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this is just the start of a short story that i am doing. i did not get very far, however i would like some thoughts on if the beginning actually drags you in or puts you to sleep. anyways it takes
place with a young adult, finally being on her own and goes to a party at her older brothers house and talks about things can go wrong very quickly. hope someone enjoys it lol

PS updates were just made!!!

Submitted: May 06, 2018

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Submitted: May 06, 2018




Part one

If you really want to hear about it, you should know that this story will lead you to question everything you’ve ever thought was safe. When you first begin your adult life you never think about the horrible things that happen in the world. That is, until one of those horrible things happens to you. When you first start life on your own you think about everything you will start to do. Weather it’s getting that car you’ve been saving for since you were sixteen, paying first months rent on a new place, or even grocery shopping without the help of your parents.You think about all the parties you will have and all the friends you are going to make in your “new” life.Well here is my testimony, that is the beginning of my so called new life.

It was winter time, I remember because there was snow flakes falling and christmas decorations were still hung up in the park across the street. I put on my gloves and made my way down to my descent looking 2007 Chevy Cobalt. I got in and started up the engine, putting the heat on high to warm up. I sent my brother, Derek a text telling him that I was on my way to his party. Judging by his incomprehensible  response I assumed he was already intoxicated.

A short fifteen minutes later I pulled into my brothers drive way, which by the way was fully packed. I got out of the car and took a deep breath before going inside. I never was good with big crowds of people, but the feeling I got in my stomach this night was different from any other. I made my way up the stairs to his apartment, which was crowded with different couple making out. (get a room) I opened the door which lead to the kitchen, where I saw two kegs and a bar were set up. The party was at full speed and it was only ten O’clock, derek came up to me slurring his words and handed me a drink.

“Thanks.” I said quietly looking down into the cup. He smiled and called out to one of his friends in the other room telling him  how he was going to “kick his ass in beer pong”. A brief moment later I hear my name being screamed from across the room “Jessica!” I turned to see my cousin Bri waving her arms like a crazy person making her way towards me. Once she was close enough she wrapped her small, skinny arms around my neck and I got a face full of her long brown hair.

“I am so happy you’re here! Tonight has been wild.” she said with a little laugh at the end.

“Yeah, me too it feels nice to be out” I lied. In my head I was secretly wishing that I stayed home because I couldn’t shake that bad feeling in my gut.

“Well come on let’s go into the living room and party!” she said, grabbing my arm and pulling me in.

I made myself as comfortable as I could on the small sofa that now, including me had six people on it. My brothers friends were just lighting a joint as I sat down. Jackson who was a short, overweight, twenty two year old passed it to me. Trying to get the sinking feeling to leave my stomach I took to hits and passed it to the guy sitting next to me, who I just then realized had been staring at me since I entered the room.

“Mmm thanks” he said in a low calm tone, while looking down at the rest of my outfit. I gave a small smile and made my way to the kitchen for another drink. In the kitchen there was loud music, people asleep and a good amount of empty cups covering most of the floor. I grabbed a beer from the fridge and watched as my brother and his friend played beer pong.

After a few hours of listening to music, beer pong, and poker the party finally started to settle down. I began to help my brother clean up the kitchen, but at this point I was making more of a mess. I stumbled my way into the living room, where only two people were left sitting around smoking; Jackson and the other guy that was sitting next to me before. I smiled briefly trying to hide the fact that I was way too intoxicated to even be standing.

“You need a little help there beautiful” the stranger from before asked me.

“No, im fine just tired” I replied, almost blushing because I couldn’t remember the last time someone called me beautiful.

“Well my name is Nick” he said with a warm smile. Looking up into his eyes all I could see cold and dark brown. I pushed the thought down thinking maybe I was just too intoxicated to see the color and warmth in him.

“Jessica” I said “nice to meet you” I laid down on the sofa across from them and took in a deep breath.


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