man shouted at the two girls.  "This is if he sees you."

"Oh, you really are just like some loudmouth you said you weren't. I've had enough of being insulted like this. We are going to go to another bar to drink. I don't think we'll see him anyway as you've not done anything to him and you gave him the money."

"He might see you. Really, he could see you if you go anywhere now. This is when he might be looking for you. We have gotten enough on him and he could do something. He could slice you up. As well, he would think nothing of it doing it to you if you were going to send him to prison. He had a smell of prison about him.  So he doesn't want to go back in it right now."

"You're really shouting. Why don't you tell the whole bar about us? You must think we're some kind of sluts still. We've got money to live off quite comfortably! Possibly, you could just go away from us. How can young girls really want to know older men like you anyway? You thought up this whole scheme, not us, you and nobody else. We were innocent but desperate for some money. That is we were because he still owed us. And we will tell them that."

"Go on then, you can go and see if I care."

After they had gone, the grey-haired man stayed in the bar not wanting to go for half an hour more himself. Then he began pondering a bit. Nobody could really have been persuaded to commit a crime just by somebody sympathising with them for not having enough money. As well, there was the danger that the young man who had threatened him beforehand might come back into the bar to get him also if seeing the two women out. He decided to go into the back of the bar that might be a bit safer if the man came back. And he was in the back looking through a crack in the window when he saw the young man indeed come back in looking for him. But not seeing him there, the young man left again.

You might assume something had happened to the two girls. And he could not contact them now and ask them for his share of the money again. But they might not give it to him another time saying they had already given it to him beforehand. As well, he felt they were not reasonable to talk to anymore anyway after what they had said. They were crooks of a kind he mused to himself as he went home. This he did with his pockets and his heart empty but still with his life.

The End

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