October 31st

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The Life of a Deranged Serial Killer named Skully Doyle, he has been killing his rivals in his hometown Lakesville. He's been transfered to Summerhill mental institute, and escapes. Read about The
Skeleton Boy from his childhood, to his life now as an Adult. October 31st.

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Submitted: May 07, 2018



“October 7, 1965,) In this big town of Lakesville a Baby boy has been born, even though he looked cute he was not normal, Dr Curtis managed to tell Molly; that her son Skully has a mental condition) Molly felt sorry for Skully, her husband Travis! did not care to be there for them at the hospital. Travis the Fucking Degenerate was home the whole time, drinking! and did not give a shit about his own son; Moments later when Molly walked in the house, she saw Travis passed out drunk! on the couch, and their argument made them very abusive. Skully's older sister Mary; shrugged her shoulders while she was sleeping, she had a terrible nightmare of Skully, when he grew up and started killing people. the next morning Mary went to talk to her mum about her brother and his mental illness; Mum! I know it’s a nightmare, but when he grows up you don’t know what he will do, just think about what I said; I will keep that in mind Molly responded. Mary attends to Lakesville High School, she’s in the seventh year; at recess time a bunch of Girls started to bully her, while Skully was at home, his vision saw that Mary was getting picked on; as soon as he heard the word "Retard" He cried and chucked a tantrum; Molly made up a bottle of milk to give to Skully, and that will put him straight to sleep. Molly went to visit Skully's Doctor; oh Molly glad you came by; I needed the time to talk to you; I'm sorry to bother you Dr Curtis, Skully hasn't been himself lately; he kept crying and having tantrums, that's what I needed to talk to you about Molly, Skully hallucinates; he has visions just say for example, if someone was in trouble, and many other reasons that will affect him; Whenever he has a vision just give him a bottle, and that will put him straight to sleep; Thanks Dr Curtis! Anytime Molly. everyone in Lakesville got ready to go trick or treating, Molly got Skully a Skeleton costume; when Molly put the Costume on Skully, he started smiling; he was staring at people from the windows, and no one showed up at the Doyle's house. Jessica, and her two friends Nicole and Stacey; who were picking on Mary at school, went to her house and started throwing eggs at the whole house; they managed to run off and not been caught, the next day The Doyle Family saw the windows covered in eggs, and Mary already knew who was responsible. Mary got ready to go to school, she then confronted Jessica and her friends about the incident caused at her house; they both got into a bitch fight, and got themselves in trouble; Both Victims parents got called immediately, and had to pick them up from school; they both copped the punishment by being suspended for five days. now that Mary is home for five days she spent her whole time catching up on work from school, she concentrates and studies hard. five days later: when Mary returns to school, she hands in her school work to her teacher Mrs Wilson, she was proud of Mary; Class was dismissed for the day, and everyone headed home. It suddenly became night time, two boys from Mary's school Sonny and Dave; decided to go to Mary's house and become a peeping tom, by staring at her in her bedroom while she was getting changed; "Time to see some pussy" Sonny said with full of excitement; when they both Glanced towards her She had a bush on her vagina "aww gross" let’s get out of here; Sonny and Dave ran all the way back to their house and vomited everywhere. Molly, Mary, and Skully went to Dinner at Lakesville Restaurant to have dinner as a family / and of course, Travis was not there; meanwhile he was back at the house, packing his things; he didn't want to be part of the family anymore, he moved on to start a new life by moving into a caravan park, and became a drug addict) Molly, Mary, and Skully finally arrived home, they noticed Travis wasn’t there; are they able to move forward without him in their lives. “3 years later, October 31st) 1968: Today is the day Skully Turns three years old, he has a vision and Knows where his Dad Travis is; he keeps a knife by his side and makes his way to the Caravan park. Travis heard a noise outside; and Skully managed to appear in his caravan; as he was standing behind him, then stabbed his dad in the back. few days later: the ambulance and cops found Travis's body, and puts him in the death bag.




