A Celebration Of The Feminine

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Chapter 92 (v.1) - The Birth Of Aphrodite

Submitted: August 11, 2018

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Submitted: August 11, 2018



The Birth Of Aphrodite

Rays Of Wisdom - Myths And Legends For The Aquarian Age - The Birth Of Aphrodite

The Greek God Cronus is a symbolism for old Father Time; the Romans later knew him as Saturn. That Cronus was one of the Titans is also of significance to us here; it points to the importance of the character qualities Saturn represents for the human soul. Shortly after Gaia’s call for help an encounter took place between Saturn and Uranus. Saturn seized the opportunity and took action by severing his father’s genitals with a scimitar; he threw them into the sea as far out into the sea as he could. The sea is ruled by his brother Neptune, the maker of dreams and illusions. The ancients believed that the separation of Heaven and Earth were caused by Cronus when he detached his father’s genitals.

As they floated away, white foam began to cover the surface of the sea and a mysterious mist started to swirl above the brine. Suddenly the view cleared and there – ah! – before the astonished onlookers, from the foam and at first hidden by the mist, there appeared the most beautiful and perfect form of a woman that anyone had ever set eyes upon. No wonder! They were witnessing the birth of Aphrodite, the Goddess of sexual and spiritual love, of beauty, love, peace, balance and harmony; the Romans called her Venus.

In some of the myths of antiquity Mars was the companion of Venus; the child that emerged from their loving union was called harmony. To this day, astrology clearly shows their close connection and also that the energies of the two planets each have a feminine and a masculine working mode. Taurus and Scorpio are in polar opposition to each other; so are Aries and Libra. Although each set of two signs is in polar opposition to each other, when human souls learn to tune into the energies of both their signs, instead of working against each other, they begin to do so harmoniously on the inner level of life.

The essence of Venus is beauty and love; that of Mars is the fire that leads human souls into sexual/creative/spiritual activities. To work effectively in our world, the two need to work together. Venus benefits from and is energised by the influence of Mars; the Martian creative activities and endeavours become more beautiful and loving. Venus rules two signs, earthy Taurus and airy Libra. Mars also rules two signs, fiery Aries and watery Scorpio, which he co-rules with Pluto. After each one of many transformations that have to be gone through in Scorpio, to enable the soul to reach the higher evolutionary levels of this sign, the Mars energy can be tapped into to help the soul to regenerate and rebuild itself and its life,.

Venus in Taurus encourages the soul to express its creative urge in beautiful shapes, like pottery and sculptures, and a sense of harmonious colour combinations develops. A beautiful speaking and/or singing voice can also be one of this planet’s gifts. When the soul on its evolutionary pathway reaches airy Libra, loftier and more idealistic aspirations stir within. It begins to dream of a loving union that lasts forever and yearns for more meaningful and idealistic love that is no longer of the Earth and has risen above the desires of the earthly self. The search is on for relationships, in which this can be experienced and practised. 

To ensure the survival of each species of the animal kingdom on the Earth plane, the creative urge of the Mars energy in both genders expresses itself at its most basic level in the act of procreation. However, even in those early days, the legend of the birth of Aphrodite was trying to reveal to our race that there are other levels of life and different ways of experiencing love. It was a demonstration of the necessity for lifting sexual energies and desires above the Earth plane, so that together with those who work on the highest levels of life it can and needs to be transmuted into wise and eternal love.

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