Leadership in business

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Leadership is usually connected to politics. But business is how this relates.

Submitted: May 07, 2018

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Submitted: May 07, 2018



Leadership in Hellas is connected with politics but the truth is, this has to do with producing business.The traditional notion of leadership is connected to politics, due to ideologies, not understanding it was the old ideas that got Hellas into the current situation.Business-driven way of thinking is the kind of “chief” management done in companies after a person starts work.

There is only one book if one “googles” leadership, of an English writer meant for a master course (post-graduates called in Hellas but Bologna process and Lisbon convention will change the late age education system across Europe).The story of leadership has not been acknowledged as much as technocratic issues, especially in Europe.But there is a rule.Simply rules do not work for every type of situation.This sounds as metatheory but is an euphemism of adaptation necessary to survive.

In a common sense way of thinking, planning, programming, one effort many results(an elaborate description of success),making opportunities out of crisis, using garbage as resources for seemingly “expensive” activities(yes indeed why recycling was invented, could say, a person speaking to TV), precautions and for religious persons the way Noa did.Build the arc before the rain.A common question asked is, what after?

So leadership must lead to a point not vague and not unclear.To put it in different words, Colombus first thereorized the Earth was a sphere.An alternate shape than deceiving appearances told.He decided(an important quality contrary to postponing)he would make the journey to East Indies by an alternate route.Even though he was left in history for his American reaching, thinking out of the box is why spherical Earth was arrested as a a notion at the time.Even though logic is considered square.

But a leader cannot lack imagination.They say all you need is vison.That’s not true.If you have imagination, you have vision.Possibility does not have to be the snake or the eggs of a snake, way.Making an omelette requires effort, but if collision has cost, that does not have to be maximum.In the sense, politics is the art of the possible but business is about making expenses less than expected income.So getting possibility acceptable is a decision for one’s self.But possible happening is a sequence similar, but not same as it is a game, to chess.Strategy is good but moves must happen in order for a person to proceed.Of course a serious mistake could make damage, sending back the whole operation years, just to repair the damage.

A common mistake is not asking in business as well as politics, where are we now.For example, are you pessimistic, are you optimistic, are there options?This is important, concerning flexibility and say a feeling of safety which matters to weaker members like women and special teams.Under age or handicapped working for allowance,experience or trying to make ends meet.Knowing where you are can, orient to where you could go.In other words, you cannot decide options and perspectives unless you can plan a route from a point of origin to destination or goal.Achieving goals earns income and creates a feeling of progress, fueling motivation.To put this simply, the first priority of leader is to create options.The existence of options gives space, psychological safety and self-confidence.In  troubled times, options is what is used.

Closing the report, leadership is not about specific things as that is a bit technocratic.In a what works way,  decisiveness is the most crucial.In small and middle matters dialogue is required.In big issues leadership.  

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