Not Right Just Left

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Not Right, Just left is the story of a loving southern family whose family home and it's crumbling exterior serves as a metaphor for their crumbling lives. Jake, the loving boy with a ”condition”
wants his family to be normal. His mother a topless waitress with a skin condition, his brother who’s IT job has gone flat and his wife has left him for an internet celebrity; are anything but.
But, when Jake wins money on a lottery ticket and decides to gather his whole family together for dinner under one roof... including his alcoholic father and his new wife (a diner waitress and
Bought On Tv lawsuit pursuer) The family has no choice but to try and stitch open wounds closed when Jake reveals he will share the money with them!!

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Submitted: May 06, 2018

The whole short story is included in this one chapter. It is divided into chapters within the post.
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