A Celebration Of The Feminine

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Chapter 59 (v.1) - The Snake – Symbol Of The Goddess’s Wisdom

Submitted: July 02, 2018

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Submitted: July 02, 2018



The Snake – Symbol Of The Goddess’s Wisdom

Rays Of Wisdom – War And Peace Between Nations – The Patriarchy And Warfare Through The Ages – The Snake, Symbol Of The Goddess's Wisdom

The ancient religions of our world regarded the snake as a symbol of the Divine Trinity’s love and wisdom aspect, the Great Mother of all life, the Goddess. Under the rulership of the patriarchy the whole concept was turned round completely. As a result in the oldest part of the Abrahamic religions, the book of Genesis, the snake as a symbol of something entirely wholesome and good became the epitome of everything that is loathsome and evil in our world. The art of spin doctoring seems to be as old as the gift of language and storytelling and later of writing and reading. Considering the energies at work during the Age of Pisces, it’s not surprising that this artform reached new heights – or would it be better to say depths – with the Jesus tale.

Inspired by the Angels, the Roman spin-doctors got to work and crafted the story from fragments of earlier religions, especially the ancient Egyptian one. Together they constructed a legend that contained in symbolisms and metaphors, carefully hidden behind the story’s surface words, every one of the initiations all human souls have to undergo on their evolutionary pathway through earthly life. In step with the great plan and true to the principle that storytellers worth their salt do not allow the truth to get in the way of spinning a good yarn, it was used as the basis of a new religion during the Age of Pisces. The story provided humankind with a fresh range of excuses for its never ending rounds of bashing each other’s heads in and taking away other people’s possessions and countries. As neither party had the faintest idea of the true nature of the God in whose name they believed to be fighting, calling each other non-believers and infidels was a case of the pot calling the kettle grimy, if ever there was one.

What a sad catalogue of suffering to this day is following in the wake of the events of those days! The Age of Aquarius is the age of truth that comes to us directly from the heartmind of the Universal Intelligence. Thank be for bringing us the knowledge that every one of the sacred texts of our world, including the Torah, the Bible and the Koran, in the order of their appearance, have always been speaking through symbolisms, metaphors and allegories, as that is the way the world of spirit has always communicated with humankind. And praise also be for telling us how humankind’s existence in earthly life really began. Read more about this in the chapters ‘The Fall Of Humankind’, ‘On The Forces Of Good And Evil’ and ‘The Illusion’.

Now we know that the snake of the Creation story represents the wisdom aspect of the feminine aspect of the Divine, the Goddess with its powers of transformation and healing. In truth the serpent was by no means evil but wise and spoke the truth. At last the time has come for once more becoming aware that the essence of our being is spirit and part of God, immortal and eternal, and cannot die. The physical body is our vehicle for our present lifetime, a mere outer shell that is worn like an overcoat on the other lighter bodies we also have. As an empty shell the physical body returns to Mother Earth at the end of each lifetime, to be recycled while the core of our being moves on into the world of light, its true home.

What a long way we have already come since the beginning of the age of truth! Three cheers for it and our most heartfelt thanks to God and the Angels for releasing us from the prison of false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions, and for showing anyone who is ready and asks for it to find the truth about everything we wish to know. Already we have discovered that everything that is in our Creator is also in us, the masculine as well as the feminine, evil and good, the love and wisdom of the Goddess and the power and will of God. The Goddess is conscious in women and unconscious in men. The God part is conscious in men and unconscious in women.

Many a legend of the past told us about the underworld, a symbol of the human unconscious mind, an aspect of our nature that cannot be seen but is there nevertheless. Men can only gain access to it through their feminine passive and receptive, soft and sensitive feeling side, their very own soul. The female of our species needs to befriend the masculine active and outgoing part of her own being, her inner man, husband and lover. This inner lover, in women and men alike, is the dream lover and true soul mate, the one who at all times is kind, loving and wise, who understands every part of us without us having to say anything and who knows our true needs better than we do ourselves.

The Christ part of our being is the inner lover, the archetypal young God and only born son, who in truth at the same time is the daughter of the Great Father/Mother. Each one of us is a spark of the Universal Christ that has been waiting for aeons to wake up in our hearts and souls. Because it contains feminine and masculine energies and characteristics in equal proportion, it’s neither a He nor a She. That’s why I prefer to call it ‘It’. After the earthly self, without being aware of its own Divinity, has been nailed to the cross of a physical existence for long enough, the Divine spark begins to stir from its slumbers. Slowly but surely our Christ nature rises from its dark grave of ignorance that has held it imprisoned and tied to earthly life through the false belief of being mortal.

But eventually we reach the moment when our consciousness awakens to the joyous truth that there is no death, merely transformations into different lifestates, that the essence of our being, our spirit and soul, are immortal and in spite of what we once believed to be true has always remained at one with God. What a long time it takes until we finally realise that we ourselves are God, a being that is responsible for itself and the state of its world. No other human being can give us the wholeness we have always been hoping to find in others. No wonder our quest was in vain because the only one who can make us whole is the Divine part we ourselves carry within. That’s the only loving union that can make us whole and that means being healed and holy.

The figure of the legendary God man Jesus all along represented a metaphor for this part of our being. The conscious coming together with It has the power to transform our small earthly selves into Christed ones. The more we surrender our whole being to Its will and wishes – may Thy will be done, not mine – the more we do our share of establishing God’s Kingdom on the Earth. And that’s what the long heralded rebirth and homecoming of humankind has always been about. It is the long awaited second coming of Christ and because the story of the Master’s life is but a legend, there never was a first appearance. The awakening of the Christ spirit in ever more human hearts is the first coming of Christ. It was not for nothing that the Bible in St. Matthew 24:4-5 warns: ‘Be careful that no-one deceives you. For many will come in my name and say: ‘I am Christ,’ and they will deceive many.’ And that includes – dare I say it? – the Jesus story.

During our progress on the spiritual pathway of life our energies are constantly changing and the vibrations we emanate are gradually becoming increasingly refined. The Christ Spirit is our Highest or God Self and Master nature. For as long as this part remains slumbering within, whenever we are filled with joy, wracked by pain or we are getting emotionally too involved in earthly concerns, we are like a small boat on the high seas that is tossed about by any kind of wind. As soon as we understand that God and the Angels never leave us and that all we have to do is ask for their assistance, our outlook on life changes dramatically and we are calmer in difficult situations because we know that they are observing, guiding and helping as much as they can.

It takes a long time until we realise that each time we are calling for assistance from the Highest, we are not appealing to an outside force but the living God within. That’s why when we cry for Christ’s light, power and love to rescue us from our distress, a state of peace and calm begins to come over us. As time goes by, this helps us to become aware of our own indwelling strength. The more we call upon this power and work with it, the more easily we rise on the Christ light’s beam and discover that we can function as well on the higher planes as in earthly life. When we learn to view our life from that perspective, we can see for ourselves that every experience that comes our way in the end is nothing but a storm in a teacup and a passing phase. We realise that there really is no need for getting emotionally unduly disturbed by anything.

Water represents the world of our emotions. The parable of Jesus walking on the water was artfully crafted into the legend to demonstrate how we are expected to handle the sea of our emotions when we are learning to master our lower earthly nature. Instead of being ruled by their emotions, spiritual Masters take charge of them on the principle of ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’, as suggested by Susan Jeffers in her excellent book that carries this title. 

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