the morning has come; Skully has been enrolled on his first day at Lakesville day care centre, Skully and Molly met two people named Valarie and Sally; Mother and Daughter who welcomed them to the Day-care centre. Today’s lesson they learned Drawing and Painting, all the kids were very creative and on their best behaviour; after Day-care Skully arrived home and puts his Drawing and Painting straight in his room. Skully walked his way downstairs, as the family saw Travis's body on the news, Skully kept quiet and hides his secret from his family; The Kitchen Knife that Skully had with him on the night he killed his dad, he kept in his safe; which is in his bedroom; Skully puts four numbers on his lock, so no one can get through it. Valarie asks Molly if Skully and Sally wanted to go Trick or Treating together both of the Parents supervised their kids while they go asking for candy; after Trick or Treating Molly invited Valarie and Sally for Dinner at her house; Skully wanted to ask Valarie, why does Sally have no hair; Skully Molly said, its ok Molly Valarie responded; she then told Molly and Skully That Sally has Cancer; oh no! with their eyes full of tears, her appointment is tomorrow did you guys want to come along? of course Molly said; Thank you! Valarie responded; we should get going, Sally needs to get to bed; "thanks for dinner" Anytime! Sally Gave Skully a kiss on the cheek, and they left the house. It suddenly became morning; Sally started to feel anxious by having her appointment at Lakesville Hospital; while she was lying in the bed Skully, Molly and Valarie saw her with her eyes closed; Dr Curtis Explained the sad news that Sally didn't make it; Valarie then gave a photo of Sally to Skully; to keep for his memories. “Moments later, after Sally’s Death) Skully went to open his safe and carry his knife with him in the streets; meanwhile he bumped into Jessica, Nicole and Stacey Mary's Bullies; they recognized Skully and called him a retard; Again! Skully took his anger on Jessica and stabbed her; Nicole and Stacey didn’t know what to do, so they ran home and called the cops. The cops immediately made their way to the alley, and The Ambulance took Jessica’s body to the Lakesville Hospital; Officer Matthews Payed a visit to Skully's house, he then went to put Skully in the car, and told Molly That Skully is now in Custody, Officer Matthews sent Skully to Summerhill mental institute, to get all the help he needs, from his Psychologist Dr. Curtis. 4 years Later October 31st, 1972: Skully is at the age of Seven, and hasn't said a word in ten years; Dr. Curtis told him it was time for him to move on, and he couldn't be Skully's Patient anymore; "Take Care Skully" he whispered "Take Care" Dr. Curtis left Summerhill and moved on with his life. Several Hours later; it became night time, Skully Managed to Escape, By Killing all the staff at Summerhill and demolished the building with a bomb; no one could stop him; Skully steals a car and heads to Lakesville, to Put his Enemies to rest. Molly and Mary saw the news, they got a feeling that Skully is going to come back to Lakesville; are they safe or in danger! Skully visited Sally's grave at Lakesville cemetery; he puts Flowers on her gravestone, and continued,) to walk to the Lakesville Church. Skully saw the Lakesville Residents in the church, Mr Cartwright turned his head, and Saw Skully looking through the window; he rubbed his eyes, then he disappeared. At the Doyle's Home; Molly was home all by herself; Molly was frightened when she saw her son; Skully your all grown up; she said! "Don’t pretend you give a shit mum, Since I been taken away you did not even visit me once; I'm sorry! Molly said in a teary voice; Skully grabbed Molly, cuts her head off and puts her head in his bag. Skully has his own lake house; and puts his mum's head in the basement; every dead body Skully kills, he collects it, and Leaves them in his basement; --Skully heads off to Lakesville College, to stalk his Sister Mary, will she catch him in the act? Mary received a call from Officer Matthews, she busted into tears when she heard her mother was dead, Mary went to Lakesville hospital as fast as she could, she recognized her head is missing; the cops had the idea that Skully





