Immortal Wife

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Submitted: May 07, 2018

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Submitted: May 07, 2018



At times an innocuous child; transiting me way back into profound nostalgia; as she teased and frolicked on my lap,

At times a romantic philosopher; teaching me the unfathomable forms of love; as she danced tantalizingly under the blanket of majestically twinkling stars,

At times a voracious busy body; brewing for me the most sumptuous meals of my life; as she perspired like a bull under disdainful smoke that emanated from the
kitchen stove,

At times an eternal friend; standing by my side like an invincible fortress in my hour of dilapidated distress; as she kissed all my apprehensions away with her voluptuous lips,

At times a meticulous matron; imparting me a right to exist in the cleanest of heaven; as she enchantingly purified my home and soul; alike,

At times an ultimate seductress; igniting my life with thunderbolts of insatiable passion; as she floated like an exotic fairy in each of my ravishing dream,

At times a Goddess of perpetual love; ensuring that I breathed to my fullest each unleashing minute of life; as she inundated every aspect of my existence with her
stupendously royal caress,

At times a bird of uninhibited freedom; making me drift far away from monotonous reality; embracing me tirelessly in a land of mesmerizing rose and paradise,

At times a magically silken angel; annihilating even the most tiniest of thorn from my life; as she encapsulated me from all sides; with the philanthropic warmth of her soul,

At times a sacrosanct mother; seeing to it that I stringently accomplished all my assignments of the day; as she became the insurmountable tenacity in my eyes; the astronomical conviction in my heart,

At times a revered teacher; maneuvering me with astounding dexterity through each aspect of persevering life; as she herself sacrificed all wonderful ecstasy in life,

At times a sharing father; defending me against all treachery lingering around; as she listened and profoundly commiserated with my unfortunate tale of woes,

At times a mischievous sister; incessantly teasing me till I fulminated into unrelenting laughter; as she bounced and vivaciously radiated into a festoon of bubbly smiles,
At times a thorough professional; stirring me out from my horrendously baseless fantasies which led to nothingness; as she marched forward to unflinchingly enjoy every aspect of existence,

At times an ardent fanatic; perpetuating me to drown into realms of unending fantasy; as she indefatigably swished under milky rays of impeccable moonlight,

At times a magnanimous messiah; teaching me to bow down to humanity irrespective of religion; caste or creed; as she benevolently donated all her riches to impoverished mankind in pain,

At times the epitome of beauty; deluging my survival with enthralling entrenchment and stupendous charm; as she gallivanted merrily on the aisles of augmenting
desire glistening as splendidly as the Sun,

At times a gentle draught of wind; granting me that eternal peace that I had always desired; as she herself underwent all the miseries of salaciously treacherous life,

At times this; and At times that; the list is endless but still a fraction too frugal to describe her divinely countenance; as she was everything for me in my impoverished life; she was my immortal wife.

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