Emerson Vermont had everything. Popularity, boyfriend, best friend and family. One incident changed everything for her. Now she has nothing and it's her fault too. Slowly her life crumbled and she
forgot how much it means to live. Even if Em lives, she feels like a dead zombie living a meaningless life in her meaningless world. Because everyone she loved is gone and they're not coming back
until Em finds her way back.

After her mom has an accident, Emerson has to live with her ex- boyfriends family. It isn't a secret that everybody hates, but for Em their hate is her strength. But when somebody else steps in her
life, she slowly discovers that she is not only broken but also doesn't know anymore what it means to live. Once again her life is crumbling. Is she able to let people who love her, help her? Not
only is Em able to see how broken she is, but also how her feelings played with her.

Behind this curtain is a girl, who is broken. A girl who wants to be heard and loved. But her truth is not what everyone expect. Her truth can lead to pain. The same pain she has in herself.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

The story revolves around Emerson Vermont and her senior year. Since the incident that changed her life happened, Em is all on her own. Her former friends, her boyfriend and even her brother hate,
but what does she care. Read this story and find out what will happen to her.
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