took it; Mary had no idea where Skully would hide it; Officer Matthews told Mary, Skully has a house here in Lakesville, you know that Lake house on Remington Road? Yep! On my way there now, she said” just be careful Officer Matthews said in a caring expression; Thanks Officer Matthews, I will be fine. Mary finally arrived at Skully's house, lucky he was not home, Mary had the smart idea to search the basement; just in about three seconds she got down there, she noticed her mums head; she cried with a whisper "mum" she quickly escapes from Skully's house, and reported her mums head at the Lakesville police station; Mary in the house; where Is your mums head; Mary Responded with a tear in her eye; the b-basement Thanks for reporting it Mary, we will handle it from here, you go home and get some rest; o-ok. Mary was feeling cold and she was shivering, when she made herself a hot chocolate, she didn't even shiver once after drinking it; Mary was feeling lonely without her mum, she wishes to be happy again; the sooner the better. Love is in the air for Mary, she finally met a guy, his name is Jeff Brady? they both met at Lakesville college, two people with the same interests and got plenty of things in common; it was nice of Jeff to volunteer to take Mary home, she then smiled at him and said, "Thanks for taking me home" "Your welcome" Jeff responded with a smile on his face. Lina Johnson asked Mary if she can baby sit her ten-year-old son (Brody Johnson) known as his nickname (BJ) while she’s out of the house; Mary arrived at the house Lina then thanked Mary for coming; "I shouldn't be long" "its ok take your time" BJ asks Mary is the Skeleton boy real? what if he comes after me? 'I’m here for you BJ" "The Skeleton Boy only comes on October 31st Halloween right" Right he responded, "I’m looking after you" " I won’t let anything happen to you" "Promise" I Promise; Mary Responded with a smile; Mary and BJ made popcorn, and watched Tv. 2 hours later: Lina Arrived home, and thanked Mary Once again, she’s always happy to help a friend out; Meanwhile when Mary was leaving the Johnson's house, Skully was standing behind a tree, across the road; when Mary finally arrived home; she rang Jeff and asked him if he wanted to sleep over at her house, Jeff immediately came on his way; when they both saw each other; they kissed, and Started getting down to Business in Mary's bedroom; "Moaning" and Groaning" going on for hours and hours, then when they finished, they both went right to sleep. The next Morning when Mary and Jeff woke up, Mary noticed she was pregnant; Jeff then went to put Mary in the car; to attend at Lakesville Hospital; so, they can find out when their baby is due. fifteen minutes later; the test results came in, Dr Fletcher said to Mary; it’s going to be a girl, and she will be due on October 31st; will Skully be in the way, by causing more chaos. a beautiful Sunday morning, the Lakesville residents get ready to head off to the Church; "Father Matthews" Officer Matthews Dad; Makes an announcement on Mary's Pregnancy, and wishes her luck for tomorrow, when the baby is born. “Monday October 31st) 1974: Today is a celebration day for Mary and Jeff, Mary decides to call her baby; (Darcy) as soon as they got home Mary and Jeff settled Darcy into her new room, Darcy strangely looks out the window, "Skully appeared" and stared towards her, she cried and cried; When Mary turned around, Skully has teleported to another location. BJ is in his fifth year at Lakesville Primary school, three bullies from his class; Noah, Scott, and Fred were getting on his nerves; by saying to BJ; The Skeleton Boy is Coming, he told the three boys to leave him alone, but they wouldn't listen to him; Noah said straight to BJ's Face; "Pussy" Otherwise BJ could've knocked his bullies out, he decided to act mature by ignoring them; so, he kept walking, and walking. on a cold windy night; Father Matthews was closing the Church, he heard a strange noise coming from outside; *branch snaps* When Father Matthews was looking outside, Skully Managed to get inside the Church; Father Matthews didn't see anything outside, *Three minutes after* heading back inside the Church; Skully Sliced Father Matthews Throat *blood spurting out* as he *gurgled* Skully then Cuts Father Matthews body into Pieces, and puts it in the Casket. The next day: Sunday Morning: Mrs Cartwright; a member of the Lakesville Church Community, opens the Church for all the Lakesville Residents; everyone makes there way inside, blood prints leading to the casket; Mrs



