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Chapter 99 (v.1) - Neptune And The Age Of Pisces

Submitted: August 18, 2018

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Submitted: August 18, 2018



Neptune And The Age Of Pisces

Rays of Wisdom – Myths And Legends – The Labours of Hercules – Neptune And The Age Of Pisces

Although the Age of Pisces now lies behind us, let’s stay with it for a moment and try to understand the events of those days and why they happened. Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, the twelfth house is its natural domain and its astrological glyph is two fish tied in the middle by a silver thread. The sign and the house are of the soul and of Karma and it is for good reason that they are known as the places of our own undoing.

Pisces is co-ruled by the planets Jupiter and Neptune. Each one represents a different aspect of the Divine. Jupiter on its own is also the ruler of Sagittarius, the sign of higher education of all kinds. The nature of this planet is expansive and jovial, gullible and gaseous. During the lowest phase of our earthly development this is experienced as a liking for hot air, the storyteller and raconteur, who doesn’t allow the truth to interfere with the spinning of a good yarn, and the show-person of the zodiac. During lifetimes in Sagittarius our superconscious faculties begin to open up and develop. Religious institutions and their employees are ruled by this sign.

Neptune is other-worldly, devious and deceptive. The influence of its energies makes itself felt gradually in our world. Insidiously and unknown to our conscious awareness, they sneak through the backdoor – so to speak – into our awareness, and are centred on five words beginning with ‘d’: disintegration, disorientation, dissolution, deception and disillusionment. Under the influence of the combined energies of the two planets, the greatest deception our world had ever seen came into being. It plunged us and our world into experiencing first hand, time and again either at the giving or the receiving end, into the depths of cruelty and inhumanness, depravity and degradation human souls at the most basic stage of their development are capable of. And whether we like this fact or not, this too has been and still is part of God’s great evolutionary plan of life.

Having explored some of the manifestations of the lower and lowest characteristics of Jupiter and Neptune and experienced their influence on us and our world during the Piscean Age, we are now ready to move on to learn all about their higher and highest expressions. Neptune’s energies are the Universe’s highest love vibration, which knows and understand nothing of earthly concerns. Venus represents the lower love vibrations. Neptune’s positive qualities can provide those who are strongly under the influence of this planet’s energies with receptivity and impressionability of a special kind, as well as a sympathetic understanding of people. They possess the gift of fantasy and imagination, sensitivity and a love for quiet contemplations, a sympathetic understanding and compassionate sensitivity towards other people’s suffering, a dreamy nature and a natural talent for things that belong to the higher and highest realms of life like mysticism, Gnosticism and spiritual mediumship.

As the time was not yet right for developing these things during the Piscean Age, they had to be suppressed until that phase of our development had been left behind. Only then did we begin to gradually move towards mysticism, Gnosticism and spiritual mediumship again to re-discover and take possession of them. On the negative side Neptune’s energies reveal their presence as too much impressionability and gullibility, over-sensitivity and vagueness, a lack of clarity and true vision, confusion and fanciful notions, a tendency to deceive, lie and defraud others. A lack of planning ability also enters into the picture.

Expressed positively, Jupiter’s energies provide us and our world with harmony and laws, as well as religious and philosophical beliefs. This is accompanied by an urge for expansion, extension and enlargement. Jupiter rules ownership and possession, as well as feelings of satisfaction. Its highest intention is to bless us and our world with justice, constructive inclinations, optimism, a social sense, high moral and religious aspirations, and the ability to survey the whole. Jupiter’s negative characteristics express themselves in disharmony, injustice, quarrelsomeness, anti-social conduct, amoral behaviour, immorality, a craving for pleasure, greed and an over-materialistic attitude towards life.

Take a look at the negative aspects of both planets and add them together. It only requires the most basic understanding of astrology provided here to be able to see now only how but why the Jesus legend, the foundation of the Christian faith, came into being. It was because the law of evolution decrees that at the beginning of each sign the lowest expressions of their ruling planet’s energies have to be experienced. Through the suffering this causes, the human soul gradually begins to reach for the higher and eventually the highest manifestations.

And this is how, in the course of the Piscean Age, lasting rather more than 2,000 years, we have slowly but surely been working our way through Jupiter and Neptune’s negative manifestations in ourselves and those around us. This means that by now many, maybe most of us, are living on their higher rays. In the case of Jupiter this means living on the ray of hope, faith and trust, and in the case of Neptune on the ray of the illumination of the highest realms in the Universe and being inspired by them.

Oh wonder! Oh miracle! The greatest deception of all times was necessary and all along has been a natural part of God’s evolutionary plan of life. Its unfoldment is decided by the flow of energies that are available for us and our world, affecting everything it contains at any given time. Even the most awful things that ever took place and still are doing are in truth part of this plan.

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