A Celebration Of The Feminine

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Chapter 37 (v.1) - Sagittarius And Chiron

Submitted: June 11, 2018

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Submitted: June 11, 2018



Sagittarius And Chiron

Rays Of Wisdom – War And Peace Between Nations – The Patriarchy And Warfare Through The Ages – Sagittarius And Chiron

The domain of the mutable Fire sign Sagittarius, whose symbol is the archer and wise centaur, is concerned with the unfolding and development of humankind’s superconscious faculties. The images of Sagittarius clearly link this sign closely to the symbolisms of the Chiron legend. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system which is fifth in distance from the Sun. Although they could have had no idea of the planet’s vast dimensions, the ancient astronomers who discovered it, intuitively gave it the name of the ruler of the Gods in the Greco-Roman pantheon. Jupiter is larger than all the other planets together and has an internal heat source that emits more energy than it receives from the Sun. It has its own system of satellites that emits intense bursts of radio noise. On the inner levels of life Jupiter represents the principles of spiritual growth and expansion through a better understanding of life’s experiences.

Jupiter is the planetary ruler of the mutable Fire sign Sagittarius, the ninth sign in the zodiac whose natural domain is the ninth house. Among many other things both sign and house are responsible for higher education, especially that which can be obtained from the religions and philosophies of our world, the law, long distance travelling and distant relations like in-laws. A lifetime in Sagittarius offers human souls many opportunities for expanding their whole being, mentally and spiritually as well as physically. On the whole, Sagittarians are jovial and easy-going people who are at all times ready to widen their horizons by acquiring the skills that enable their consciousness to grow and expand through many and varied experiences. Jupiter represents humankind’s super-conscious faculties and its direct connection with God.

Gemini and Sagittarius are in polar opposition to each other in the zodiac. Both signs deal with the mind. That’s why in many of the legends of our world they are represented as twins. Gemini is the earthly twin with its earthly mind and Sagittarius is its Heavenly counterpart that functions through its superconscious faculties. At some stage of our development these two aspects of our nature need to be brought together and trained so that they are no longer at loggerheads but complement each other and harmoniously work together. Only then can the two begin to play for us the role of the allegorical winged messenger of the Gods, Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, Air, and of Virgo, Earth.

Mercury’s energies enable us earthlings to steal the fire of the Gods by bringing the creative ideas, wisdom and knowledge of the Highest into earthly life. As aspiring healers and lightbringers we are required to share them unselfishly with others and ultimately for the benefit of our whole world. The highest purpose of anyone who is strongly under the influence of Chiron/Sagittarius is to alleviate the suffering of our world. And the more we recognise that basically is cause by nothing but ignorance, the more we are gripped by an urge to end this sad state. We realise that this can only be done by helping others to gain their own inner entry to the light of God’s wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Silently, we swear to ourselves that for us this work will not end until every last shred of unawareness and the misery it brings about has gone from our world for good.

With increasing maturity and spiritual awareness, it can hardly have escaped the legendary Chiron’s attention that the cause of all human fighting, quarrelling and warmaking is our race’s ignorance of not knowing that that the true nature of even the last one of us is being a child of God. Chiron eventually gave up his earthly existence because deep down he was aware of his own immortality and everyone else’s. Safe in the knowledge that in truth there is no death, he went in search of ways to help humankind gain access to the fire of the Gods, the wisdom and truth of the Highest in the first place.

Chiron is filled with good intentions, but the giant snake Hydra is defending God’s sacred fire, i.e. the all-encompassing and immensely powerful spiritual knowledge and wisdom of his feminine counterpart, the Goddess. I see the Hydra as a symbolism for human ignorance. It is a snake with many heads and as soon as one of them has been cut off, two more grow in its place. During the ages of the Goddess’s reign Her wisdom and truth had been freely available to all. But when the patriarchy gradually took over it was guarded by overzealous masculine priesthoods in pursuit of personal power over people’s souls and their worldly possessions. If people were sufficiently frightened, they would hand them over to the priests and the institutions they served in exchange for a place in Heaven.

