A Celebration Of The Feminine

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Chapter 91 (v.1) - Gaia's Womb

Submitted: August 10, 2018

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Submitted: August 10, 2018



Gaia’s Womb

Uranus is a metaphor for God, the Great designer and architect of the plan of all life and everything it contains. Its law is love and evolution, and without exception the whole of Creation is subject to this law. At all times Uranus knows exactly what he is and was doing. It was for very profound reasons that the tale before us told us that his children should be hidden, i.e. spend time in Gaia’s womb. This womb is a symbolism of life in physicality and life on the Earth. From the beginning Uranus planned that his children of the Earth should only be held captive in it, until they had extensively studied themselves and their world. Over time their consciousness would slowly expand and in due course each one of them in their own right would be required to become a saviour and redeemer of themselves, each other and their whole world.

Through their very own efforts and devotions, reflections, prayers and meditations, and the loving sacrifices they would be willing to make on behalf of humankind and their whole world they gradually raise the level of their awareness of their true nature and expand their consciousness to such an extent that they would be ready to be released Earth’s environment again. At any given time, their evolutionary level would reveal itself through their behaviour towards everything that shared their world with them. Thus the higher beings he was going to put in charge of them would know when one of them was ready for graduating and moving on to studies of gradually higher and higher levels of life. 

Because they would have to experience the highest and the lowest aspects of their nature, in the course of their long evolution they would often sin against the law of life. In their battles with the lower forces and struggling with overcoming the desires of their lower earthly self, they would also get hurt and wounded a great many times. Unbeknown to his children for a very long time, he would share their physical bodies with them. From within their own inner being he would heal and comfort them and help them make good when they had sinned against the law of life. By living inside their bodies with them he would ensure to be close to them at all times.

For each of his children there would eventually come the moment for beginning to look for God and for starting to unravel the mysteries of the life that he had created for them. No stone would be left unturned; to their chagrin they would not find God until they became aware of their Divine origin and that they themselves in fact are God. Lifetime after lifetime, all they would know about him would be that he is the lifeforce that brought them into being, helped them to grow and kept them alive on their present level of life, until their departure from that plane. He would be the one who decided where and when they would reincarnate into another lifetime and when the moment for saying good-bye to it had come. What came after they would have to puzzle out for themselves.

Being his Goddess and wisdom aspect, Gaia understood all these things. She went along with the play her Divine lover was enacting for their children on the Earth plane because she knew that in the end it would bring them endless opportunities for the most wonderful education.  However, as their children were still in their infancy at the time when the Gaia myth was given to their world, their understanding of spiritual matters was still extremely limited. To do justice to this, like any good mother, Gaia went in search of support for her offspring. She called upon all the Gods that were then known in their world. Alas, only Cronus responded and knew what to do.

For aeons their Earth children would be unaware of all these things, but eventually all earthly concerns would be shed by them and each one would commence their return into the conscious oneness with him and their mother. By that time they would have become vastly enriched with the understanding that had been gained from their experiences in all the worlds he and they together would explore and get to know. All wisdom gained would be stored in their own soul, the soul of the world to which they belonged to at any given time, and ultimately in the great soul of the whole of Creation, the Great Mother of all life, his very own Goddess. Thus, over a great many ages, he would get to know more and more about himself; at the same time the purpose of their creation would be fulfilled.

However, for as long as their energies remained too dense and heavy, they would be unable to leave Gaia’s womb, the Earth. First they would have to freely and willingly go through a thorough process of cleansing their consciousness, purifying it of all desires of their lower earthly nature. He decreed that to ensure that none of his children could ever get truly lost in the vastness of his Creation, beings from the highest levels of life would accompany them throughout the whole course of their evolution. For this purpose he would create millions of beings of light who would later be known on the Earth plane as Angels. They were going to accompany his children and no matter what kind of experiences had to be undergone by any of them they would forever be safe. For a very long time the children would be unaware that these creatures were there to guide and protect them, because he decided that until the final phase of their Earth education they should remain invisible to earthly eyes.

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