If There Was Anybody

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Submitted: May 06, 2018

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Submitted: May 06, 2018



There were some who hated office; for being murderously monotonous; invidiously trespassing against their blissful lives and compassionately adorable families,

There were some who hated war; for being diabolically destructive; evolving civilizations of newness; at the cost of countless rivers of innocent blood,

There were some who hated the day; for being acrimoniously blistering; savagely crippling the flow of uninhibitedly untamed fantasy; in their surreally exotic minds,

There were some who hated the cuckoo; for devilishly disturbing their celestial morning sleep; ruthlessly jarring them from their ingratiatingly nocturnal slumber
and rhapsodic bedcover delights,

There were some who hated the buildings; for satanically obstructing their panoramically pristine view; for lecherously asphyxiating them of veritably glorious air and exhilarating exuberance,

There were some who hated the dungeons; for disastrously camouflaging their blissfully innocuous persona; with violent whirlpools of ghastly blackness,

There were some who hated the rain; for vindictively playing spoil sport in their pragmatically routine activities; impeding their electric pace; to triumphantly surge forward in vibrant life,

There were some who hated the gutters; for obnoxiously infiltrating the tranquil serenity of their dwellings; with horrendously preposterous scent,

There were some who hated the mountains; for perilously hovering in the way of their handsomely majestic flight; engendering them to crash like insipid mincemeat; against the treacherously demonic slopes,

There were some who hated the clock; for indefatigably tick tocking all night and brilliant day; not letting them rest even an inconspicuous trifle; to wholesomely
shrug the astronomical perseverance of the previous day,

There were some who hated the ice; for indiscriminately numbing the poignantly scarlet blood in their veins; abominably jeopardizing their progress towards
an impregnably scintillating victory,

There were some who hated the jungles; for worthlessly marauding upon precious space; constricting the blissful development of the contemporary civilization;
with its uncouthly rampant maze of creepers and beasts,
There were some who hated the graveyards; for perpetuating their ambience with ghoulishly cursed doom; when an organism could be very well be burnt as well; after abdicating its last iota of breath,

There were some who hated destiny; for the inexplicable twists and agonizingly painstaking turns; which treacherously inhibited them in their blazingly steady
course of dazzling life,

There were some who hated children; for their rambunctiously unruly behavior; ominously corrupting the spurious somberity; of their aristocratically rich
cigar smoke; vixen and opulent wine,

There were some who hated truth; for explicitly landing them in an unfathomable ocean of trouble; when they could have easily saved their ungainly trembling
skins; under the blanket of derogatory lies,

There were some who hated the night; for enveloping them with disdainfully sultry blackness; more importantly forcing them to close commercial shop; and thereby horrifically restrict the flow of gold coin and silver,

There were some who hated love; for intrepidly trespassing against the fabric of conventionally tyrannical humanity; pulverizing their spurious corpse of rules and regulations to non-existent skeleton chowder,

There were some who even hated breath; for sporadically intervening them in their so called brilliantly innovative thought process; cursing their robotically conventional bodies with eternal rest,

And if there was anybody who hated the word hate with irrefutable hatred; then it was none other than Almighty Lord himself; for we humans were mere mortals
portraying even the tiniest of our disgustto the most appalling limits; while his Omnipotent fingers were miraculously the ones; which metamorphosed all
hatred forever into the sky of immortal love.

© Copyright 2019 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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