Cartwright then opens the casket lid; oh my god! she whispered; *faints* Gloria! Someone call an ambulance; Greg responded with a yelling voice; The Ambulance put Gloria in the van, and Greg was on his way to Lakesville hospital; to be there for his wife. “3 year later, October 31st, 1977) today is a special day for Darcy, she turns three years old; Mary and Jeff, got a cake --and-- presents! to give to their loving daughter; wowwwwwwww! She said in a surprised voice; "Thanks Mum" "Thanks Dad" after celebrating Darcy's birthday; the doorbell rang, a mystery present was left on the porch; Darcy you’re in luck, you got another present; Darcy read the card, it was unknown; all it said was Happy Birthday Darcy and Happy Halloween, that's odd Mary said! Darcy felt anxious while opening the present slowly, it turned out to be Molly's head; Darcy *screams* and *cries* Mary closed the box quickly; then Jeff went to put Darcy to bed; "are you alright now Sweetie" try to get some sleep, "Good night Dad" Darcy closed her eyes, and went straight to sleep. The next day Mary took the box to the police station, Officer Matthews opens the box, and wants to kill Skully so badly; because what he did to Molly and, he's dad; Officer Matthews asks Mary, what causes her Brothers Depression; Mary then told him "he had a little girlfriend when he was 3 years old" named Sally! "I don't know her last name but she passed away from cancer" Officer Matthews researches Sally on the internet; I found her! her name is Sally Fisher; and she was diagnosed with cancer; Officer Matthews decided to go to Lakesville cemetery "Officer Matthews" wait! I'm coming with you, Mary Responded. Mary and Officer Matthews finally arrives at Lakesville cemetery, Mary noticed Sally's grave; "I found it" they both had a look at her gravestone, two minutes later: Skully caught them looking at his girlfriend’s gravestone, as they both turned their head, "Skully" Mary whispers; as soon as Officer Matthews points the gun at Skully, he then teleported Straightaway. Officer Matthews and Mary decides to visit Valarie; "knocks on the door" Yes... Valarie said! Are you Valarie Fisher? Yes, I am! why? who’s asking; "I'm Officer Matthews" and who are you? Valarie said to Mary; I'm Mary, Skully’s sister; "your all grown up Valarie responded" Could we please come in, Officer Matthews asked in a polite manner, of course! Valarie responded with a smile on her face. Mary told Valarie; "there’s something you got to know about Skully" "it sounds like bad news" Valarie said Anxiously; It is... Mary Responded; He killed our mum; "oh my god" Valarie said in a complete shock; i haven’t seen Molly in ages, when did this happen? Mary then responded, 5 years ago; October 31st) Valarie thanked Officer Matthews, and Mary for telling her about Skully; after when she went to bed, she kept on thinking about her daughter and how much she loves her; she's been having nightmares about it, is this going to keep effecting her; and what will she do? all of Valarie's relatives are not around anymore, and it made her depressed, all the time; will she get help and have a good life, or is her depression going to affect her, and have a shit life; what will her choice be? The terror of nightmares kept haunting Valarie more and more; her depression affected her that easily, "she climbs on her house roof" and killed herself; the ambulance takes Valarie's body, and puts her in the death bag. In Lakesville; six people died so far; one from Suicide, one from cancer, and four others murdered by Skully; who's been a homicidal, for thirteen years. October 31st) 1980: Six-year-old Darcy attends to Lakesville Primary school, Darcy's Teacher; Mrs. Logan! welcomes her to the class; at recess, when everybody was outside; a girl from Darcy's class, named Allison; and two boys by her side; Kane, and James; approached close to Darcy, "you must be the new kid" Allison said; Yeah! "My name is Darcy Doyle” Right, Doyle! "I know who you are" Allison responded; "Your uncle is the skeleton boy" Who is the skeleton boy Darcy said, a nice girl from Darcy's class, Jenny! steps in to help Darcy; Both Darcy and Jenny walked away, and ignored the bullies. October 31st: Halloween Night: Darcy asked Jenny if she wanted to go Trick or Treating with her, Really, "you mean it" Jenny said; "of course" Darcy said in a happy expression; you helped me with those bullies, "I want to show my appreciation" " you are a good friend Jenny" Darcy Responded! Darcy and Jenny got lots of






