A Celebration Of The Feminine

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Chapter 45 (v.1) - The Great Balancing Act

Submitted: June 19, 2018

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Submitted: June 19, 2018



The Great Balancing Act

Rays Of Wisdom – War And Peace Between Nations – The Patriarchy And Warfare Through The Ages – The Great Balancing Act

In the course of our race’s many earthly lifetimes first the characteristics of the Great Mother of all life, the Goddess, the wisdom and love aspect of the Divine, represented by the elements Water and Earth, had to be experienced by us and our world, so it could imprint itself in our race’s earthly consciousness. Through this the feminine intuitive, soft, sensitive and vulnerable feeling side of the soul developed in our individual and collective consciousness. For this purpose the pendulum of the Divine energies had to swing far out to the feminine side. When this aspect of our nature had grown sufficiently, the time had come for focussing our attention on the growth of the masculine characteristics of the Great Father of all life, the God, the power aspect of the Divine, represented by the elements of Fire and Air.

As above, so below. In us, both genders alike contain a feminine as well as a masculine part and energies. The masculine is the spirit and the feminine its soul. The masculine in us, the same as in God, dominates and controls its feminine counterpart. In the Great Father/Mother the wisdom and love of the Mother shapes itself and works peacefully and harmoniously with the will and power of the masculine. He loves her and would not dream to use his power for hurting or harming her in any way. On the contrary, he is making her ever more beautiful and perfect in keeping with his grand design and original ideas. Mother Earth is one of the many manifestations of the Great Mother takes care of constantly beautifying and perfecting her. Until we begin to awaken to our true nature and begin to understand what is at work behind the scenes of the material plane of life, in our ignorance we are the only ones who cause our planet pain and destroy her beauty for selfish gains.

As earthlings we are required to teach the masculine and feminine parts of our being to co-operate the way the Great Father and Mother are doing. In us the masculine energies are positive and outgoing. This aspect has the power of decision-making and – in some of us so far only potentially – the ability to analyse and think logically and rationally, the same as the creative mind of the Universal intelligence, the Great Architect behind all life and lifeforms who brings new life into being through the sheer power of his thoughts. All of us are an integral part it. The human feminine in both genders is passive and receptive, gentle, kind and loving. Because the feminine loves its counterpart, the masculine, it freely and willingly responds and shapes itself to its will and wishes.

God and Goddess are of equal importance, one cannot function without the other. An incessant stream of creative ideas pours forth from the masculine force of creation, God. But it is the wisdom of the feminine, the Goddess, who decides where and when something new should be created or things that have outlived their usefulness and become obsolete should be destroyed and removed. Together these two forces of creation attend to their task of creating and destroying whole worlds and everything they contain, animate and inanimate alike. If that isn’t magnificence, please tell me what is?

In principle this process functions the same way in us and our world. When the pendulum of the feminine and masculine energies has swung sufficiently far out into their extreme manifestations in both directions, the time has come for correcting the imbalances this has brought about. Individually and collectively they expressed themselves in the patriarchy’s erroneous beliefs. The point of equilibrium always lies halfway between two extremes and now that we have reached the age of equality, it is everyone’s task to find this point within us and to begin functioning from there. Slowly this development has been taking place in the world around us for quite some time. It will continue until the pendulum has come to rest in the middle between the two extremes of masculine and feminine. When the required balance has finally been established, there will be peace on Earth. Genuine goodwill towards all will have grown in every heart and soul because it is founded on a deep inner understanding of God’s true nature and our own.

For a long time humankind had to remain ignorant of the fact that there are higher forces at work in the background of our existence and that without them there would be no planet Earth and the life on it. The experience of the patriarchal rule of our world was placed during this period, to show us what happens when the masculine will and power aspect becomes ever more bereft of the mellowing and beneficial influence of the feminine. This is how with the passing of time our race moved further and further away from the knowledge of God’s true nature and our own, so that the cleft between our world and the world of light grew ever deeper.

Instead of connecting us with our Creator by bringing us His/Her sacred truth, the increasingly misogynistic patriarchal religions were carefully designed to take us further away from knowing who and what God truly is. For a long time these belief systems succeeded, but I believe their days are numbered. Although to this day there are churches that try to guard their followers against any grain of truth they may find along their pathway through life, constantly decreasing numbers of churchgoers prove that their efforts are crowned with less and less success.

