A Celebration Of The Feminine

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Chapter 99 (v.6) - How Did Hercules Go About His Task?

Submitted: August 23, 2018

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Submitted: August 23, 2018



How Did Hercules Go About His Task?

Rays of Wisdom – Myths And Legends – The Labours of Hercules – How Did Hercules Go About It?

Alice Bailey wrote that the Great Life in whom we live, move and have our being also keeps creatures by the name of human beings, whose emotional desire nature in the lower phases of their spiritual development can be likened to that of a herd of animals. Because all of us have to partake in every lesson physicality has to offer, the very best as well as the worst, it is in the nature of things that for a very long time this herd has to remain locked up in a stable known Earth life.

That is why when we first start our cleansing process, everybody’s inner stables are bound to be filled with a great deal of filth, i.e. the imprints left behind in the soul memories when we were following the less savoury – shall we say? – drives and urges of our lower earthly animal nature. The Augean stables represent the individual and collective subconscious of our race, where all individual and collective soul memories are stored.

The two rivers stand for the positive and negative streams of consciousness of all life, which include the flow of energies from and between the lower earthly mind and its superconscious counterpart on the higher and highest levels of life, known to many on the Earth plane as the Heavens. Before any one of can be reunited with our Creator, who is the Source of all being, our energies and vibrations have to be cleansed of any kind of negativity of the Earth plane. It consists of the many false beliefs, misconceptions, prejudices and superstitions we have brought with us into our present lifetime from previous lifetimes.

As a consequence of the spiritual wisdom that for some time has been pouring ever more powerfully from the highest levels of life into humankind’s individual and collective consciousness, our stables are already undergoing a highly intensive cleansing. The symbol of the Air sign Aquarius is the Waterbearer, but the water the man pours into us and our world is not of the liquid earthly kind. It is the spiritual wisdom and truth that during the Age of Aquarius will flow ever more strongly into all human hearts and souls directly from the Source of our being. All those who are presently here have been granted the gift of another lifetime, so that they can take part in and make their contribution towards the greatest transformation our beautiful planet has ever seen.

Mother Earth is in the process of being transformed into a place of light, healing and peace. The task of every healer and lightbringer is to invite the energies of the Highest onto the Earth plane and to make them welcome. They then surge through our consciousness into that of our whole world and flush away the last remainders of all beliefs that are no longer of any value for us and our world. When this happens, the two rivers of consciousness of heavenly and earthly life begin to flow more freely and as one again, the way they once were.

The cleansing process this requires has to be undertaken by each one of us and it can at times be very scar. Should this happen to you, take heart and remember that we are never alone and that God and the Angels are waiting to be called upon to work hand in hand with us. To get the full benefit of this cleansing, it is essential that we pay attention to their guidance from within, follow their instructions and thus learn to go with the flow of our lives.

As we know by now, all powers and characteristics that are in God are also in us, masculine and feminine, negative and positive, darkness and light consisting of the lowest and highest aspects of our nature. During the earliest phase of our development when we were still one with God, we knew everything. But then we were released into the physicality of Earth life. The deeper we descended into it, the more we had to deal with being plunged into the darkness of total ignorance.

The twelve far-ranging adventures of Hercules represent the human spirit and soul on its evolutionary journey, which stretches over many ages and countless lifetimes. When we have become more highly evolved, it takes us through many different cultures and civilisations, so that we may learn from our experiences there. On and on we move, occasionally taking time out for resting in the world of spirit and re-emerging in a different guise and with another name, but always remaining recognisably ourselves.

Relentlessly, we thus surge forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life, urged onwards and pulled by our spirit, but for a long time held back and dragged down by the lack of understanding of our easily frightened earthly self. When one considers the horrors each one of us must have endured, especially during the rulership of the patriarchy, the lower self’s reactions are hardly surprising. Yet, the progressive movement has to continue, for after all we are on our way home. A giant circle is closing and we are returning into the loving embrace of our Source, the same as everything else in the whole of Creation must.

When we have reached this destination, we shall be a fully evolved individual in our own right, at one with God and all life, in complete possession of every one of our powers and in charge of them, as a responsible and trustworthy adult spirit and soul, a true and beloved child of God. There will no longer be any need for chomping at the bit at the gates of the Aquarian Age’s freedom, as we shall then have entered into it and taking flight.

The twelve labours of Hercules describe the gradual mastering and taking charge of all aspects of our being. Through the learning we constantly draw from every one of our experiences in the course of many lifetimes, each one of us gradually works their way out of the darkness of ignorance which causes us to fall prey to the most ludicrous false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions. From the knowledge we find along the way and the wisdom that results from putting it into practice in earthly life we slowly but surely move into the light of the spiritual awareness of knowing who and what we truly are and always have been.

It is hardly surprising that this brings with it an extremely intensive cleansing procedure and that for us as pioneers of a new age at times the going gets to be very tough indeed. Whenever this is the case, there is nothing for it but to open wide the stables of our earthly minds and pray that the Divine energies may flow through us, to assist us with this work. I can think of no better tool than astrology for knocking sufficiently large holes into the walls of our earthly minds, so that the water-bearer living waters of new knowledge and understanding can flush out every last shred of the long outdated beliefs we once were so dear to our hearts. Space is thus created for the new parts of God’s sacred wisdom and truth that are presently coming our way in such abundance to sink into our consciousness and become our spiritual property.

If you have not attended to this so far, why don’t you try for yourself the refreshing, renewing and regenerating effect of this kind of cleansing? It surely does work for me and therefore must do the same for everybody. But it can only be successful when we change our general attitude towards life and are willing to work on changing the negative traces of our character into positive ones. I cannot and do not wish to do more than to lead willing horses to the water. The drinking they have to do for themselves.

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