Candy, for their first time; going Trick or Treating. 4 Hours Later: Midnight: Darcy got up in the middle of the night, staring at her window, Skully was standing in front of the house, the shocked expression coming from Darcy's face; "mum" "mum" Darcy screams; Mary ran to get to Darcy's room; "Darcy" what’s wrong! "It’s the Skeleton boy" Darcy said in a scared voice; Mary looked out the window, "there's no one there Darcy" "Darcy had a look again" I saw him standing right there, “he's gone now” Mary responded,) Goodnight mum! Goodnight sweetie! as soon as Darcy went back to bed, Skully had already teleported to a different direction, --as for Darcy for the rest of the night, she had a good sleep, and didn’t see the Skeleton boy since then. The next morning: Darcy makes her way to school, attends to all her classes, when school finished approximately, at three-o-clock; Darcy was hanging to leave the school grounds, Stephanie was at it again, with the name calling; Darcy ignored, and made her way home; meanwhile Skully was near the school, and saw Allison making fun of his niece; he confronted her with a scare, she then ran off; Skully was stalking his niece, all the way back to her house. (Martha) Molly's sister, also known as Mary's Aunty; Mary and Darcy decided to visit her Aunty Martha, at Lakesville aged care; "Mary is that you darling" "Yes, it is Aunty Martha" " I bought Darcy with me" "My Beautiful Darcy" How old are you now? Martha said in a surprised voice; Darcy responded in a cute voice "i'm six years old" "wow six" good age; i would love to be young again; i still consider you young Aunty Martha; Mary said with a great big smile, "thanks love" Martha responded. Mary was so happy to visit her Aunty Martha, and told her; "it was nice seeing you Aunty Martha" we need to go now, its Darcy's Bedtime; "Bye Darcy" "Bye" Darcy responded; "Mary come visit me anytime and bring Darcy as well" "I will Aunty Martha" Mary Blows a kiss; Martha responded with a Kiss, back to Mary. Mary and Darcy take the public bus, and gets off at the bus stop, right near their house; it was a five-minute walk; meanwhile Skully saw his sister and niece walking inside their house, Mary's neighbour, Mr Cartwright; looked out the window, Skully then *Turns his head* looking straight at Mr Cartwright, *five seconds later* *vanishes* from Mary's house, back to his place. 1 Year Later: October 31st/Halloween: 1981: Two sisters in Lakesville Named; April, and Cindy; is having a Halloween Party at their house, they still got lots of time, to buy their costume, also food and drinks; April then said to Cindy "we should go as the Grady twins" "from the Shining" "i was thinking the same thing" Cindy Responded; they got their costumes and made their way home, to gather the food and drinks. April and Cindy managed to get everything ready for their first Halloween Party, the guests started to arrive. DJ Romeo played the good songs; from the 70's, 80's, 90's, also new songs as well; he's a very good DJ, he's worth, about three thousand dollars. April and Cindy got their eyes on two guys, then went to; *Approach them* "hello" "I’m April" "nice to meet you April" "I’m Jasper" "This is my brother Oliver" "nice to meet you too Oliver this is my sister Cindy" " what’s up" she said in a cool voice; For hours and hours they talked and hanged out, DJ Romeo shuts off the Music, and announces the best Halloween costume award. DJ Romeo speaks on the microphone, "the best Halloween Costume award goes to two people; "April and Cindy" *everyone applauds them* and they both Make a speech and said, "thanks everyone for coming tonight" " it means a lot" Happy Halloween! *the music turns back on* and everyone enjoyed the whole night Dancing; 3 hours later: the party finished, April and Cindy thanked the guests for coming, as everyone left, both April and Cindy; Cleaned up the house, then went to bed. Darcy had a terrible nightmare, seeing that Skully, is putting blood all over her bedroom window; she says to herself, "1,2,3 Skeleton Boy go away" *repeats it three times* the Lucky charm worked; will this Chant make Skully go away? and will it help Darcy's nightmares. Darcy wrote the Chant in her book, to repeat it three times, before she goes to sleep every day; so far, it has been working; Since Darcy used the Chant; Skully hasn't been coming back.



