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Bannack: The happenings


Bannack is a town. No, not really a town, it’s more like a countryside village. There’s a lone highway from Roberts, Idaho to Missoula, Montana via I-15 N and I-90 W. There are no trees in the highway. It is like a desert or a place in canyon. All you can see is the highway, a dark black pitched highway. You may see some cars going in that highway, if you are lucky. It will take at least 2 days of driving to reach Roberts from Missoula. A caravan may be a good idea to travel. Some people says that there are aliens in that route. Some says that ghosts are there. In the middle of this highway, there’s a mud way. This mud way directly leads you to Bannack. Bannack is a village of weird people. These people are always alone, they don’t even have any pets. In 1989, a group of people was going to Missoula. It was late night so, the driver decides to pull over, when he saw that mud way. At last, they reached Bannack. Whether it is their culture or their tradition, the people in that village locked their houses sharply at 8. One can’t see a damn in that village at night time. As it was 9:02, the village seemed to be very empty. One of those friends knocks a house door, but no one replied. It was very strange to him. While walking, he feels a presence near him, he felt like, someone is following him. He heard some laughing noises. He was surrounded by fear. When he turned back, he saw someone with a weird face and bowffff. Dead… by one everyone died. Police investigated, but found nothing. It was a case which was left undone by the police. Leocrip, who is a military officer, is living in Bannack with his wife Lily [1990]. They moved on to the Bannack just a week ago. Before that, they were in Roberts. Leocrip and Lily met each other 2 years ago. It was the year 1988. Lily was a writer. She writes family stories. Leocrip was young. He was 23 years old. Lily used to go to library every evening. She loved reading books. As Leocrip was going to join military, he wanted to know about survival. That’s when he went to the library, [on 3-2-1988] he found his book and he was about to read it, but he couldn't seem to find a place to sit and read in peace. He saw a round table with two chairs. Lily was writing one of her stories. Leocrip went to her and gently asked “Hello, Can I sit here? ”. Lily replied “Why not!” .Leocrip sat there. He was feeling very uncomfortable as he was sitting in front of her. Lily was very pretty. He kept his book aside. He was amazed at her beauty. This is the moment when Leocrip decides to be with her forever. Lily finished her story and left by saying “It was nice to meet you”. From that day, Leocrip started to go to library every day. Days passed, his joining date was imminent. He was going to join military on 22-3-1988. Both were sitting at the same place in the library. When leocrip asked lily for a date, lily agreed that. On that night, they were eating fish tacos and green salad at Hilton restaurant, leocrip asked lily about her family. Lily said that “Her father’s name is Jordon Rikkin and her mother’s name is sue”. She said “my father’s a computer programmer, my mother’s a interial designer and my grandfather’s a farmer”. Leocrip asked lily, “what is your grandfather’s name?” that moment, lily showed a kind of horror expression, if you see a ghost how you feel, that kind of expression. She whispered “Charlie Rikkin”. Leocrip felt awkward, he thought why someone needed to give such an expression just for asking his/her grandfather’s name. leocrip felt that there’s something behind that. From that day, lily kept a distance and silence from leocrip. Leocrip had no other option rather than asking her about that forcefully, so he did. Lily started crying and decided to tell. She said “when I was 16 years old (1982)” I liked my grandfather so much. He was nice and caring. I was in Roberts, Idaho and he was in Bannack. Every Sunday, I used to go to Bannack to visit my grandfather. That village was so weird, but not my grandfather. He had lost my grandmother, when I was 10 years old. From that incident, He was sad, but not for so long. He made himself recovered from that tragic incident. He also loved me so much. He even gifted me his own house which was in Bannack for my 17th birthday. After that, I couldn’t visit my grandfather, at least for a year, as I was busy in writing exams and focusing on my career. [2-11-1983] At last, all the exams finished except the last exam, I was so excited to meet him after these 11 months. My last exam was on 21-12-1983. The moment came, my excitement and happiness and everything got teared apart. The landline phone was ringing at late night. [2-11-1983 night], I was so disturbed, as we usually don’t get calls at late night. My father answered that call. I saw him, he cried after that call. He came to me and said that my grandfather is no more. I was surrounded by shock ness….. I felt that I was the reason for his death. I thought that I could have visited him. I had no