A Celebration Of The Feminine

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Chapter 99 (v.9) - God - The Eternal Lover

Submitted: August 27, 2018

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Submitted: August 27, 2018



God – The Eternal Lover

Rays Of Wisdom - Myths And Legends For The Aquarian Age - The Devil And His Daughter - God, The Eternal Lover

In her restless search for ever more experiences that lead to the required expansion of consciousness, the feminine aspects of each individual spirit wanders in pursuit of her first lover; intuitively she knows that he is the real one and that he exists somewhere. But, no matter how hard she tries she cannot find him in earthly lovers, in spite of the fact that she may sometimes feel she is catching glimpses of him and the eternal. Only when the cycles of earthly experiences finally closes does he come forth and reveals himself to her. I am your God, your eternal friend, lover and husband.

Do I hear you ask: ‘What about the devil?’ Because of God’s dual nature there also are two parts to our being. On the one hand there is our Highest or God Self, which is all good. On the other, there is our lower or earthly self, its counterpart and polar opposite. When we first descended into matter, our learning is bound to have consisted mostly of behaviour patterns that are now considered to be all evil. In the early days of Christianity – shall we say? – the evil doings brought about by everyone’s own lower nature were explained away as being under the influence of an outside force, the devil. They could therefore not be controlled by us. However, the wisdom that is now coming to us reveals that there is no such thing as the devil – but that there is one part to each one of us which is capable of doing devilish things.

To me, the story of the devil and his daughter is an allegory that takes us back to the Old Testament of the Bible, shared by the three Abrahamic religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam, to name them in the order of their first appearance. Our tale guides us to the book of Genesis, the story of how Creation began and the role Adam and Eve played in it. The word Satan is only thinly disguised in the name Saturn. As a matter of fact, the devil is no-one but Saturn, the stern taskmaster of the earthly plane who is known to test humankind to the brinks of its endurance. In ancient days Saturn was also known as the God Pan; he was a symbolism for humankind’s untamed lower earthly nature which, as we all know, is very capable of doing some devilish things; more about this in the next chapter ‘The Devil’. The background of this word better than anything explains why the woman in the tale has to be the devil’s daughter.

Before the masculine spirit in all of us can explore and get to know its own highest and brightest aspects and that which is good, noble and right, every soul must first experience their own lower characteristics, their polar opposites. The bitter lessons of the things that were once commonly accepted as being the work of the devil have be learnt before any soul can begin the ascent into the integration of its highest qualities. And that is the reason why time and again, the spirit must seduce its own small earthly self and get it to agree – in spite of all its trepidations – to being reincarnated onto the Earth plane so that everything that is there can be explored to the full. God is the man in our tale and each soul’s earthly self is the devil’s daughter. Guided by God and the Angels, every soul must learn from its first hand experiences how to differentiate between that which is good and desirable and that which is evil in its own character make-up, its world and throughout the whole of Creation.

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