A Celebration Of The Feminine

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Chapter 90 (v.1) - Uranus As His Own Father

Submitted: August 09, 2018

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Uranus As His Own Father

To stay with the Greek tradition though, during the time we are considering here Uranus was a symbolism for God, the Creator of all things. He is omnipotent and therefore could then and to this day create whatever he likes. That is why when he became tired of his lonely existence, he decided to transform his feminine aspect, the Goddess, into a counterpart that was tangible and visible, so that he could experience and recognise himself through her. He would create himself a mate through whom he would be able to get to know himself in the role of lover and husband, and then also as the father of the children he was already creating in his dream together with her. This is how it was possible for Uranus to be the father of Gaia and also the father of her children. And because a spark of him would always be reborn in each one of them, on top of all that it would also be possible for him to get to know himself ever more in all her sons and daughters, in all the worlds they would ever create together.

Thus Uranus became his own father, Gaia’s husband and the father of all their offspring. Each one of them contains a spark of him, though at first only in seed form when a new child is created. This ensures that they all carry within the masculine and feminine energies and characteristics of their Divine parents. Our race is Uranus and Gaia’s Earth children. The fact that Uranus was presented to our world in the tale of the ancient Greek tradition as his own father is an early signal of the realisation that would eventually come to humankind that we ourselves are God; and that we ourselves created us, our world and everything in it.

There came a time when Uranus created a new world that would eventually be peopled by humankind. There we would experience ourselves, as soon as both the future habitat and we, his children, had become sufficiently evolved. Uranus would then send us there to learn and grow. He appreciated that all learning has to start at the bottom and that this would also apply to his children of the Earth. They would first have to get to know themselves through acting out the lowest aspects of their earthly nature, their lower self. He knew, but that was his secret at that stage, that when the descending part of their education was complete, he would start to call each one of them back. Their journey of ascension would then begin and they would rediscover and develop their higher and highest aspects, for that would always remain their Divine heritage.

The way his Earth children behaved initially was indeed an ugly spectacle. As already mentioned, the myth tells us that he was so ashamed of his children that he hid them in Gaia’s body. The ancients still took the teachings of the myths that were given to them literally. From such a purely human view Uranus’ action clearly shows that, because of what he saw, he did not like his children. In truth it is a symbolism that was trying, even then, to explain the necessity of the gradual descent of the human spirit ever deeper into Earth life. The Gaia of the legend is the symbol of Goddess and the Great Mother of all Life, the second and feminine aspect of God. Judged from a purely human perspective, Gaia loved her Earth children and like any earthly mother she protested and wanted to help them out of their predicament.

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