Now, Look Here (Publicistics) — Part Three

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - Actual political dictionary

Submitted: May 06, 2018

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Submitted: May 06, 2018




Politician — insulting nickname for a person who states that he knows all, but the only thing that he does is to "beat his breasts" always when there are people around him.

Good Politician — there is no objective criteria for determining of this, and for that reason is used the rule that who is the most spat-upon is the best.

Bad Politician — a politician who no one condemns.

Independent Politician — a politician who does not want to tell on whom he is dependent.

Political party — Partial group of people with equal views about manipulation of the masses, equal inability for logical thinking, equal short-sightedness on given matters, as well also equal goals for personal benefits.

Political tolerance — admitting the hypothesis that the political adversary is also human being.

Political reorientation — political games, aiming at total confusing of the voters, so that the latter voted for new parties but for the same persons.

Adherence to political principles — mental illness which is expressed in defending of ideas which no normal person will defend to the end.

President — chosen for fixed term "father" of the nation, what is necessary because the people are like naughty children and there must exist somebody to punish them and whom they must obey.

Good President — President who outlives on the political arena the party which has proposed him.

Monarch — lifelong "father" of the nation, and due to the lifetime every monarch is good.

Democracy — the sacred right of the people to express the opinions of those politicians who have manipulated them best of all.

Balkan syndrome — Balkan variant of the statement that power corrupts the man, namely: power acts as purgative.

National Assembly /Parliament / "Talking Shop" (translation from Bulgarian) —tribune designed for entertainment of the people, as well also for avoiding of street collisions between differently thinking.

Representative of the Peoples— chosen by the people politic, who has high opinion of himself, mediocre intellect, and primitive emotions.

Oppositionist — person who is convinced that the other is wrong even before he has heard what the other will say.

National concordutopian unanimity which is expressed in lack of opinion on questions for which everybody has his definite opinion.

Caretaker Government — Government that serves to the State, in contrast with the other Governments that serve to the people and parties in it.

Constitution — main law in countries where the common sense is missing, or is questioned.

Freedom of speech — the right of everybody to read about the others things, which he will not agree that they have written about him.

Journalist — specialist in spreading of mass rumors.

Good journalist — journalist whose rumors turn to be true.

Police — institution for armed protection of property and social inequality between the people.

Legal Courts — institutions where against payment are proved allegations, which later are taken for true.

Legality — legalization of the innate wish of everybody to deceive or cheat his neighbour.

Religion — allowed (and recommended) opium for mass consumption.

Communism — popular religion of 20th century, gained spreading mainly in Eastern Europe and Asia.

Social justice — advocating the idea that everybody has the right to live below the social minimum.

Shocking therapy — popular method for loosing weight between some more savage nations.

Educational qualification — the reason for which the "learned" can't receive as much money as the "unlearned".

Highlife — chosen part of the society, which does nothing useful for it, and because of this is taken by it for a sample.

Market economy — changing of the economy with the market.

Merchant — person who takes goods from people who don't need them, and money from people who have not enough of it, gaining by this from both parties.

Capitalist — person having substituted the concerns for ensuring money for his personal needs, with the concerns for multiplying of money in which he has no need.

Wage-earner — contemporary slave of capital.

Unemployed — the sole free person in the contemporary society, who has paid dearly for his freedom.

Millionaire — polite addressing by us in the near future*.

Good payment — the surest way for compensation of human stupidity.

Private property — everything what one, on the contrary to his intellect, can buy or sell.

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  • * This, unfortunately, is not so now, and because of this we try the word "democrat", but this does not sound so "milo"-dear (this is what "mil" in Bulgarian means, and here is meant that the million is something nice from the root mild, or milk, etc.).



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