Tie Me to The Ceiling

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300 Word Flash Fiction.

Submitted: May 07, 2018

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Submitted: May 07, 2018



" Thats my kind of love, the kind that leaves me alone." 

I told her not to bother me. The Blood Moon, I remembered saying, The Blood Moon, damn it all !

Couldn't she see outside? The window showed nothing else, into our Home.

She only lived at Night. I only lived, during the day. 

Don't burn your bridges woman, I told her; don't swim over my fence, she cryptically replied.

And so, when the Darkness came on this eve, as she became thirsty for the hunt, I turned with a broken bone crackled twist of transformation. The Wolf became I. I, became the Wolf.

And she, all the while, a fluttering bat winged companion to travel with, healing the wounds of my once carrion hungers.

Bringing them back to life, protecting me.

Bringing me back to myself, a humanly bodied infected shape-shifter.

Just like her.

We were two of a kind.

Until one day, when I but her, and she but me; mutually drawing out our passions for one another.

Different, we became the same.

A vampirific vulpine.

A Vulpine Draco.

Our baby then, born of passionate inevitability, became something new. 

Our softly skinned fleshy earthly being, folding under the Moonlight, changed from one thing, to another; then something else.

Our baby, became the start of it all. 

The Origin of the species, our Vlad Draco could become all, and everything. 

We, the proud parents, then part our way, leaving you with these final words; for if you should need him, call, politely, if you should choose to learn from him, call, politely and, above all else, if you should betray him, then your name has already been written  into the altar of our other-worldly marriage. 

Forgive us, and forgive those, that trespass against him.


My beloved. 

My, beautiful baby boy.



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