A Celebration Of The Feminine

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Chapter 99 (v.7) - How About The Next Step?

Submitted: August 24, 2018

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Submitted: August 24, 2018



How About The Next Step?

Rays of Wisdom – Myths And Legends – The Labours of Hercules – How About The Next Step?

Many are the myths and legends which throughout the ages from time to time appeared in our world. All of them were originally given to us and our world by God and the Angels to help us get a better idea of the meaning of our earthly existence and the higher purpose it has always served. The appearance of each new tales was an indication that our race had moved another step forward on the evolutionary journey of all life, of which we are an integral part. The latest story always did justice to the understanding that could sensibly expected of the majority of those taking part in the phase of the development the myth was designed to serve at any given time.

 In all aspects of our existence no-one ever receives more than they can comprehend and cope with. That’s why down the ages only small amounts of information were released into our consciousness. And whenever some of God’s sacred wisdom and truth reaches us that has come our way before, we could be tempted to think: ‘Ah well, I know all that. I’ve heard it before. How about the next step?’ Wise ones appreciate that hearing of or reading about spiritual truths that are new to them in itself is not enough. Fresh revelations can only come to us when the ones we found before have been thoroughly understood, digested and absorbed into our consciousness. Only through living, experiencing and working with the wisdom that is coming our way can it become our spiritual property.

It is pointless and a waste of time to merely read books and attend workshops to listen to what someone has to say, because God’s truth can only be known by feeling the response that comes from deep within our hearts. It is necessary to experience any new knowledge that is coming our way by putting it to the test in the realities of Earth life. By serving those around us and helping them to grow in wisdom and understanding, our aura fills with light and expands. Gradually, we evolve into a ray of the Highest Light. Only then are we ready for understanding the deeper mysteries of life.

Care needs to be taken on our road there, because our auras are constantly penetrated and affected by the emanations of the people we come into contact with. In all their dealing with others wise ones bear in mind that the most important part of any encounter frequently is not what a person says to us. They know that more significant by far are the feelings one gets from someone and the vibrations they give out. Because of this mingling of the auras, coming into contact with a Master soul is beneficial, as their aura fills ours with light and purifies it.

In our role as lightworkers and healers our auras slowly fill with ever more light and grow more beautiful, and every person we meet benefits from this. And whenever we feel and express our love for our whole world and everything that shares it with us, and we work unselfishly for the wellbeing of all, our aura expands quite naturally.

Let’s see what happens when you join me in a prayer for the blessing and healing, guidance and protection for all those who are in danger and fear, and the ones who are weeping and mourning. May the light of the Christ Star, the highest brightest light in the whole of Creation, sustain them and Its healing power deeply penetrate their whole being to comfort and reassure them. And may the Christ light dissolve the clouds of mist and darkness that to this day surround our beloved Mother Earth.

In your imagination see how the Christ energies are flowing deep into the hearts and souls of the warmongers and troublemakers of our world. Wherever there are disturbances of any kind on the inner as well as the outer levels of life, may the Christ Spirit bring new hope, faith and trust in the goodness of life to all and bring the power of Its comforting and healing energies wherever they are needed. The Christ Spirit represents the wisdom and love of the Great Mother and the power and will of the Great Father. It is part of everything that is and therefore is familiar with the way of all things. It knows only too well our struggles and Its heart is filled with compassion and understanding for all Its children of the Earth.

 In Thee, our truly beloved Lord/Lady, Master/Mistress we place all our trust. Thanks and praise be to Thee, now and forever. Amen

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