My Cherie Amour

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Submitted: May 05, 2018

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Submitted: May 05, 2018




“Chaz wait, please.”

Sarah ran down the steps of her parent’s brownstone.

Chaz opened the umbrella and sheltered himself from the harsh elements of the pouring rain.

Sarah joined him.

Chaz centered the umbrella over the two.

“I’m sorry, my parents would not give you their blessings to marry me.”

“Yeah me too.”

Chaz looked over Sarah’s shoulder; he was hoping her father would appear after reconsidering his decision to give him his blessings to make his daughter happy.

“I guess I could place this moment on hold, for now.”

Chaz settled the black jewelry box inside his back pants pocket.

“You know I still love you with all my heart.”

Chaz stroked Sarah’s cheek.

“I know. You still my number one girl right.”

“Always will be.”

“I do not understand your father’s denial. We have been hot and heaving for some time now.”

“My father has always been a little protective of his little girl; just allow him some time to realize someone has swept his little princess from off her feet.”

Chaz palmed his goatee down. His eyes arrested Sarah’s eyes.

“So, what do we do in the meantime. I have reservations for two, at your favorite Italian restaurant on contingent your father would have given me his blessings to wed you this evening.”

“I’m sorry about the outcome, however, we still have to eat, and then later, we can come back to my place.”

“What I have in store for you later will be beneficial if we go back to my place.”

“I’m convinced.”

“Come here baby.”

Chaz pulled Sarah into his embrace. He nudged her nose, before his lips tenderly met hers

The mist of the rain comforted the two.


Word Count 284

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