Now, Look Here (Publicistics) — Part Three

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - About the sunflower seeds and the people

Submitted: May 06, 2018

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Submitted: May 06, 2018




So I am speaking about the sunflower seeds, about the same seeds out of which the sunflower oil is made, that has again disappeared somewhere, as well also has risen 'a little' in prices. But how is it not to disappear when it was eaten already in form of seeds, so to say! It isn't that we have not peeled seeds in totalitarian times, we have peeled them, surely, but not as totally as now. One goes to the stadium to watch football — so this isn't opera hall for to sit there peaceful and quietly — and it comes time for the seeds: one gobbles and spits, spit ant stuffs again, and from time to time one can also leave a curse for diversity. Or then to light a cigarette, or also candies, pistachios, such things. We were democratic in our behaviour in those times and each one of us made rubbish in one's own way.
But now how the things stay, ah? You stand in a queue — you peel seeds, you travel in the tram — you peel seeds, you make money on the job — you gobble seeds again! Earlier only the 'swarthy Bulgarian women' sold them but now only those who have work do not sell something, yet such people become more and more less.
I am travelling one of these days in a tram and what I see — each third person peels seeds. One just spit at once, another — through the window, and the 'more cultured' gather the husks in their hand and later throw them under the seat. In one word — democracy! But to me this smells a bit of totalitarianism, because if someone does not chew something then the others look at him with suspicion — id est, is he really so poor that has no money even for some seeds, and otherwise, look — has put on jeans, as if is going to a concert.
I have heard some time ago to say that Europe ends where people begin to drink boza. It might be so, but it is long time when they have ceased to make good boza, for there are not many those who can afford to buy it, but with the seeds it is surely so. It as if is not so bad — why not to peel seeds 'in the basement of European House'? — but it turns out that their basements, too, were not like ours. So that, who knows, what if they will not allow us to enter even the basement?
Unless the European Community, or then some fund or bank, for example, does not decide to send us some humanitarian aid, but such that it was accessible to socially weak, and could have been put in the mouth, and in addition could remove the emotional stress. Though it will not be easy this thing. Just nothing comes to my head, except what one girl friend has confided once to me, that is doesn't matter whether you will swallow it or spit it — the major thing is that it gives you pleasure — but this, maybe, was about something else.
So that the democracy is a difficult thing and each demos gets it in its own way. Now, for the Bulgarian, the sunflower seeds are the major thing. And when they are such then I think, why not to build one new party, 'Party of Human Seedeaters (United)', and to raise the slogan: 'The semen above all!' — this is both uniting and reconciling, as well also apolitical?

1992, 1995

P.S. Some 20 years later it turns out that is necessary to add here one remark for the younger people, who may think that the things here are exaggerated and we eat now, and have eaten then, the same amount of sunflower seeds. Yet this is not so, because we don't eat now more seeds than in the old totalitarian years, while in those turbulent 'democratic' years we have 'gulped' them with wild passion, so that we have really eaten some decent part of sunflower oil in form of seeds. And if one asks, why was this so, then the answer is elementary: because of hunger for proteins. Although hardly one out of hundred persons was aware then what was the real cause for this phenomenon.
July 2013







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