Sagittarius is zodiacal sign of the storyteller and the con-person as well as that of the showbusiness people. Blessed with the gift of gab, garrulous Sagittarians are also the super-salespeople of the zodiac capable of selling goods and ideas with equal ease. Christianity’s sacred texts, the Bible, available in Latin only for a long time, made the fullest possible use of all these gifts. Through this the priesthood’s knowledge remained a secret that could not be penetrated by ordinary folks, who had been brainwashed and indoctrinated with the fear of God by the religions from which Christianity evolved. For a long time Christian masses were held entirely in Latin, read by a priest who had his back turned to the congregation. It was this kind of behaviour that during the Piscean Age gave the clergy great power over people’s souls.

But now that the Age of Aquarius is with us, discovering God’s truth and making it their own sets ever more individuals free from the reign of the spiritual suppression and slavery of the religious institutions of our world. Those who are brave enough to do battle with the Hydra of ignorance and who are removing one of its heads after the other, receive the Hydra’s blood, a symbol of the Goddess’s wisdom. Potential lightbringers can drink of it with relish and share it with those around them, so that their earthly self’s false beliefs and prejudices can also die and give birth to the higher aspects of their nature.

This enables them to help their own and humankind’s evolution by focussing on that which is good, right and beautiful in our world. Everything that is not yet in this state we need to lay into the hands of God and the Angels, for they know the plan and are executing it. It is all right for us to rest safely in the knowledge that everything that is still ugly and evil in our world in the fullness of time will also be made beautiful and good, because that is the truth. The radiance of the Christ Star’s light has always been and forever will be working on beautifying and perfecting, i.e. making whole, all aspects of our world. And because the Christ and Its Light is as much part of us as we are part of it, this is valid for all of us. By guiding, protecting and supporting every one of our creative and spiritual efforts, the Christ light gradually becomes part of us until eventually it has taken over our whole being and we have evolved into a Christed one in our own right.

Nothing has ever been achieved by dwelling on the miseries and horrors that for educational purposes still are necessary in our world, as otherwise they would not happen. That which in our world is not yet wholly of Christ but of the Earth with the passing of time disintegrates, because it lacks the Divine force that is responsible for the unfolding of the great plan of life and holding everything it contains on the right course. Knowing this, we can afford to watch quietly and without our trust in the Highest Forces ever shaking, the slow and inexorable gradual breaking through of the Christ light in all aspects of our world.

We can think of and feel for those who are suffering with love and sympathy, but let’s not allow anything to drag us into the quagmire of negativity the mass media are busily and happily preparing for us on a daily basis. That is not the way we can help anyone, least of all ourselves. We are here to do our share of establishing God’s kingdom on the Earth by raising humankind’s consciousness and bringing new hope through focussing on that which is good, right and beautiful in our present existence. This is quite realistic when one bears in mind that the law of evolution ensures that everything, including each individual human spirit and soul, no matter in what lowly evolutionary state they may presently be, will also begin to develop their higher nature eventually.

You and I have been granted the gift of another lifetime so we can conduct our lives as good examples for the younger and less experienced souls among our siblings in the human family. We are here to give of our special abilities and with their help spread happiness and increase the balance and harmony of our world through a better understanding of the processes of life and the true purpose of humankind’s earthly existence. Only that which is good and right is of God and in harmony with the first principle of life, love. If we but look at our world and everybody in it with the eyes of love, it is not hard to make our contribution towards creating a new world that is a better and more beautiful place for all its lifeforms.

The most essential part of the Great Architect’s plan is that in the final analysis the only thing anyone can do is move forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. But, individually and collectively this can only come about through everyone’s own endeavours. As we know by now, on the inner level of life all is one and everything that happens anywhere in the whole of Creation affects everything else. It makes me shudder to think of how much making good is still waiting to be done by us and redeemed – by one other than us. This applies to every last bit of the damage we once did and of the pain we inflicted upon others in the course of our many earthly lifetimes when we were still ignorant of our true nature.

Nothing that ever happened in our world has been and nothing that to this day is taking place was or is outside of God’s plan and reach. A wise higher purpose lies behind everything, of that we can be sure. Bearing this in mind, may we never forget what St. John 8:7 told us about the Master’s reaction to the threats against a woman caught in adultery: ‘Jesus bent down and wrote with his finger on the ground. When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them: ‘Let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.’

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