A Celebration Of The Feminine

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Chapter 42 (v.1) - The Age Of Aries

Submitted: June 16, 2018

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Submitted: June 16, 2018



The Age Of Aries

Rays Of Wisdom – War And Peace Between Nations – The Patriarchy And Warfare Through The Ages – The Age Of Aries

The Age of New Beginnings,
Warfare, Violence And Conquest

About 2500 BC – 300 BC

Yet another two thousand years or so have passed and once more the curtain lifts on the stage of God’s great plan for humankind. Woe betide us! We have reached the Age of Aries, the cardinal Fire sign, ruled by Mars, the planet that took its name from the Roman God of war. Aries is the pioneering and adventuring sign of the zodiac that signals new beginnings for us individually and also our world.

Male aggression and a desire for dominance and power are present in both sexes, conscious in men and unconscious in women. During the Age of Aries the time had come for our whole world to experience the negative manifestations of this sign. Among them are:

•Arrogance and egotism.
•Wishing to impose their views on others.
•Trying to dominate those around them.
•Being too opinionated, forthright and pushy.
•Insist on being right, no matter what.
•Ready to cross swords with anyone, time and place, at the slightest provocation. If there isn’t one, an excuse can easily be found.
•Jumping to conclusions.
•Rushing into action without due forethought.
•Creating problems for self and others through too much haste.
•Shooting first, then asking questions.

With the development of agriculture sufficient useful occupations were no longer available for many men at the time when the lower and lowest characteristics of humankind’s masculine energies were moving into the foreground of our world’s consciousness. We all have inherited them from our animal forebears. Alas, as we know only too well by now, taming them was going to take thousands of years in Earth terms. The wild, untamed part of our earthly nature is a symbolism for what became known as ‘the devil’.

During lifetimes in this sign as young and inexperienced souls we are assertive and aggressive, argumentative and confrontational, seeking and enjoying disputes of any kind. Our desire nature is extremely strong and we constantly want something and everything. Impatient and unwilling to wait for anything, we want things now and walk over dead bodies, if need be, to get them. We go for what we want without hesitation and if the object of our desire isn’t to our liking, which it frequently is, we drop it like a hot potato and move on in pursuit of another conquest. These typical behaviour patterns shed some light on how it came about that men during the Arian Age increasingly turned on each other, took what they wanted, at first from each other and then also from those around them, especially their women. Warfare as an expression of the joy of maiming, killing and destroying entered into humankind’s consciousness. Using our inborn ingenuity ever more destructive weapons were thought of and developed, culminating in those of mass destructions of our time. Their use is a direct result of the Karma all of us together created in bygone ages.

The fiery Mars energies are of a very masculine nature. In both genders they are a pure sexual/spiritual force that is equally hard to handle in women and men alike. Arrogant and selfish, highly sexed and utterly convinced of their own superiority, unevolved Arians like to think of themselves as something very special and way above all others. During the Age of Aries the males of our species more and more developed the strutting of their stuff behaviour of the males of our animal ancestors. As the Mars energies are conscious in men and work from the subconscious in women, the males of our species increasingly saw themselves the masters of their Universe. All that needs to be done in this role is going out into the world and overcoming everything that stands in the way of our desires, conquering everything that comes our way, to possess, if need be by force.

What a long time it has taken until it finally came clear that the best we human beings can ever hope to become is a master of the Universe of ourselves. Yes, we are in this world to conquer and overcome, but only the drives and urges of our lower animal nature and never other people. Creating the necessary educational balance takes many lifetimes in which we appear, every now and then as a man at the giving end of barbaric behaviour towards the females in their lives, and then as a woman at the receiving end. Through these experiences we learn and grow in wisdom and understanding of our own and humankind’s nature. When at last we have spiritually matured sufficiently the Divine spark of love in our hearts stir from its slumbers and the higher aspect of our nature begin to take over.

One of these days, hopefully soon, our race will have learnt to channel its natural ingenuity into peaceful outlets, instead of inventing ever more sophisticated and deadly weapons that are blessed by the priests on both sides of the conflict, to maim, kill and destroy each other. When this part of God’s great plane is over, hopefully soon, there will be nothing that can stop us from making the dream of a peaceful world a reality in earthly life. Under the guidance of God and the Angels, in thoughts and words of affirmation, we need to project the blessing and healing power of the Christ Light into the dark forces that are still at work in our world. The radiance of the Christ Star absorbs their energies and in the temple of healing in the heart of the Star they are then uplifted and transmuted into blessing, healing and harmonising energies that flow freely into the farthest and remotest corners of Creation.

In all our spiritual endeavours we should never forget what one of the sages of our world once said: ‘Only when the power of love overcomes the love of power, will our world know peace. So, let’s humbly ask the Angels to show us how to safely go about this work. They need our help just as much as we require theirs and any time by day or night they are willing to assist us, all we have to do is ask.
Let’s now return to our reflections about the ages for a moment. With the help of humankind’s learning during the Age of Taurus, the more the influence of the Arian energies increased, the more men developed a taste for building themselves empires through invading and occupying formerly peaceful countries they grew ever bigger. By suppressing and exploiting the indigenous people of their conquered territories, they brought trouble and strife wherever they went. As ever more sophisticated machinery for increasingly brutal warfare was invented, the invaders more easily got hold of the people and their lands and confiscated their resources. This is how the empires of China, Persia, Greece, the Romans and finally the British kept on expanding.

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