What the Fetus Said

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Submitted: May 06, 2018






The fetus asked his mother a simple question: why do I have to be born? Yet the mother didn’t understand his words. Disappointed in her silence, the fetus then began to kick, hoping this time to get her attention. But the mother failed again and didn’t understand the intention behind his kicks. His words were stifled beneath the laughter of the mother and those around her. They were all excited to have felt the baby kick for the first time, thinking that he was eager to be ushered into this world. Yet the more the fetus heard from the outside world, the dimmer his excitement grew. Why must he leave the comfort of his mother’s womb just to be led into a bigger prison, corners filled to the brim with anger and confusion, love and hatred, long wars and short periods of peace? He did not want to become another cog in history’s cruel machine. He didn’t care about his impact on said history, nor did he desire to make others happy: all he wanted was to hold on to the happiness he had learned to love inside his mother’s womb. He knew that no matter how much he tried, he wouldn’t be able to receive the same degree of security from the outside world. Unable to comprehend what would be expected of him once he left his current home, he kicked and kicked and kicked in protest, but the mother once again misunderstood, and thought that her baby wanted to leave. 


And so he did. 


He came out crying, but somehow not knowing why. He had already forgotten about the womb, and he would never remember it again except as an abstract concept. 


And he would always long for his first home, carrying around a hole that would never be filled until the day he died.

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