A Dom? Where?!

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Have you ever dreamt of taking a trip to Bora Bora in a private jet? Or even touring France in a Lamborghini? Or perhaps taking a hike up in the mountains of Scotland? Anything you desire, you got
it for you are the wife of Dante D'angelo, Mr. Heartthrob, Mr. Wonderful, the God himself.


"And my future husband will be heavily into BDSM and a complete animal in bed and..." I day dreamed, practically drooling about my future perfect "husband", ignoring my name being called by my best
friend, Avery.

"And just who is this future husband that's making you so moist?" She giggled, snapping me out of my wonderful fantasy. "I know for a fact it aint Christian Grey, he's a fantasy and quite frankly
not a very good man to consider a Dom."

How dare she! Christian Grey is a fantastic dom! In fact he is the king of all doms! Bow down to his 50 Shades of Authority! I wanted to scream at her but knowing my bestfriend, she win in our
little debate. Looking around the crowded cafeteria, I look over at the popular table where head cheerleader Melina was grinding her hips against Dante the "Devil's" crotch, not caring who sees. My
and Dante's eyes meet and I knew, he's my Christian Grey.


And that's how they met. In highschool, one look. Now, they are married as Mr. and Mrs. D'angelo. Cecilia has it all, her dream has finally come true. As wife to former popular boy turned CEO,
Dante D'angelo, Cece has everything a woman could ever want except for one thing... years after their marriage and honeymoon, they still sleep in separate rooms and Dante refuses to have sex with
his wife. Cece wants her husband to be her Christian Grey and she'll do anything to make sure the most important part of her highschool dreams came true.

Dante D'angelo was the highschool popular boy and now he's a complete god, a CEO of the D'angelo enterprises if you will even with glasses he's still considered handsome, Clark Kent is what his
closest friends and family nickname him. He has a dominant aura and with a single look can make any human and animal bow to his feet. Dante is married to the love of his life, Cecilia Moriarty
D'angelo. As god like as he is, he holds a secret, a secret he thinks his wife will enjoy after all...she has been begging for it.

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Submitted: May 07, 2018

Cecilia?? "Finally. I can't believe it. After all these years I have finally married the many of my dreams well, the man of practical... Read Chapter