If Its From Your Heart

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Whether it was fainter than the rustling of inconspicuous grass; or whether it perpetually blazed through the mortuaries of depression forever and ever and ever,

Whether it squeaked like a disdainfully disappearing rat; or whether it handsomely reverberated past the norms of the tyrannically conventional society,

Whether it cadaverously sunk an infinite feet beneath lackluster soil even
before it could arise; or whether it resembled the everlastingly enamoring effervescence of the timelessly vivacious rainbow in celestial sky,

Whether it was as preposterously weak as the infidel ant; or whether it inimitably silenced even the most infinitesimal trace of diabolism on this Universe in
a righteously single cry,

Whether it was more inarticulately mumbling than the winds of grouchily disappointing oblivion; or whether it relentlessly roared like the majestically  unflinching lion; till times immemorial,

Whether it gasped and miserably stuttered like a lividly subjugated gutterpipe; or whether it perennially blossomed like the tendrils of the sensuously untamed rose; to blend with the compassionate moisture of the skies,

Whether it croaked like an acrimoniously repugnant frog; or whether it caressed the innermost dormitories of the soul; like a brilliantly undefeated prince,

Whether it irascibly buzzed like the abjectly parsimonious mosquito; or whether it timelessly danced in triumphant delight; like the very first droplets of ubiquitously bonding and eternally fructifying rain,

Whether it rapidly deteriorated into vapid nothingness immediately after it had arisen; or whether it unstoppably marched forward on the path to insuperably blessed  success,

Whether it forever bore the imprint of shamefully ludicrous timidity; or whether it ebulliently galloped like an uninhibited kangaroo through the trails of fearlessly enlightening adventure,

Whether it unceasingly seemed like the ethereally dwindling horizons; or whether it vividly enthralled like the extraordinarily pristine oceans of magnanimously rejuvenating froth,

Whether it sounded incoherent jinxed like quaint crusts of severely dilapidated rust; or whether it proliferated into a cosmos of ever-pervading freshness till moments beyond infinite infinity,

Whether it wobbled in the realms of impoverished uncertainty; or whether it
brilliantly glimmered like the Omnipotently flamboyant rays of the Morning Sun,

Whether it disintegrated into a corpse of pathetically disintegrating emptiness; or whether it beautifully melanged with the mists of resplendently sensuous paradise,

Whether it penuriously flickered for a countless lifetimes; or whether it was an unlimited times better than the cadence of the mellifluously gorgeous nightingale,

Whether it was as flaccidly indolent as the stride of the tortoise; or whether it raced like stupendously kingly lightening through the most hideously truculent pathways of horrific despair,

Whether it seemed as non-existent as the dead-mans lifeless carcass; or whether it indomitably towered above every tangible and intangible entity on the trajectory of this unbelievably unassailable planet,

Whether it sounded like the most haplessly pulverized brick of the foundation; or whether it consecrated a whole new civilization of unconquerable goodness; upon its synergistic dissemination into the atmosphere,

Irrespective of whatever; if your voice is altruistically philanthropic; if your voice is tirelessly ardent for every bit of panoramically symbiotic goodness existing on this boundless earth; if your voice is as pristinely sacred as the milk of your divinely mother; most importantly if your voice above everything else is from the innermost dormitories of your benign heart; then it irrefutably and immortally reaches and bonds forever and ever and ever; with the Omnipotent breath of the Creator Divine.

Submitted: May 06, 2018

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