Immortal Electricity

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When their wandering eyes met; indefatigably stared at each other even under the most flamboyantly blazing rays of the midday Sun,
The electricity generated was flirtatiously profound; enveloping the atmosphere with the astronomical magnetism of symbiotic existence.

When their blushing cheeks met; unrelentingly stroked each other even as the most thunderous of maelstroms truculently crept from all sides,
The electricity generated was astoundingly poignant; igniting an unsurpassable inferno of spell binding desire; in the heart of disastrously frozen death.

When their nubile fingers met; invincibly bonded with each other; even as the most diabolically Herculean impediment tried to pulverize them; into infinitesimal
chunks of raw mincemeat,
The electricity generated was stupendously unflinching; charismatically enlightening every agonizingly bereaved section of the society; with the light of Omniscient companionship.

When their sensuous lips met; frenziedly discovered each other; even as the whiplashes of the barbarically conventional society tried to insidiously thwart them
into the aisles of nothingness,
The electricity generated was voluptuously mesmerizing; triggering sparks of unprecedented excitement; in all witheringly ailing and the monotonously young; handsomely alike.

When their innocuous shadows met; unassailably coalescing with each other; even as unfathomable whirlwinds of abhorrent malice tried to invidiously infiltrate into their holistic stride,
The electricity generated was unbelievably harmonious; aristocratically blending all religion; caste; creed and spurious color alike; into the religion of unbreakable mankind.

When their trembling chests met; bountifully romancing in eternal glory; even as the coffins of ghoulishly crippling loneliness brutally stabbed them into relinquishing their last iota of breath,
The electricity generated was majestically ravishing; beautifully commemorating every trace of despicable disease in vicinity around; with the spirit of timelessly unending brotherhood.

When their enchanting toes met; amiably intermingling in the silken sands; even as the most abominably lecherous parasites tried to relentlessly suck their pristinely youthful blood,
The electricity generated was insurmountably tantalizing; inevitably fomenting every trace of dilapidated absolution to erupt into a thunderball of unlimited ecstasy.

When their fecund breaths met; regally blending with each other's divinely fragrance; even as the tyrannical stench of horrendously dictatorial superpowers tried to tumultuously overwhelm; every iota of their benign goodness,
The electricity generated was impregnably patriotic; insatiably urging every venomously corrupt organism; to forever kiss the gregariously redolent rudiments of
his existence.

And when their passionate hearts met; rhythmically pulsating as a united beat for centuries immemorial; even as hell rained from the fathomless carpets of sky
and the earth slapped all traces of holistic existence,
The electricity generated was immortally Omnipotent; celestially metamorphosing all gory bloodshed; pain and malevolent war; into a township of undefeated love; forever and ever and ever.

Submitted: May 06, 2018

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