October 31st) 1985: on a cold Halloween night, the patients at the Lakesville aged-care centre, seeing Trick or Tr-eaters walking past in their Scary costumes; *as they say* "Scary" but "Cute” Meanwhile Martha was back in her room, Staring and glaring at the window; Skully then showed up, and staring back at his Aunty Martha. Martha looked very shocked and Managed to escape out of the building; Skully caught her just in time, and stabs her in the gut; Martha *pants and Pants* Skully stabbed her multiple times, 3 seconds later: Skully chucks his Aunty Martha, through the building window, and manages to escape quickly, to avoid being seen. moments later; Darcy stayed home, and Mary was on her way to the Lakesville aged-care centre; *Tears* coming from Mary's eyes* she says to herself in a whispering voice; "you want to play Skully" "let’s play" Mary then got in her car, and made her way to Remington road; which is Skully's house. Mary uses the fire matches, *throws it on the house* *which caused it to burn down* moments later: when Mary left her brother’s house; The (LFD) *Lakesville Fire Department* Including The ambulance, cops and news reporters, made their way to Skully's house; Officer Matthews knew Mary was Involved, will Mary receive a punishment? how will this affect her. the next morning; Mary checked her mailbox, she got a letter from the (FCL) Federal Court of Lakesville, saying she needs to attend to her court hearing, ten-o-clock; on November 7th. 1 week Later: the court is live on television, all the Lakesville Residents are watching Mary on tv; Judge Ingalls: *asks the Jury "what do you find the defendant" John Robinson Responds, "Guilty" *then sits back down* Judge Ingalls Speaks Directly towards Mary; "Mary Doyle" for being an arsonist, and the Murder of your Brother; "Skully Doyle" you are hereby sentenced to Lakesville prison for five years, and also charged seven hundred dollars; *Judge Ingalls bangs the hammer* "Case Dismissed" Officer Matthews puts Mary in the car, and drives for thirty minutes; to get to Lakesville Prison. Day (1) at Lakesville Prison: Mary Saw a Bully Named Helga, "man she is fucking fat" she was picking on another woman named Randy; Helga wanted Randy to be her Bitch, *by sexually touching her* Mary tapped on her shoulder; "can you please put her down" Helga then Responded; "you want to fuck with me" Mary went all psycho, then started bashing her like ten times; the last hit Mary gave Helga, knocked all of her teeth out; *her blood dribbles on the ground* "any last words" "Bitch"  The guards grabbed onto Mary, and puts her in isolation; Mary would stare out the Window, and notices; Skully is watching her. December 25th: Christmas Day: Jeff and Darcy went to Visit Mary, "Merry Christmas" they said in a cheerful voice; even though Mary is not happy in jail, she had a big smile on her face, seeing Jeff and Darcy; after Jeff and Darcy Visited Mary, they returned home; Darcy *Prayed* and *Prayed* for her mum, to come back home as soon as possible. 10 months later: October 31st) 1986 Mary went back to Lakesville Court for her retrial, Every Lakesville resident didn’t want to see Mary suffer in Jail; Judge Ingalls makes a deal to Mary, "Mary Doyle" The Lakesville residents don’t want you to spend your whole life in Jail" "are you willing to do one year of community service" Judge Ingalls said; "I Accept" Mary responded; "here is a letter where you need to go" "Thanks Judge Ingalls" "Case Dismissed" Mary makes her way to (LCS) Lakesville Community service, the job she is doing, is gardening at Darcy's school; *for hours and hours* *digging and putting Plants in the garden* Mary did a very good job for her first day, she is now feeling tired, and went straight home; to go to bed. Mary had a hallucinating moment; going back, when she burned Skullys house down, the Authorities never found Skully's body Mary knew the Chances that he is still alive, and planning to Attack more of the Lakesville Residents. 4 hours Later: 10pm: on a rainy Halloween night, (Skully raises his hand to the Sky, and makes a thunderstorm go off with a bang) boooooooooooommmmmmm! right near his sister’s house; his Niece Darcy; got scared of the lightning, and covers herself under the blankets. Meanwhile back at Lakesville Police Station; Officer Matthews realised the night Skully's house got burnt down, his body was never found; he says to himself "Skully is Alive" "I Must warn Mary" he rushes out of the office, and makes his way to Mary's House. Mary was not impressed with Officer Matthews, rocking up at her place; "You Arrested me" 'Remember' he then responded, I’m sorry! I was doing my job; why are you here? Mary said in a nervous voice; i hate to break it to you, but... "Skully is Alive" I know! I had a vision about him, he’s still lurking around Lakesville, and is going to