My Best Friend Bert - #6

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Just a little story about Bert, well, not just about Bert.

Submitted: May 07, 2018

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Submitted: May 07, 2018



It was a beautiful Spring morning so I decided to take a walk. As I passed by Bert's house I noticed that he was sitting on his front porch. So I took a little detour to his porch to see what he was doing.

Bert had his little portable radio with him and he was listening to a public radio station, I think it was "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me".

Bert's grandchildren bought him the radio and a six month trial-package of Satellite Radio. It was a birthday present.

He was only listening to three stations, a 1950's and 60's Rock and Roll station, a Blues station, and a Rhythm and Blues station. No Blues and Jazz stations for Bert, no sir-ree, he says Blues and Jazz don't belong together and they never did.

Any-who, Bert only uses the radio now and then. He tried to discontinue the service contract when the contract amount doubled, but when he called them they said that he must send his cancellation notice, signed and dated, and by snail-mail. And by the time it would arrive there would be another month charge, at the full price. So Bert didn't argue, he just cut his losses and sent the letter.

But when the money kept coming out of his account he called them again, but they claimed that they never received the written cancellation notice; he would have to send it again and pay another months ransom, oh, I meant another months payment.

The last I heard from Bert, he sent the second letter, Registered Mail, closed his checking account and changed banks. That must have worked because he was Listening to a Public Radio Station, not Rock or the Blues.

Bert's little experience with that Satellite Radio company has taught me a lesson and has cost that Satellite Radio company a new customer, ME.

I received their three month free trials with the new car I bought. At the end of the free trial they sent me a very generous half-off offer to continue service for another month.

Now this is where they try to hook you. When I received the low-cost offer, I was asked to enter my bank account number and sign the form, allowing for automatic withdrawals. But thanks to Bert, I knew better.

Before that stub is signed they have no binding contract with you and they cannot collect anything, they need that signature. So when I received the offer I tore it up, and I've been warning others too.

It is both ironic and stupid, as far as I'm concerned, that these companies treat their customers like that. Their method of trying to squeeze every last penny out of a customer only hurts their future business and their public image.

Why? Because Bert's experience taught me to stay away from their offer, and in turn I told others, and in turn they warned even more. Who knows how many customers were lost by that Satellite Radio company? All because they didn't treated Bert right.

Oh well, I guess they figure that there are a lot more fish to be hooked than will get away; luckily I'll never be one of them.


Where was I? Oh yes!

I sat down with Bert for a chit-chatt, and watched him play chess by himself. He would make a move, then turn the board around and make the OTHER move. After about 15 minutes I asked him what the point was, after all, no-one wins.

Well, I don't know if he was serious or just fooling around when he said, "You don't know much about chess, do you? I always win! The player that says "Check-Mate" wins, and at the end of each game I'm always the one saying that."

Who could argue with logic like that? I sure wasn't going to try. So I bid Bert goodby and left the porch to finish my walk. And that is when I heard Bert say, "Ah Ha! I got you now, Sucker! --- Check Mate!"



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