The Legends of Darkstalker (Part Six)

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This is the sixth and FINAL book review for The Legends of Darkstalker. It astonishes me that it has this many, because it's that good! Here it is.

Clearsight is now aware that Darkstalker is writing in invisible ink, after she found out that her moonstone earrings were cursed. She also found the spell that made him inpenetrable. He was lying to her all this. At the time, Darkstalker was following his blade that he enchanted to find Arctic and his sister, Whiteout. Soon he caught up with them, and the blade sliced Arctic's foot, and he fell hard to the ground with a thud. Before this was happening, Fathom and Darkstalker found a note from Indigo saying she didn't feel safe and she left saying not for Fathom to not use magic to find her. Fathom was struck by this, wanted back the SeaWing carving that he gave to Darkstalker, so he could remember Indigo. But right now, Fathom had Darkstalker's scroll, and then that's when he saw the invisible ink saying (sorry if I get it wrong), "Entrap Indigo the SeaWing inside this SeaWing wood carving." Fathom used his animus magic to release Indigo from the carving. They were so happy to see each other, then confessed that their love was too strong to keep away from each other, so they flew away. When Darkstalker, Arctic, and Whiteout got back to the NightWing Kingdom, Darkstalker made Arctic disembowel himself in front of every dragon. After that, Darkstalker met Clearsight at the mountain, just like she wanted to. Darkstalker got and unexpected gift from Clearsight. 

"I'm sorry, my love," Clearsight said, then every went black.


That's going to wrap up this book review! Comment down below which other Wings of Fire books you want me to do a review on! Thanks!

Submitted: May 06, 2018

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