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pridefulness is dangerous at times. people being left behind in their own destruction after being toppled off their pedestals....

p.s. I would love if you commented what you think. I'm not entirely solid on if I like this one. Could I have ended lines better? Used better words or grammar? I'm a big lover of all criticism, so
please leave your thoughts <3

Submitted: May 07, 2018

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Submitted: May 07, 2018





You think you are god?

You think you can walk on water?

Over depleted bodies that you leave behind?

Count to one, two, three and people are at your feet?

There is no such thing as god.

You cannot tell me what to do, and me do it out of fear of no heaven.

You cannot leave me behind with these bodies, because you will it to be my punishment.

The snap of your fingers does not jump start my heart.

You think you are special?

That you deserve the best?

People should feel graced by your presence?

Every girl should be happy you even look their way?

There is no such thing as special.

I am not going to feel blessed that your eyes made contact with my breasts.

I’m not going to stand up from my seat and clap whenever you walk into the same room.

You are here.

Here, on the floor, on your knees in front of me.

I hang words from my finger tips and you swallow them down like liquor.

Getting drunk off my resilience.

I pluck you up off your pedestal and place you down.

leaving you behind to be battered by your own bodies.

Choking on your own medicine.

Me, looking down on you.

Biding my time.

Until one day, someone comes along to take me and break me down too.



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