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Letters Episode 3: "Heartbeat"


“I know what you’re thinking, why am I such a douche to a girl I just met? To be honest, I have nothing against her. I’m just so overwhelmed by this void I feel inside me, that it makes me feel hate and anger towards others. Its become a bad habit. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I don’t like developing any sort of relationship with anyone anymore because of what happened. I mean, losing my parents and sister was enough. I don’t want to have to go through the possibilty of losing someone else again, otherwise I don’t know what I would do with myself. So now you’re probably wondering, why go on then? Why do I continue living my life when I practically have nothing left? You’re right, I could’ve ended my life a long time ago, but I didn’t and you’ll see exactly why in todays episode. Anyway, I have some cooking to do.”


(One week later...)


Old man: Le…tter..


Rukasu: Huh? Are you talking about Kai’s letter? I haven’t read it yet. 


Old man:…


(Later at Sota’s Sushi…)


Rukasu: Chopping carrots huh. That should be easy.


(Ayane walks in)


Ayane: So, did you cook anything yet? 


Rukasu: What do you want?


Ayane: The same thing you want, money. That’s why I’m working. Ever heard of it?


Rukasu: Whatever.


Ayane: By the way, those carrot slices are too big.


Rukasu: What?


Ayane: The carrot slices you made. They’re way too big. Here, let me help you.


Rukasu: I can do it myself. 


Ayane: Yeah, well you already failed once.


Rukasu: I said I’m fine. 


Ayane: Can you just hand me the knife?


Rukasu: No!


Ayane: Give it to me!


Rukasu: Wahh!


Ayane: Ahh!


(Ayane falls on top of Rukasu with their lips almost touching and Kyohi walks in...)


Kyohi: Woah! Damn Rukasu, she's only been here for a week and you're already going in for the kill. 


Rukasu: It’s not what it looks like you dumbass! And why are you still on me?! Get off!


Ayane: Alright, calm down!


Kyohi: Hahaha. 


(Later after work…)


Kyohi: Hey guys, I was thinking maybe all three of us could go grab a drink or something? Get to know each other a little better you know? It will be my treat.


Ayane: Sure. Sounds fun!


Kyohi: What do you think Rukasu? Sound like a good idea?


Rukasu: I'll pass. I have better things to do.


Kyohi: Oh okay. Maybe next time then.


(Rukasu leaves)


Ayane: Seriously, what is his problem anyway?


Kyohi: I honestly have no idea. You should ask him.


Ayane: I already did. He still acted like a jerk and didn’t even tell me anything.


Kyohi: Oh I see. Well, just keep trying. I’m sure he’ll come around sooner or later.


Ayane: You sure seem to have a lot of faith in him.


Kyohi: Yeah well what can I say? I may not know what he's going through, but he will eventually come to accept it. Everyone does. 


Ayane: Yeah maybe you're right. You're a good friend Kyohi.


Kyohi: I try to be haha.




Rukasu: This must be the place. 


*Ding Dong* 


(Door opens)


Tanami: May I help you?


Rukasu: Hi Tanami, It’s me Rukasu. Not sure if you remember me, I'm an old of Kai. 


Tanami: Rukasu? Is that really you?


Rukasu: Yeah. It’s been a while Tanami. 


Tanami: Oh my goodness, it’s really good to see you. 


Rukasu: It’s good to see you too. May I come in?


Tanami: Yes, of course. So, what brings you here?


Rukasu: I wanted to ask about Kai. Is he still here by any chance?


Tanami: No…he um..


Rukasu: What’s the matter?


Tanami: Well...Kai passed away unfortunately. 


Rukasu: Oh…I see.


Tanami: I’m really sorry…


Rukasu: Don't apologize. It’s not your fault. It happens.


Tanami: I know but…did you happen to get his letter?


Rukasu: Yeah, I did. I also noticed that it was sent from a different address.


Tanami: Yes, we actually moved a couple of years ago. 


Rukasu: I see.


Tanami: Did you read his letter?


Rukasu: No, not yet. 


Tanami: You should read it when you get the chance. I’m sure it will mean something to you.


Rukasu: Yeah.


Tanami: So, where have you been staying these past couple of years?


Rukasu: Well, I’ve been living in an apartment not far from here.


Tanami: Really? I see. Well if you ever need a place to stay, you’re always welcome here.


Rukasu: Thanks Tanami, I appreciate it. Well, I should get going now.


Tanami: Okay. Take care Rukasu. 


Rukasu: You too. 


(Later as Rukasu is walking home, he suddenly stops to read Kai’s letter)


“Hey Rukasu, I just heard about what happened to your family. I hope you’re okay. I wanted to write this letter to you because I’ve gotten really sick, and the doctor said that I only have one more day to live. Crazy isn't it? So I wanted to make sure that you hear this. I can’t even imagine how you must feel right now. Most of the time when things like this happen, people end up falling down a path that I really hope you don’t go through. But if you ever do happen to fall down that path, I just want you to know that It’s not the end of the world. I mean, look at me for example. I’m practically here on my death bed living on a timer, and yet I still took the time to write a letter to you when I could’ve done a million other things. My point is, no matter what happens in life, you should always find a way to stay positive because there will always be people there to lift you up. All you have to do is let them. I may never truly understand how you’re feeling right now, nor can I guarrantee that my words will even mean anything to you, but you’re strong and I know you’ll make it through this. Well, that’s all I have to say. This is it. Take care Rukasu.


(A few minutes later…)


Ayane: Hey


Rukasu: What are you doing here? Were you following me?


Ayane: No, I was just on my way home. 


Rukasu: Oh.


Ayane: Yeah. Is that a letter?


Rukasu: Yeah.


Ayane: I see. From a friend?


Rukasu: Yeah, and old friend of mine sent me a letter before he died. 


Ayane: I'm sorry to hear that. 


Rukasu: You don't have to apolog-


(Ayane suddenly hugs Rukasu)


Rukasu: Why are you hugging me?


Ayane: I just thought you might need it.


(Rukasu finally hears his own heartbeat after many years)


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