A Celebration Of The Feminine

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Chapter 93 (v.1) - The Great Ocean Of Life

Submitted: August 12, 2018

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Submitted: August 12, 2018



The Great Ocean Of Life

The sea is a metaphor for the great ocean of life and for the world of the emotions and feelings of the human soul. Have you ever tasted the saltiness and bitterness of tears? I see the taste of the sea water as a symbolism for the suffering that the untamed lower desire nature brings to humankind. And the genitals represent the nether regions of God, in this case the Earth and its environment; in spite of being a lower part of his, this world is still attached to him and belongs to him. As we are created in God’s image, each one contains the Creator’s characteristics. The tale before us is an early promise that in the fullness of time we too shall eventually master the troublesome parts of our earthly nature, especially our sexuality.

The emotional level, as we all know only too well, can at times be exceedingly seething and foggy. Only when the human soul has drunk the cup of the bitterness and pain of Earth’s experiences down to its last dregs, has it learnt and grown sufficiently to be ready to shed its lower parts again, to cut itself off from them. This can only be done with the help and the will God when the soul is good and ready to enter into the holy union and marriage with the One, which takes place in Libra, the sign of marriage and partnerships, ruled by Venus.
Being hidden in Gaia’s body is an allegory for her children’s earthly existence. I feel that the Gaia and Uranus myth has always carried the silent promise that we would not have to remain in this state in all eternity. When the omniscient Uranus made Gaia, he also created all the other planets, including Venus who brings the gifts of love and beauty, peace, balance and harmony to us and our world. He decreed that they would be bestowed upon each one of his children in the course of a very long evolution, but that they themselves would have to work very hard to develop them. And that is why none of the gifts any of the planets have ever been given to human souls for nothing; they have to be earned through sheer hard slog.

To guide their children into the same wholeness that is Him and His Goddess, He furthermore decided that to get to know their own peaceful side and the value of peace, they would first have to experience the destructive aspects of their nature. He was aware that the result would be seemingly endless trouble and strife on the Earth plane. But that would be all to the good because his children would reach the point when they started to long, yearn and crave that peace would come to them and their world. At the right time, it would come. Through his messengers – known to his Earth children as Angels – he would then be granting access to the gift of Divine wisdom to those who were ready to receive it.

At last they would find out that each one is a co-creator with God, who is directly responsible for the state of their world, as well as for each one of their thoughts, words and actions. They themselves had made their world into an unpleasant place and each must do their share of putting things right again. He would let them know that if they wanted peace, each must start with themselves and conduct their lives in more peaceful ways. Sufficient numbers would by then be so sick and tired of warring and fighting that they would do all they could to integrate the Venusian gifts into their characters by applying them to their daily lives and especially their relationships.

That would come at a time when humankind had almost given up hope that things would ever change. From where Uranus was then, it would happen in some far distant future. Each time when the Cosmic constellations were right, life on the Earth would reach a great turning point, a golden period that would be known to humankind as the Age of Aquarius. Such an age would take place each time the Cosmic forces brought about a perfect realignment between Heaven and Earth. Uranus had once given his children of the Earth the right to make their own decisions. Those who were ready at such times to willingly surrender their whole being and their will to him, would once again be fully reunited with him.

He envisaged how, having rediscovered their true nature and the oneness with him, such souls would be reborn onto higher levels of consciousness where they would be able to conduct a peaceful life filled with love and beauty. Peace would come to them and their world, and harmony and balance with all life would be restored. They would inherit the beautiful jewel of a planet, the Earth, to act as its caretakers and guardians. Uranus had created it for them so that one day they would live there together in peace and harmony with all life. All this would be possible on the Earth about every 26,000 years. Each time one Great Year was completed, a new batch of human souls would have become sufficiently evolved to be released from Earth life into higher learning, as their present existence could teach them no more.

To get us there, what we and our world need above all are the gifts of old Father Time. He alone can teach us the required sense of responsibility and self-mastery that are so hard to achieve, because the drives and urges of our lower nature are savage, cruel, merciless and exceedingly strong, as long this part remains untamed. It is worth every small effort we make to reach its counterpart and polar opposite, which is pure, total and unconditional love. Reconnecting with it and becoming one again with God is the birthright and final destiny of every child of Gaia and Uranus.

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