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Submitted: May 06, 2018

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Submitted: May 06, 2018




Have you ever looked down at your hands

Never wavering from their true demands

A pair given to woman and man

No matter how life is treating the bearer

They are always writing and erasing life’s little errors

They never take off

Made to comfort a cough

Functioning as a pair

Given into the Holy Ghost both raised to the ceiling dancing in the air

When we kneel, they’re ached to pray

Graceful movements in the beauty of Ballet

No credit or rewards ever given

Having these two extensions is pure living

Holding, stroking, softly caressing

Used for undressing


Even iron pressing

Cradle the side of the face when we’re resting

The duties of such is Pure Bliss

Even used in the mechanics to blow sweet kisses

Ring on one hand making you a Mrs

Masterfully skilled in the throne of precision

Scalpel held by the hand from a surgeon’s incision

No time for hands to be biased in religion

For the ones who were never blessed

No need to stress

Your feet make up the absence used to your advantage at best

So, when you look down

Give love to a pair that will always be around

A helpmate to wipe back the teardrops

Assistance with popping fingers to the sounds of Hip Hop

Holding cleaning aids, lifting the tops off pots, stirring spoons as we’re cooking

Holding binoculars for far away looking

Clapping, male whistling, a roaring cheer

The beautiful art of using hands in the absence to hear

They receive the data messages from the realm of our minds

Thank goodness they’re always working overtime

Doing everything the mind tells them do

Such wondrous gifts so I only named a few

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