A Celebration Of The Feminine

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Chapter 94 (v.1) - In The Beginning There Was Nothingness

Submitted: August 13, 2018

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Submitted: August 13, 2018



In The Beginning There Was Nothingness

The Uranus and Gaia legend, with all its gruesome details, is a powerful one that undoubtedly was right at the time and for the civilisation to which it was given. And it’s good to know that in truth – as we have seen – it had nothing to do with retaliation or vengeance. This incredible tale is so choc-a-block filled with symbolisms that I am having a wonderful time digging ever deeper for the pure gold of Divine wisdom that it contains in such rich measure. Why don’t we stay with Uranus for a while longer and imagine what kind of a life he led before he began to bring physical worlds into manifestation?

So, here he is, the mighty, omniscient, omnipotent and farsighted Uranus, but so far only pure thought. At this stage he was only just becoming aware of himself and his existence. Here he was at the dawn of creation; a thought, all on his own! Suddenly he realised that his world was a very dark and lonely one. ‘Who am I? What am I?’ he asked himself and found that he did not know the answers. He became aware that he was a creator and he realised that he would only be able to recognise himself through his creations. To him, not knowing was darkness and understanding meant light. And as he very badly wanted to get to know and understand himself and his nature, he said: ‘I must have light, lots and lots of light!’

‘How do I get started? he asked himself. ‘To ensure that I do not lose control of things and that all life obeys my command and my will, I will first create some laws. They shall be known as the Cosmic laws, to which all life is subjected. So that none of my creations will ever get lost in the vastness of space that is my realm, I am now passing a law that in some worlds to come will be known as the law of Karma or of cause and effect. I decree that by this law everything – whatever its nature may be – must return to its source.’

Having got that out of the way, he immediately went to work and started to create matter by the pure strength of his thoughts and his willpower. He was amazed by what great fun creating was. What to make first? It occurred to him that having a partner, a lover and a wife to put an end to his loneliness would be wonderful. First he thought about what she should be like and then he used the full strength of his powerful thinking to give shape and form to his feminine part. She would help him to create offspring through whom he would be able to learn ever more about himself. She emerged and lovingly he called her Gaia, his Goddess and consort. He allocated to her his soft, sensitive feeling and wisdom part, his soul, and destined her to be the protector of all life. She was going to be the wise, all loving and caring mother of all his creations. He decreed that Gaia, his soul, should contain and keep forever any wisdom – spiritual light – that would be gathered anywhere.

It was clear that Gaia, in common with all life she and Uranus would bring forth, would live by the laws her husband and lover had created for the wellbeing of all. She knew that the law of Karma would always ensure that in due course justice would be done for any deed. Rather than calling for vengeance, as we still did at the times of the ancient Greeks, she was aware that this is never necessary. But this concept had to be part of the story that was presented to us in those days. It helped us understand that we could not do as we liked and that misdeeds would be punished and justice be done. To explain the law of Karma to us during that phase of our development would have been a waste time; it was far too early for us to grasp such concepts. Viewed from our purely human standpoint at that time, we too would surely have thought that Saturn’s action was in retaliation for Uranus’ coldness and callousness towards his offspring, and therefore justified. We would have applauded it and said that it served Uranus right.
Esoterically, the Uranus and Gaia tale is worthy of closer examination in a great many ways; in this respect – but this one only – it can be likened to the Christmas story. Both are supercharged with symbolisms to guide humankind towards a better understanding of its own nature. Because of the low evolutionary level we had when it was given to our world, the use of powerful imagery was essential; otherwise the severity of the crime and its subsequent punishment would not have been impressed upon us sufficiently to deter us from doing similarly evil things.

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