A Celebration Of The Feminine

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Chapter 99 (v.10) - The Curse

Submitted: August 28, 2018

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Submitted: August 28, 2018



The Curse

Rays Of Wisdom - Myths And Legends For The Aquarian Age - The Devil's Daughter - The Curse

Apart from being the girl’s seducer, the man in the tale is believed to be the devil, namely her own father. God is in everything and God is everything. Nothing in the whole of Creation ever was beyond the reach of the power of God. The man considering the girl to be inferior to himself I read as meaning that in spite of the fact that the essence and the core of each one of us is a spark of the Divine, our earthly selves to this day are still on a lower evolutionary level.

God has no need for working with such lowly things as curses or magic spells. They are the inventions of humankind’s lower nature. The reason why the devil’s daughter cannot marry another man, as explained earlier, is merely a question of energies. To enable the energies of human souls to be merged with those of God, their energies must be purified. Each earthly self needs to freely and willingly, totally and unconditionally surrender itself to its Highest Self. With its help alone can the small self’s consciousness be cleansed of all its desires for the lower aspects of life. This is the most vital task that has to be tackled by everybody during the healing journey at the beginning of the Aquarian Age.

During this age we shall once more come into full alignment with the Cosmic energies. That is why eventually all souls who have reached a sufficiently high evolutionary level will be reincarnating onto the Earth plane, to allow them to take part in this process – if they so wish. No-one ever forces us to do anything, but it is advisable to take advantage of the energies that now available. Aquarius is the sign of transmutation and also of friendship and siblinghood of all life. Sufficient numbers of us are ready for the great transformation and the transmuting of their Karma, which is possible during this age. 

Souls who do not get on with learning the special lessons this age brings for us and our world, will have to wait until it comes round once again in approx. 26,000 years; similar opportunities will then again be on offer. It takes the Earth this length of time to complete one cycle that is known as one Great Year, which moves it through the twelve signs of the zodiac.

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