True Sovereign

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The world was born. From the aid of all Gods and the True Creator who helped make it. A world with true value come from its environment, the vast luscious greens, the large deserts, tundras and the
frostplains. But that wasn't all, a world was also precious for its people. But the Gods could not choose on one race. Endless disputes occurred until the True Creator finally allowed the influx of
races for each god. Including his own, the Humans. They populate the world into their newly tribes. But in turn, to give them an obstacle, created the endless monsters that roam its vast lands. The
Creator bestowed upon everyone the endless desire of something greater. The greed of power. And the way of pursuit for power, a 'Style'.

Davis Braveheart was brought back in time at the year 3349AC at the young age of 14. He died at the age of 44 with unruly actions against him during that time. This is his adventure and pursuit for
revenge and power. The power to protect whose dear and to kill those who've wronged. Lead on the tale of the True Sovereign

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Davis Braveheart

Submitted: May 05, 2018

'Ah.....So this is how it felt..' Davis Braveheart was on the floor, previously strucked with pain. He was just any ordinary pers... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 06, 2018

"Mama, Papa, look! I am the Great General of Lawre, Sir Bacchus!" Davis waved his wooden sword around wildly in the air with his whit... Read Chapter

Innocence [2]

Submitted: May 06, 2018

"Forward" "Left Flank!" "Rear Guard!" High ranks were yelling out numerous commands in the head of combat. This caused ch... Read Chapter

First Day

Submitted: May 08, 2018

"You know the drill!" Men from all varieties were putting on armor. The newbies of the camp had troubles equipping them. Davis wa... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 09, 2018

Davis finished his lap faster than anybody else did. 'How did...' the drill sergeant couldn't believe his eyes of the feat done b... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 13, 2018

Glenn and Davis were walking back from the river where they'd usually hang out. They were heading back to the canteen, where his frie... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 15, 2018

"March!" The man repeated the word over and over throughout the course to the Monster Plain. The Monster Plain, a common spawning... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 18, 2018

"If it's just puny kobolds, we definitely got this, let's move on!" They began packing up and head back on the road. Kobolds were... Read Chapter

First Assault

Submitted: May 21, 2018

"Krawr!" "Defend the line! Hold off!" "Those pesky rats....." Richard Gouste spoke his concerns. Moments of the charge wa... Read Chapter

Marching Over

Submitted: May 26, 2018

"What's taking them so long?" "Be patient men, they must have their circumstances." The rendezvous point where the legion would m... Read Chapter