keep killing and killing. October 31st: 9pm: on a cold windy night, Skully Appeared in front of the Cartwright's House, Mary's mind triggered her Hallucinations, seeing that Mr Cartwright got stabbed in the face, and Mrs Cartwright got her throat sliced; Skully acted aggressively and trashed the house, Mary called the cops 'immediately' as for Skully, he managed to escape the Cartwright's house, and teleported to his safe house. Skully was born with two special abilities, one! when he raises his hand to the Sky, a big loud thunderstorm will appear; two! when he clicks his fingers he teleports to every Lakesville locations. Skully -clicks his fingers- and teleports to the alley; meanwhile Detective Parker's car broke down, he was abusing his car, / by kicking the tire, and yelled out; (Son of a Bitch") Skully Throws Detective Parker through the front windshield of his car; while he was on the ground, *he gasped* "No" "No" please" Skully Grunts when he stabs Detective Parker Multiple times, and left his body in the alley. (The next day at Lakesville police station") Everyone celebrated a memorial, 'in the honour of' (Detective Parker) Officer Matthews mentions, he was the best Detective; "he will be missed" but, "never forgotten".  4 Days Later: (Chief Rollins) the Chief of the Lakesville Police department") and Officer Matthews had a chat in his office; Chief Rollins was proud of Matthews work, in which case He promoted him to Detective.) Matthews had a huge smile on his face, wow! "Detective Matthews” That sounds neat,) 'Thanks Chief' (I won’t let you down') Good man! Rollins Responded. “1 Year Later, October 31st) 1987: (13 years ago") Mary Raised a Beautiful baby girl, then thirteen years later; Not only she's 13" Darcy considers herself as a young woman; she's also in her seventh year, at Lakesville high school. A new Student attends to Lakesville high school, his name is; (Eric Bennett") is Love in the air") between Darcy, and Eric, as they both Approached each other, and started off with a good conversation / as they introduced each other; “I’m Eric! Nice to meet you Eric, Darcy responded happily) and you are? Eric said curiously? I’m Darcy! Nice to meet you too Darcy. it reaches twelve-o-clock: as everyone ran out the doors') to enjoy their lunch time; meanwhile! Eric *approaches* Darcy and asks her to be his girlfriend... Darcy's face) *blushes* "Yes" I will be your Girlfriend Eric; they both leaned *closer and *closer Eric and Darcy's class mates stared at them, while they were; *kissing* the good coincidence is? that Eric and Darcy are the most popular -boy- and -girl- in school. Kevin and Vanessa, also known as Brother and Sister; invited the beautiful couple to their first Halloween party, Eric went as; (Michael Myers) from Halloween") Darcy decided to go as; (Samara Morgan) from the Ring. moments later... Kevin and Vanessa announced the best costume award, it turned out to be a tie; The winners are... *Eric and Darcy* as everyone -claps- and -whistles- (after the awards, and dancing) the party finished for the night; everyone headed home, to enjoy their weekend. (Hunter Bennett) and his two mates, (Albert Walker) and (Kenny Rollins) was walking in the alley, they noticed Skully was there, Hunter shouts (" Hey Retard") this is our Alley, the Anger on Skully's face, frightens them; Skully approached Hunter, by holding him in the air; and stabs him') "oh shit" Albert and Kenny responded, they didn't know what to do? (they both bolted, and bolted) -Kenny ran home to his parents- Dad! Dad! he screams; Kenny what’s wrong? ("it's Hunter") some Maniac stabbed him; Chief Rollins, Detective Matthews, and the rest of the Lakesville Authorities, and residents; immediately went to the alley, (to see Hunter's body") Eric couldn't believe his brother just died,) all the Lakesville residents give their love, and support for the Bennett Family. “2 weeks later: on this sad emotional day, Family and Friends gathers at Lakesville Church, to celebrate the loss of a young boy; (Hunter Bennett) a nice boy') who will never be forgotten. the new priest / who is Father Matthews assistant, (Father Williams) told the people in the church, the bell is going to ring five times, for the honor of (Hunter Bennett) *bell rings five times* thanks for the silence, "i appreciate it" name of the father, the son, the holy, spirit! everyone responds *Amen* after the Church Ceremony: everyone gathered at Lakesville cemetery, to say goodbye to Hunter; Every Lakesville resident left Flowers on Hunters Gravestone, *blows a kiss* and says goodbye; when everybody left and headed home, Eric was the only one at his Brothers grave; "I love you Man" Eric said in an emotional voice; *he cried and wiped his eyes* then left the cemetery. Jessica's Daughter; Allison! Approached Eric, "Hey Eric I'm sorry for your loss" "Thanks