idea on how he died or why he died. My family went to Bannack to see him for the last time. They said that he was killed by a strange creature. I was shocked because I haven’t seen any animals roaming around Bannack all these years. I was in the house while my parents were paying my grandfather’s last respect and honor. I found a letter in the dining room. It said that “Dear Lily, I wish that you will find my letter. I am writing this letter because I don’t know that how many days I would be alive”. I am not feeling well these days, I am vomiting like a pregnant lady do. I don’t know what’s happening within me anymore. But remember one thing, I love you so much Lily, and I always would. This letter made me even more sad. There was one thing which was going around my head and that was “he said that he had some problems at his stomach”. That made me more curious. That’s it Leocrip, Nothing happened after that. “police found nothing”, said Lily. Leocrip felt so strange. But, what could have he done. That was the night, when Leocrip and lily, both shared their inner secrets. This made them some more closer. On 2-3-1988, it was lily’s birthday, leocrip took her out for movie and a romantic dinner. At the end of that beautiful night, they were sitting in a park. Suddenly some fire crackers began to burst in the sky. It was beautiful. When leocrip proposed her, she was so happy and surprised. She said “yes”. Before joining in military, they got married happily. After some days, that was the time to leave and to join military, leocrip left lily alone in their house which was in Roberts. Leocrip bought that house by mortgaging himself. I mean he had that much of loans to be repayed. Lily returned back to work. She started to write stories again. In the meanwhile, leocrip was struggling at the military base. Those people and food were not comfortable for him. He missed lily so much. As leocrip was not there, lily thought about her grandfather, she decided to investigate. She went to that village. She noticed that the cemetery has been doubled. She saw a wise old man, she called him, he stopped there. She asked about that. The old man said “Dear child, there’s been a number of deaths for the last 6 years, we don’t know the cause behind that but everyone’s dying one by one. Such a mystery it was”. Lily didn’t know from where she has to start her investigation. She stayed at her house which was in Bannack. On the first night, she heard some laughing noises and sound of footsteps. There were strange happenings which was happening around. As usual, no one were out because it was 9:34. She took out a lantern and goes to see whatever was that. She suddenly saw a man and a woman coming with a child who was being carried by a woman. She immediately blows up the lantern and hides behind some wooden barriers. When they were crossing those barriers, lily saw the face of that baby. It looked like a devil. Face that she would never forget. Next day, there was a death in that village. Death of that man happened in the same way that was happened in the death of her grandfather. It was so strange. She realized that at that previous night, she had seen the couple with that devil child was coming out from the house where that murder was happened. So, finally, lily had some clues, but the main one is the couple with the devil child and a mystery behind the murders. Now, it’s been completed 2 weeks, since that man’s death at Bannack. So, lily thought to return to her home at Roberts. When she reached she notice that there had many letters in the post box. She took all those letters and went inside her home. One by one she opens’em. Each and every letter was sent from military base by leocrip. His letters were expressing his emotions and sufferings. In his last letter, he said “Dear lily, I have been transferred to Vietnam city. Some terrorists were hiding in the woods, after that war, I don’t know whether I will be alive or not. Take care, I know you are a brave woman. My girl.. be bold enough. I am incomplete without you. Our love surely take me to you, Don’t worry”. This letter broke lily into tears. 2 years later…

It was a cloudy thunder storm evening, lily was returning to home from the library. When she was about to open the door, she notices that the door was already open. She opens the door, leocrip was sitting in the sofa, there were many injuries, black marks and a lot of blood. Lily hugs him so tight, so that he would never leave her again. Leocrip said that he escaped from that war, and says that they can’t stay in Roberts anymore. As leocrip couldn’t repay his loans, they took his house. So, this is how they moved to Bannack [1990].


Lily didn’t wanted to stay in Bannack, In the same house where her grandfather died. But she didn’t had any other option. Leocrip was jobless for some days, so he decides to join military again as he was totally recovered. Once again, he leaves lily alone.

On [04-03-1990], leocrip got a call from his home.

Lily was DEAD…..

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