Immortal Bonding

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Submitted: May 06, 2018

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Submitted: May 06, 2018



Those fingers of hers might be too infinitesimally tiny for the world to comprehend; inarticulately swishing all the time; in free bits of exotic space,
But each compassionate caress of theirs; imparted my disastrously dithering countenance with such marvelous rejuvenation; that no other caress on this endless
Universe; could ever fathom to bequeath.

Those eyes of hers might be too incoherently flirtatious for the world to comprehend; unknowingly swirling in boundless directions; at a single time,
But each resplendent twinkle of theirs; bestowed upon my manipulatively besieged visage with such majestic exhilaration; that no other twinkle on this gigantic Universe; could ever perceive to bequeath.

Those lips of hers might be too inconspicuously mumbling for the world to comprehend; hardly able to explicitly pronounce their own identity; timelessly
searching for the right word,
But each poignant kiss of theirs; flooded my murderously bereaved soul with such an unfathomable ocean of mesmerizing melody; that no other kiss on this limitless Universe; could ever envisage to bequeath.

Those feet of hers might be too ludicrously tiny for the world to comprehend; perennially tucked under the profusely silken quilt; sporadically changing their
complexion with the swaying winds,
But each divine impression of theirs; overwhelmed my malevolently faltering conscience with such irrefutable righteousness; that no other impression on
this fathomless Universe; could ever imagine to bequeath.

Those voices of hers might be too innocuously abstruse for the world to comprehend; sounding to some as pathetically rambunctious balderdash,
But each magical incantation of theirs; soothed my tyrannically dictatorial nerves so much blissful royalty; that no other incantation on this unsurpassable Universe; could ever conceive to bequeath.

Those ears of hers might be too frigidly soft for the world to comprehend; capriciously flapping to even the most diminutive draught of breeze,
But each inscrutable reverberation of theirs; drifted my abhorrently plagued existence so heavenly towards the aisles of exuberant rhapsody; that no other reverberation on this unprecedented Universe; could ever visualize to bequeath.

Those cheeks of hers might seem too insignificantly insipid for the world to comprehend; resembling the purest shades of white from the; ebulliently midnight
But each vivacious blush of theirs; maneuvered my ungainly tottering footsteps so celestially to blazing victory; that no other blush on this mammoth Universe; could ever fantasize to bequeath.

Those freshly budding crusts of her teeth might seem too nimbly unwarranted for the world to comprehend; occasionally getting stuck with the robust pinks of her tiny tongue,
But each ardent chattering of theirs; impregnated my impoverished visage with a tenacity so invincibly resolute; that no other chattering on this gargantuan
Universe; could ever dream to bequeath.

Those nostrils of hers might seem too lividly inconsequential for the world to comprehend; at times making her minuscule bundle in the cradle invisible; to even the most stringently brilliant of light outside,
But each aristocratic breath of theirs; enshrouded my lugubriously dwindling persona with such astounding exuberance; that no other breath on this scintillating Universe; could ever visualize to bequeath.

And those heartbeats of hers might seem too capriciously evanescent to the world outside; at times making it difficult for strangers to discern as to whether she was lifeless or vibrantly alive,
But each immortal bonding of theirs; made each element of my traumatically beleaguered life blossom with so much unconquerable love; that no other bonding on this tireless Universe; could ever cogitate to bequeath.

© Copyright 2019 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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