Immortally Afraid

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I wasn't afraid of inexplicably gloomy darkness; as I unflinchingly embraced it with the profuse enlightenment to fanatically exist; lingering impregnably in my eyes,

I wasn't afraid of diabolically satanic thorns; as I tread over them without batting a single eyelid; with an overwhelming yearning to survive exuberantly encapsulating each of impoverished senses,

I wasn't afraid of morbidly remorseful solitude; as I blazingly confronted each acrimonious obstacle that dared trespass me in my way; with a wave of unrelenting optimism;  encompassing me like an invincible fortress from all sides,

I wasn't afraid of treacherously devastating destiny; as I wholeheartedly accepted the winds of tyrannical doom in my ebulliently gallant stride; kissed the heavens of robust life with an unsurpassable ardor to exist turbulently fulminating; in each iota of my

I wasn't afraid of treacherously blood soaked roads; as I coined a path of benign righteousness on every lane that I tread; with an ocean of unfathomable
majesty descending enthrallingly; over single of my enthusiastic bone,

I wasn't afraid of morbidly forlorn boredom; as I enamoringly embraced the curtainspread of vivacious freedom even in my times of malicious prejudice; to
triumphantly pioneer a holistic new chapter of fulfilling life,

I wasn't afraid of manipulatively distorted ugliness; as I sculptured immaculately benevolent townships with the blessings of the grandiloquently Omnipotent Lord;
astoundingly unfurling into a fascinating kaleidoscope of heavenly color; in timeless life,

I wasn't afraid of horrendously despicable crippling; as I formidably stored a platform of irrefutable truth for centuries immemorial; ecstatically rejoicing and
replenishing in the full spirit of; graciously bequeathing life,

I wasn't afraid of parasitically satanic demons sucking blood; as I dexterously dispersed them singlehandedly from mammoth crowds of innocuous peace;
flamboyantly marching ahead; with the incomprehensible ardor of existence,

I wasn't afraid of disastrously freezing and cold blooded avalanches; as I profoundly engrossed my mind; body and spirit in unprecedented clouds of meditation; enveloping each ingredient of my crimson blood with untamed glory; and spell binding fascination,

I wasn't afraid of devastatingly scorching heat; as I magnificently pacified each of my tumultuously withering nerves; with the blissful melody of gorgeously captivating existence,

I wasn't afraid of hideously snobbish and ulterior malice; as I celestially blossomed into unfathomable newness on every rhapsodic hill that I trespassed through; voluptuously caressing every mesmerizing ingredient of fathomless beauty; philandering on this gregarious planet,

I wasn't afraid lecherously savage corruption; as I incorrigibly traversed on the path of harmonious solidarity; existing in divine synergy with the waterfall of euphoric love,

I wasn't afraid of heinously penalizing beasts; as I endeavored my best to maneuver them back on the road to symbiotic intermingling; with an unsurpassable fervor to clamber to the epitome of philanthropically scintillating success; transpiring me ahead; in charismatic life,

I wasn't afraid of gloomily wavering undulations; as I intransigently adhered to all the simplistically redolent philosophies of godly existence; solely and profoundly listening to the inner most voices of my heart,

I wasn't afraid of brutally despairing blindness; as I brilliantly culminated into a tornado of stupendous energy and royalty; wholesomely clinging to the invincible tree; of piquantly vibrant life,

I wasn't afraid of deplorably horrific poverty; as I supremely placated each vein and reflection of mine with the perennially everlasting fruits of magical nature; sleeping under the blanket of bountifully bestowing life,

I wasn't even afraid of rampantly slipping and gruesomely massacring breath; as I was inevitably prepared to face even the most lecherous tryst with gory death; only to perpetually rest in wonderfully Omniscient entrenchment of Almighty God; for times

But I was immortally afraid of losing her majestically silken grace; of losing her impeccably timeless voice; as I would incessantly chant; experience; explore and
blend with bloody death every unveiling minute without her; although I was in the prime of pristine youth; and had countless more years of sparkling life.

Submitted: May 07, 2018

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