A Celebration Of The Feminine

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Chapter 65 (v.1) - The Story Of Creation - Part One

Submitted: July 08, 2018

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Submitted: July 08, 2018



The Story Of Creation - Part One

According to Aquarius

Healers And Healing - The Story Of Creation - According to Aquarius

How would you like to join me on a journey through my enchanted Universe? Are you ready? Sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin. Picture yourself as the Lord of all of Creation. You are sitting on top of the highest mountain, but so far this is merely a symbolism for the highest level of life. There are no mountains because you have not yet created any or anything else for that matter. You just are. You are the consciousness of the Universe, the boss, the head honcho, the big cheese.

If you are a woman, you may find that hard to imagine. Equipped with the wisdom of the feminine, you will be glad to leave that kind of responsibility to whoever wants it. But if you are a man, especially during the early stages of your earthly development, ruling the world that’s what you are secretly or openly are dreaming of. Women and men alike are sparks of the Divine. Both of you are chips off the old block and merely expressing the characteristics you inherited from our Creator. Filled with active and outgoing energies, the masculine wants to be ‘out there’, wherever this may be, conquering the unknown and making something out of it.

Initially, this follows the selfish drives and urges of the lower self, the result of which is a great deal of suffering. When the earthly self has experienced enough of that, it yearns to do its share of alleviating it for others. The more we become aware of our true nature and the higher purpose of our existence, the more we long for nothing but to serve the Highest for the good of all. Naturally, each can only do that in their own way. We all respond to the energies that are predominant in our character make-up. And it needs to be born in mind that the masculine can be stronger in women than in men and vice versa. The energies available to us express themselves in our behaviour and general approach to life quite clearly. If you would like to find out yours, take a look at your birthchart. But back to our story.

You are pure thought, no more, and that’s all there is of Creation so far. I realise that the word Creation does not really fit here and I realise how difficult it is to describe God and the creative processes within the limits of language, any language for that matter. Let’s try anyway. So, here you are, filling All and the All has neither beginning nor end. You cannot be seen. You are abstract, a thought, an idea – the thought, the idea. There is nothing else and as the dimension of time will much later only exist in earthly life, you have nothing to compare yourself with or to measure anything by. And so you ask yourself: ‘Who am I? What am I? Good questions. How can I find out about Myself and get to know Me? How shall I go about it?’

Being the purest form of creative energy, all you know at this stage is that you are getting increasingly restless. You are feeling an ever greater urge to be on the move and to create something. But move to where and create what? You think to yourself: ‘It’s too dark here, let there be light! What if I create some tiny particles and then will them to become light? Everything I bring into being will be created from it and it shall be called the Christ light. It shall be My first born Son/Daughter who is exactly like Me and from whom all life will emerge.

From the Christ light I shall create beings who can move about and experience themselves with the help of the things they are doing and everything that happens around them. Through their actions and reactions to that which happens to them I will be finding out how My characteristics and powers are expressing themselves in different environments, which I shall create. Not knowing is darkness and knowing is light. That’s how the Christ light shall bring into being two different kinds of light. Light that can be seen and light in the form of knowledge and understanding. The latter belongs to the spiritual background of life that brings the former into being and supports it.

Yes, that’s what I’ll do. I shall call the particles atoms and they will be bonded together in molecules, which will be moving at a certain initial speed. Here is the first batch of them. Let’s see what happens when I slow down their vibrations. See, as soon as I do this sufficiently the atoms become denser and denser until a whole cluster of them looks as if it were solid, although in truth it’s nothing of the kind. I shall call it matter and from it start moulding the forms and figures whose archetypes represent Me and who are forming in My mind.

The Creator has to learn from mistakes of the past the same as we do and after a period of initial chaos and confusion comes to the conclusion: ‘I must organise this. There has to be some law and order in My creation. A plan is shaping in My mind which decrees that the whole of My creation slowly but surely will be evolving. Everything that will ever be part of this plan will be bound by strict rules and regulations. Without them chaos and confusion would become a permanent state and that’s not how I am going to rule My creation.

To guarantee that My plan works with the greatest precision and accuracy, I shall design laws by which the whole of My creation will be governed. The reins of the plan of My grand design shall forever rest safely in My hands. No-one and nothing will ever be allowed to interfere with it. Naturally, I shall obey My laws and everything in My creation will have no choice but to do the same. As without laws nothing could function properly for a design of this nature and size, the strictest law and order are essential. To enforce them I am going to create an authority that makes sure that they are adhered to rigorously, so that My Creation comes to no harm. I shall create beings of light and put them in charge of the execution of My plan. They will be responsible for its smooth running and shall be known as Angels.

I am love and My first law is the law of love and evolution. The plan for My creation decrees that everything in it should constantly be growing ever more beautiful and perfect. This first law will be a tree on which the second and equally important one, that of cause and effect, grows like a branch. This law will see to it that everything returns to its source, which ensures that nothing in the whole of My Creation can ever be truly lost. Everything in My Creation will be simplicity itself, all truly great ideas are going to be that way. The life I am going to create will be a circle that consists of many circles within circles and cycles within cycles. Together with the law of cause and effect this makes sure that every thought, word and action unerringly finds its way back to where it came from. Yes, so it shall be.

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