The New Golden Age Of Plenty

Not unlike the Roman God Janus, the Saturn of mythology who looks back on the golden Age of plenty he once ruled also points the way into the future for us and our world. Janus was the spirit of doorways and archways, whose two faces simultaneously peer into the past as well as the future. Isn’t it amazing how many of the mythological concepts of the Ancients are still with us and in use now, though unbeknown to most people? For example, Saturday took its name from Saturn and the month January from Janus. Interestingly, January, the month when the Sun transits through parts of both Capricorn and Aquarius, is at the same time the doorway into another year.

Ever more of the debris of the false beliefs and prejudices of past ages, which have been weighing the consciousness of our race down for far too long, is presently washed away by the fresh knowledge the water-bearer is constantly pouring into us and our world. To me, one of the best examples of this is that in truth Saturn never was anyone’s enemy, that on the contrary the energies he represents have always been waiting to be understood in a new light. The true value of this planet’s lessons first had to be recognised before we could accept and even welcome them into our lives as one of our best friends, teachers and helpers. By practising self-restraint and freely giving of our gifts and talents to all, each one of us will eventually make their own very special contribution towards the wellbeing of our race and our whole world.

The Earth’s vibrations are speeding up now and the pace of human evolution somehow has to keep up with this. Each must make their contribution towards putting an end to the over-consumption of Mother Earth’s precious resources. Without this we shall never reach the stage when there is no more selfishness and greed. The promised golden age can only come about through everybody taking responsibility for themselves and our world, extracting from the system only that which we truly need. This is not as difficult as it may sound to some because the more one becomes aware of one’s true nature again the easier it is to rise above the desires of one’s lower earthly self. All together we have to bring Saturn’s new golden age into being. Every soul on this side of the veil of consciousness will then have sufficient to eat, clean water to drink, a roof over their heads, clothes to wear and shoes on their feet – if they wish to wear them. None other than you and me and those who come after us are going to bring all this about. We are the only ones who can and will do it, hand in hand with God and the Angels, for it has thus been decreed and is indeed written in the Stars.

Aquarius – The Sign Of Transfiguration

Aquarius is also the sign of transfiguration. By definition this means the process of changing from one appearance, state or phase to another and that is precisely what we and our world are going through at present. The further we proceed into the New Age, the more strongly the Aquarian energies will make their presence known to us all. Aquarius is the sign of spiritual rebirth, during which the long promised and awaited spiritual rebirth of humankind is taking place. Souls who respond to the call of this age and willingly submit themselves to its requirements will increasingly be presented with great opportunities for making their own unique contribution through consciously acting as channels for the Divine to bring new understanding and through it healing and peace to our world.

If during these times of transition from one age into another the Uranian energies would sometimes be all too happy to smash to smithereens everything that gets in its way to just sweep it away, Saturn steps in and prevents it. Among the sterling qualities that can only be acquired with his help are a deep inner sense of responsibility, duty, restraint, discipline and an appreciation of the values of that which has come to us down the ages from our ancestors. The Saturnian virtues can help us to preserve that which has stood the test of time and is worth preserving because it is good. Bear in mind that they could be the things we ourselves may have striven for and bled to death – maybe many times – in previous lifetimes in the role of our own ancestors, and do your best to avoid pouring the baby out with the bathwater during our rebirth. That is what we and our world at this very special time need more than anything else. Now, isn’t that in itself proof enough that Saturn most certainly is one of humankind’s best friends?

Our dream and vision of a better world is presently in the process of becoming a reality on the Earth plane. Each one of us now needs to conspire with our Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life and the Angels and Masters to show us how to bring it about. Together with them we are calling upon the Uranian energies to help us smash the existing wobbly building of prejudices, false beliefs and illusion to bits, so that with the help of Saturn’s energies our inner and outer world can be rebuilt nearer to God’s and our own heart’s desire! As in the final analysis God is the source of all inspiration, I feel that this is the message Khayyam brought our world such a long time ago.

Six pointed Star

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