Immortal Humanity

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Submitted: May 06, 2018

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Submitted: May 06, 2018



Give me  hands;  only to achieve my ultimate mission in life; do my best to alleviate despicable suffering from impoverished mankind,

Give me legs; only to explore every region of this mesmerizing planet; trespass into pathetically dilapidated territories; reaching those shunned from all quarters of  society,

Give me eyes; only to absorb the most inconspicuous of beauty lingering profoundly in celestial atmosphere; transport my ailing mates in despair; to their safe abodes
by the river side,

Give me voice; only to  sing the most mesmerizing rhymes in this Universe; infiltrating my melody into every household; trembling and profoundly depraved of
bright light,

Give me brain; only to encapsulate all majestic beauty in each of my dreary senses; evolve ingenious ideas; to metamorphose mother earth into a blissful paradise,

Give me hair; only to profusely relish poignant draughts of breeze on my scalp; bounce with untamed exhilaration with impeccable children left stranded on
the streets,

Give me smiles; only to rhapsodically blend with natures bountiful endowment; instill optimistic rays of hope in the lives of those; without an iota of sight,

Give me fingers; only to write countless lines of spell binding poetry; indefatigably propagate the message of peace; through the sacred essence of my verse,

Give me scent; only to bask in the aisles of romantically tantalizing desire; diffuse my enchanting fragrance to those; withering towards an island of utterly hopeless submission,

Give me phelgmatism; only to blend each cranny of my demeanor prudently with corridors of prudent wisdom; commiserate with destitute in diabolical distress,

Give me memory; only to remember the nostalgic moments of childhood in the lap of my revered mother; recall the desires of this entire planet; to enlighten all to
the best of my capacity,

Give me shadows; only to mystically pacify parched acres of blistering soil; gloriously rejuvenate my fellow compatriots from their treacherous onslaught of the
nonchalant day,
Give me destiny; only to lead my life to the most exuberant of its diminutive capacity; become indispensably instrumental in shaping the future of those retracting  fathomless kilometers backwards; after alighting a single step,

Give me bones; only to rise unflinching to every acrimonious obstacle in life; win many a battle for my friends even against the mightiest of horrific devil,

Give me lips; only to kiss and ignite flames even in the most placid of waters; disseminate the virtue of sharing in each organism; hell bent upon terrorizing
the planet,

Give me stomach; only to titillate my gluttony with the most splendidly appetizing morsels of food; feed all the hunger stricken with the meals of their choice; till they gathered enough momentum to fend for themselves,

Give me beauty; only to admire the Omnipotent power of the royally divine; uplift my horrendously distorted comrades from realms of deplorable doom,

Give me soul; only to bond with the person I adored even centuries after my death; unite with the perennial wave of mankind in every birth I took birth as a human again,

And Give me heart O! Lord; only to breathe; live and love my beloved; transform together with her and your blessings; this manipulative globe once again; into a land of benevolence; into a land of immortal humanity.

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