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Love poem from my collection

First kiss


There is nothing like that first kiss

The first time your lips touch another

You’re both a little shy you’re both a bit excited

You know that this is something you’ll both remember

When your asked in time to come

You don’t want it to all go wrong

You have never had the feelings like this before

Your senses come alive for the one you have found special

So, with wide open eyes we looked at each other

We placed our hands in each other brace we looked at each other

And then I found my eyes close

My lips went all tingly my heart beats with yours

I felt like I was starting to float of the ground

My eyes opened my lips taste of sweet strawberry

My first kiss, I looked across and I got a smile

A out stretched hand coupled into mine

I say there is a kiss for all different reasons

And the kiss that just happened between us

Was the first kiss to say it’s true

I have fallen for you.


Simon Jones

Submitted: May 06, 2018

© Copyright 2023 SLJONES. All rights reserved.

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