A Celebration Of The Feminine

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Chapter 95 (v.1) - The Whole Truth, Nothing But The Truth!

Submitted: August 14, 2018

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Submitted: August 14, 2018



The Whole Truth, Nothing But The Truth!

Uranus knew that the more highly evolved his children would eventually become, the story of how it all began would have to be told and retold a great many times, in ever more advanced ways. The wonderful myths and legends of antiquity, including the Greek civilisations would neither be valid nor acceptable when they finally stood on the threshold of another Age of Aquarius. Then they would be entitled to find out the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about themselves and their Creator. In those far off days his Divine spark in every heart and soul would finally wake up and begin to realise its own nature. That would be the phase of their development when they needed his truth, directly from him, the Source.

He would make himself known as their inner teacher and guide, their intuition and the small still voice of conscience who had always tried to keep them from harm. But for a long time, not knowing that he was there, they would not listen and frequently go astray and lose their way in the wilderness of Earth life. When the right time had come, he promised them that he would personally see to it that deceptions and misunderstandings could no longer creep in.

The beginnings of stories like the Uranus and Gaia one are by now lost in the mists of time. More than likely they originated in other and much older cultures that came and went before the Ancient Greeks. Of necessity the survival instinct and therefore the sexual drive in all species had to be the strongest one of all; it is hardly surprising that to this day it is the most difficult one to master. It is likely that in the early days of Earth life we were so savage, lawless and wild that it took strong medicine in the shape of tough allegories to drive certain messages into our thick skulls.

Life for most of us in those days must have been fully occupied with a constant struggle for our existence, which cannot have left much room in our consciousness for much else. Teaching us must have been a case of fighting fire with fire, namely instilling the fear of the Gods into our hearts and souls, so that we would behave ourselves at least somewhat reasonably. It’s not for nothing that we all contain such deeply rooted primeval fears that now prove extremely difficult to shed.

As one gains a deeper understanding of the law of Karma and reincarnation, it comes clear that we must have taken part in Earth life many times before, in other lifetimes and in different guises. This means that time and again we acted the role of our own ancestors. Who knows? Maybe cutting off each other’s genitals was a custom in those days, like the one of nailing criminals to wooden crosses, the way it was done when the legend of the Master Jesus was given to our world. It is quite possible that the severing of bodily parts was what we all did to each other in past lifetimes, whenever someone had done us wrong and we were seeking vengeance. In  the times of the Ancient Greeks humankind was very fond of high drama – the more bloodthirsty and cruel a tale was the better it was received by the public. Whether this is now an unpalatable factor or not, in those days we certainly loved weltering in the gore.

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