If The World Were Upside Down

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Submitted: May 06, 2018

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Submitted: May 06, 2018



If gigantic silhouette of the peepal tree was rotated upside down,
Countless fibers of moistened roots would shiver in the wind,
Leafy branches of lush green foliage would be buried deep beneath the ground,
With a host of animals living in proximity with the earth.

If the dexterously sculptured flower vase was kept upside down,
Soiled extracts of plant water would leak out in ecstatic frenzy.

If conical tapered blocks of the mountain were inverted upside down,
The slender nose tip would refrain to bear the onerous load of the Herculean hillock,
And the formidable structure would collapse like a soft pack of playing cards.

If the glass facaded bungalow was revolved upside down; heaps of furniture would tumble down with a sigh; water oozing from infinite cavities of the shower would try and kiss the sky.

If princely cars traverse through rough carpets of road upside down; occupants would solely relinquish ideas of inhabiting them,
Chrome topped assembly of roof would screech in high pitched tunes of discordance.

If the colossal brick structure of the clock tower was placed upside down,
There would be inevitable confusions of time,
With people having to perspire all night and sleep with a perpetual bliss all sunlit day.

If humans trespassed upside down on the surface of obdurate ground,
They would be I intimate contacts with slithering snake and ant,
Growing bald every minute with glistening scalps,
With their legs oblivious to the art of walking,
Baking like unconsummated cakes in harsh rays of the Sun.

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