Aphrodite The Greek Goddess of Desire and Beauty

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Aphrodite, or Venus, is the Goddess of love is known for being mischievous, flirty, beautiful, and very good at seduction. Aphrodite is known to have flings with other Gods, and mortals like Ares,
Adonis, & Ankhises Aphrodite is loved by everyone, and she is the most beautiful Goddess known. She is loved and adored by every man on Earth Aphrodite's symbols include the myrtle wreath, the red
rose, white doves, and her day of the week is Friday.

Submitted: May 07, 2018

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Submitted: May 07, 2018




Land before time as we’ve embraced in a timeless dance

The utopia of Greece, a hidden romance

Aphrodisiac to enslave the loins of every mortal man

From where he lies to where he stands

Entwines of silk as we lay

Teardrops of forbidden love affairs silently falling away

As I’m making you mine

A love note carried away as the blowing sands of time

Soul to soul, skin caressed, intoxicated off its essence as sips of fine wine

Lover’s haven pure undulated and defined

Sinking into the motion of my sensuous grind

Luring words crystal clear

Whispered in the dark, my ears do hear

The tropical forest our divinity lust filled bed

Soothing the tower of one’s initiating head

Beauty, seductive I am your Venus of fire

Flames of my partaking, moth to my sultry desires

Immortality to love, given unto you forever the years, my handsome sire

My love of satisfaction

Feel me, dazzled,  flirtation of instant attraction

Breathlessly waiting

Bodies aflame, desire translating

Passionate relating

Stimulus in heat embodied as one creating

Come unto me, as the flow of the sea

Fill the lover’s cup of thee

This world’s aftermath we shall flee

Mortals will write the story of you and me

Rainbows within another lifetime, as soared and kissed

Minds to sink into a prey of concubines reminisce

I bow unto you, Greek Mythological Goddess Aphrodite

Beauty to tame the handsome Greek Mythological Gods, as silken pleasure engulfs the night

Grapes of feast my sweet vine you shall eat

Ecstasy of men harkened unto its submissive cry of defeat

Lips blanketed of Aphrodite a Goddess of an endless tide

Kisses to lips, bodies slip and tenderly slide

In a bed filled with lavender and heather covered

Pages of Kama Sutra guided physiques we smother

Blessed gift of a wicked ride

Greek Goddess Aphrodite beautiful music as bodies collide

My wings of immortality, beauty, and desires has returned unto Venus within the sky



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