If I Were Your Heart

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Submitted: May 06, 2018

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Submitted: May 06, 2018



If I were the blood circulating through your veins; I would incessantly flow
without respite,
Unrelentingly purifying contaminated zones of your body; ensuring that you
were perennially in a state of blissful health.

If I were your intricate ears; I would make sure you heard the most
inconspicuous of sound as long as the sun shone in the sky,
Would inundate your mind with melodious sounds; mesmerizing reveries; the
moment you went off to sleep.

If I were your emphatic eyes; I would make sure that you discriminate between
the omnipresent good and evil,
Would make you stringently aware of the perils lurking beside you; bestow upon
you the power to prognosticate the future yet to unveil.

If I were your pair of dainty feet; I would make sure you traversed
scrupulously through the entire globe,
Saw the most astounding of palaces; the most enticing of sapphire oceans;
without suffering from the slightest of exhaustion.

If I were your robust hands; I would make sure that you successfully clambered
up the colossal mountain,
Wrote exquisite lines of enchanting music; tenaciously decimated all those who
ever tried to torment you.

If I were your rotund belly; I would make sure you digested your food to
meticulous perfection,
Bore a battalion of impeccable children as you desired; without the tiniest of
anguish and tribulation.

If I were your silken hair; I would make sure that I glistened ravishingly in
full rays of the sun,
Keep myself bereft of abhorrent dandruff flakes; so that you never felt the
need to vehemently scratch.

If I were your rosy tongue; I would make sure that you spoke with a perfect
blend of eloquence,
Sedately swishing inside your mouth; saving you on umpteenth occasions from
the tyranny of your chiseled teeth.

If I were your conglomerate of bones; I would make sure that you never felt
dreary; even after marathon hours of work,
Fought like an indefatigable soldier; when the question arose of defending
your persona your true integrity.

And by magnanimous stroke of fortune If I were your heart; I would command you
to throb; only when you witnessed me,
Instruct you to love me as uninhibitedly; as much as I fanatically wanted to
possess you.

© Copyright 2019 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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