A Celebration Of The Feminine

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Chapter 66 (v.1) - The Great Mother – Truly Beloved Of The One

Submitted: July 09, 2018

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Submitted: July 09, 2018



The Story Of Creation – Part Two

The Great Mother – Truly Beloved Of The One

Healers And Healing - The Story Of Creation - The Great Mother, Truly Beloved Of The One

I am lonely and in desperate need of a companion. That’s why I shall now create sufficient matter to bring into being the first physical manifestations of My truly Beloved, the Great Mother, My feminine counterpart. How do I want her to be? I am the One in whom all energies are perfectly balanced. I am masculine and feminine in one, but as I would like to see who I am and how the various parts of me function and behave, I will create masculine as well as feminine beings.

To enable me to get to know My Beloved I will bring some physical worlds into being. I am going to create them from the substance I have made, thus every part of physical matter is My companion. She will be known as the Great Mother of all life. The process of evolution will make her and everything that is part of her ever more beautiful and perfect. Being My other half, she will be as intelligent as I am and top of that she will be My love and wisdom aspect. Her intelligence will always express itself in kind and loving ways. Yes, it shall be so.

Whenever My creative desire becomes too overwhelming, she will be able to use her wisdom to contain me. For the benefit of My Creation, she will know when and where and what is enough, what comes into being and what has served its usefulness and is ready to go. I am Fire, I am fierce. I am Air, I am fast. I move with the speed of thought, infinitely faster than the atoms and molecules of light. My Beloved will contain me when I rush forward in My eagerness to create, for that is My nature, I cannot do anything else. I can be too fierce and she will calm Me down. Her Earth element will slow Me down and her Water will soothe and pacify Me. My perfect companion! How I yearn not to be alone any more and isn’t it astonishing how much I love her already, even before having created her? I am in love with love. Yet, that is good, too – so it shall be.

So, where do I go from here? The state of My being is love and because I am love, everything I create contains My substance and therefore is love. I love that which is good, right and beautiful, but if I want to get to know all of Me, I also have to deal with the polar opposite of good. To get to know it and because I am starting My creation from nothing, at first My ideas shall present themselves in their most ugly and crude, nasty and evil form. Knowing that they will not be left that way for long, but that everything that in the beginning had to be ugly and crude will eventually be made beautiful and good, is the creator’s greatest joy.

Now you are ready to bring a world into being. But what kind of a world do you want? You’ve decided it should be made of the matter you are busily creating. As soon as a certain amount of it is ready, you begin to shape from it your first small Universe in which many solar systems and planets are whirling around each other in the space around them. Their movement makes a wonderful sound, inadvertently making you the composer of what human beings, when they eventually appear, are going to call the music of the spheres.

This is how from the beginnings of the lightest of matter, you keep on creating spiritual worlds and beings to inhabit them. One fine day, only in a manner of speaking of course, because on your level of life in Eternity there aren’t any days, you think: ‘Why is it that I feel more restless than ever before? Having created all those worlds and their beings has not exhausted My creative urge by any means. I feel like a change. What shall I tackle next? What if I slow down the vibrations of one of the worlds I have created some more?

How about manifesting My different aspects on a planet that shall be known as Earth and bringing into being creatures who shall be called human? In this environment they are going to dwell in physical bodies that allow them to move around, so they can experience themselves and their world through themselves and the beings who are sharing their life with them. For a long time they will not know who or what they truly are. Yes, that’s what I’ll do. It’s the only way I can get to know all parts of Me properly, the rough as well as the smooth. It will be interesting to observe how the higher and lower aspects of humankind’s nature and Mine behave and are experienced in a material world. And that’s how we and our world came into being.

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