Werewolf Investigation

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Caiten Hughes - the detective werewolf.

He’s on a mission to find out how corrupt the Capitol really are.

Chapter 3 - 5 up on Sunday night/Monday night.



Oliver Hodds


Chapter 1

The beast hid in the tree line, and behind the bushes, lurking in shadows, waiting for the prime moment. The guard on patrol walked back and forth in front of the castle gates, scanning the area for possible intruders. The beast knew the guard would kill him on sight without a second thought to it, hence he waited until he turned his back again, and left his hiding place. He found a large oak, and crouched behind it, listening to the hard footsteps of boots crunching through the thick snow.
The guard stopped walking and looked out into the distance, and the werewolf snuck behind him, grabbed his neck and pulled him to his feet. The man struggled, and the beast snarled and dug out his throat with his claws. The guard choked, blood spurting out of his torn neck, and the beast dragged him to a nearby tree and laid him down, taking care to not leave a trail of blood.
Caiten was the beast’s name.
Most werewolves were extinct, because of hunters and trappers, soldiers and officers. They were taken out using magic, as there would be little struggle. They would be burnt alive with wildfire, and they’d move on to the next victim. It was all finished in one day - fourteen thousand dead just like that. The Capital had made it a special day to remember, know as ‘Human Safeguard Act II,’ which would go on to be remembered for hundreds of years.
Caiten launched himself through the night sky and reached the top of the castle wall. Carefully checking left and right, and silently taking out two patrolling snipers, he slipped down into the inner courtyard. The guards’ barracks was placed in the centre and a training course on the left of it. Caiten threw himself from the castle wall and landed heavily in tall grass, and snuck through it until he reached the door to the barracks. He looked inside the window and saw three people. He twisted the door handle and pushed. Two men sat at a wooden table drinking ale, and a woman standing up, holding a coffee cup. One of them jumped up from the table and shouted alarm, but it was too late. Caiten slammed the door shut and darted at the man. 
The beast flipped him over the table, and sank his razor-sharp teeth into his neck, and threw him across the room like a rag-doll. Caiten turned, and the woman threw the coffee across his face, damaging his vision, and blinding him briefly. Caiten wiped his watering, redding eyes, and ran straight at the women, and threw her through an open window. He was suddenly grabbed from behind, and then his legs were taken out from under him. Before he knew what was happening, he was shot in back, and a violent growl escaped his lips. The shot rang out through the old castle, and an alarm began to sound.
The gunshot wound healed itself swiftly, but before he could get up, a pistol was pushed into the back of his skull. ‘Don’t move, don’t die. Simple. You got it?’ came a rough voice from behind.
‘Got it,’ and the gun was brought from his head, and brought down again violently, forcing Caiten into an unconscious state.


Chapter 2

The cell Caiten woke in was dusty, and laid with hay and moss. A small window was perched at the top of the windowsill, not that he’d be able to see out of it anyway, being at least ten foot high. There was blood splattered on the far wall, which still looked fresh. He looked down at the handcuffs which held his arms tightly together and tried to pull, which only made them feel tighter. A large barred door stood in front of him, and he ran into it, hoping for it to break. It didn’t.
‘Hey?! Anyone?’ Caiten called out into the wide cobbled hall but received no answer. ‘Hey—,’
‘Would you shut up!?’ interrupted someone.
‘Hey… who are you?’ Caiten asked.
He heard nearby footsteps approaching his cell, and then someone appeared before him. ‘Commander-in-chief of the Capital Guard, Caiten.’ Caiten looked at the badges on the guard’s uniform, which confirmed his title. ‘Ah… Commander Foster, am I correct?’ Caiten asked.
‘That’s the one. Caiten Hughes, right?’ the Commander asked, and Caiten nodded.
‘I’ve heard a lot about you,’ Foster said, ‘that you now do detective work for the Capital. You must’ve made a pretty good deal with his Lordship.’
‘No doubt you did as well… being a vampire n’ all. They’re basically as dangerous as us. That’s probably why there’s only one of you left.’ Caiten replied smugly.
Commander-in-chief Foster turned from his cell and began to walk away. ‘Hey… come on man… don’t cry about it,’ Caiten chuckled. He watched the Commander until he moved out of eyeline, and started to whistle Take the ‘A’ Train by Duke Ellington. 

Foster returned in a few hours with four other guards, ‘the Lordship wants to see you.’ he said. Caiten sat up on the floor, and stared at them for a moment, ‘okay?’ he said, and the Commander unlocked the door. Two guards came into the cell and grabbed Caiten’s arms, yanked him up, and led him out of the cell. The cell was locked again, and the Commander led them through the hall. ‘Wanna loosen up a bit? Caiten joked to the guards holding him, which earned a tug forwards which scratched his wrists on the handcuffs. 
He was led through a seemingly-endless hall until they finally reached a large domed room. They were in the Capital Tower, meaning there were much further inland than the stronghold Caiten attacked earlier. How did I get here without waking up? Caiten thought, probably drugged — some of which could keep you asleep for ten-twelve months. None of that mattered now, as they were about to enter the Throne Room. 
The large wooden doors were opened from the inside and the guards brought him inside the large building. Ten guards were stationed on either side of the Throne Room, leading up to the throne itself, which the Lordship sat upon smugly. Commander-in-chief Foster bowed, ‘my Lord. I bring Caiten.’ and he arose, and approached Caiten. He unlocked and removed his handcuffs, and led him towards the throne. ‘Stop,’ came the Lord’s voice, and Foster stopped on the stop, ‘sir?’ the Lordship raised his hand, and the Commander backed off.
‘Caiten Hughes, one of five hundred werewolves left, Capital detective… and mass murderer.’
‘Baron Williams, Lordship of the Cap—,’
‘Enough Caiten. You don’t need to recite my full title. I’m sure everyone’s already aware.’ Baron interrupted.
‘Oh, sorry… I thought we were doing full nam—,’
‘I said enough!’ Baron roared. ‘You will bow when you speak to your King. Do it now, and the consequences will be light.’ 
Caiten crossed his arms and spoke gruffly: ‘I need you to stop interrupting for five minutes. Can you do that?’ the Lordship went to speak again, but Caiten continued, ‘Now… first of all, you’re not my King. You killed him two hundred and fifty years ago. Second… what consequences?’
Baron smiled thinly, ‘alright then. If that’s the way you see it… but I’m sure I can change your mind. Guards! Show him to honour the rightful King and not some dangerous beast.’
All of the guards in the room pulled swords from their scabbards, and the Commander-in-chief pulled out duel-wielded daggers. They advanced, and quickly surround Caiten, leaving him no way out. He tried to dash forward, but a guard behind him slashed his calf, and he stumbled into another guard, which head- butted him. Caiten’s world rocked, and tried to move away from them, but couldn’t. He was trapped in a small circle, the guards ready to slash, parry, and stab at him. Four came at him from behind, and he threw the first over the circle of guards, but two swords dug into his sides. He pulled them out and the wounds healed. More of them came in, and he was defenceless. 
Getting repeatedly stabbed and sliced, he fell to his knees, blood pouring from him, unable to heal. Surely he would die. Surely, he thought.























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