he responded sadly" Eric! I need to tell you something, what is it? "you said your brother got killed, Right! Yeah that's right? (The killer is Darcy's uncle) his name is Skully, he is known as the Skeleton boy; he is a big time, (Lakesville serial killer") "I got to go" Eric responded nervously; Just be careful, Allison responded. Eric needed to go for a walk, because he was feeling a bit down; meanwhile Darcy and Jenny bumped into him at Lakesville Park. "leave me alone Darcy" he said") jeez! what did I do to you? *she responded* why didn't you tell me, that Skully is your uncle; --he murdered my brother) Darcy then responds in an angry voice -- you’re not the only one; he killed people I cared about to you know, don't blame this whole Shit on me; (Eric had enough of her) "it's over" good bye! He storms off, and so did she") they kept *walking and *walking; will they always be torn apart? or one day reunited. “Night Time, October 31st) 1988: Darcy and Jenny was wondering in the streets, Meanwhile Skully appeared, and kidnapped the two girls; he 'chucks' them in the van and drove off. Skully held Darcy and Jenny as Hostages, and ties them up in the basement; Mary makes a report to the police, saying their daughter is missing, Caroline did the same thing for her daughter jenny; (will they be able to find their daughter's in time) before it’s too late. Mary, Jeff, and Caroline all turned up at Skully's safe house, and so did Detective Matthews; "wait here" Detective Matthews said? he made his way inside the house, as soon as Skully left the Basement and noticed someone was in his house, Detective Matthews shot Skully") as he fell to the ground, and didn't move an inch. Detective Matthews untied the Girls, --as they ran outside straight to their parents; Mary, Jeff, and Caroline *cried in tears* and was happy to see their kids.) Mary, Jeff and Caroline thanked Detective Matthews, then they went in the car; to make their way home; Skully hasn't moved for five minutes, Detective Matthews decided to leave Skully's house, and make his way back to the station. 1 hour Later: Skully began to move slowly, and heals himself; he grabs a *bandage* to cover the blood-spots on his body. The cops have a footage video of Detective Matthews shooting Skully") for a minute / --they thought he was dead; straightaway when Skully moved, every single cop noticed he's still alive; "bloody hell" "this guy never dies" Detective Matthews responded. (Torn Apart back to Reunited) Eric went to talk to Darcy, 'to ask if she's alright' after she got kidnapped; "I'm a bit scared" but I'm OK, thanks for asking") Eric wanted to say to Darcy "I'm sorry for getting angry at you" "I just miss my brother" I still love you / I just wanted to let you know that; "that's OK Eric" *Darcy Responded* I love you too, she said with a big smile on her face; the beautiful couple *kissed* and finally got reunited again. Eric and Darcy had a nice Romantic dinner at his house, Eric knew the time was right, and decided to propose to his beautiful girlfriend. *Eric approaches close to Darcy* *Bends down on one knee* "Darcy, "Will you marry me"? *She was crying in happy tears* "Yes Eric Bennett" I will marry you; (Eric and Darcy were preparing the invitations for the engagement party, and the wedding. 'the engagement is next year October 31st, and they said the wedding will be the following year, on October 31st; --Will Skully stalk the Lakesville residents at the Engagement and the wedding? What is he planning to do.? “1 Year Later, October 31st) 1989 tonight, is the night, the Lakesville Residents gathered together to attend to Eric, and Darcy's Engagement Party; meanwhile Skully was outside *hiding in the bush* Eavesdropping and staring* at the Lakesville Residents. three kids from Lakesville Primary School named (Sophie Wallace) (Sheldon Wade) and (Bailey Shaw) approached Skully's safe house, they left a Jack-o-lantern on the front porch, as they shouted out "The Skeleton boy" "The Skeleton Boy" and they immediately ran off, to avoid being seen. (Brody Johnson) who is now an adult, at the age of twenty-three; remembers 12 years ago: being haunted from The Skeleton Boy") Exactly 12 years later: Skully shows up at Brody's house, unannounced; --he then stabs Brody *blood spurting everywhere* Skully carried Brody into his bedroom, and pinned him straight on his bed. moments later 'Brody's mum' (Lina) arrived home; "Brody" I'm home! "Brody" she walked upstairs to his bedroom, she saw Brody pinned on the bed, also covered in blood; --she runs downstairs-- and dials 911. Lina spoke in a sad voice, my son is dead! please help; my address is (75 Kings-man road) --the cops and ambulance immediately came to Lina's house, to look at the dead body. 2 weeks Later: (Brody's Funeral) a very sad day today for the Lakesville Residents, as they all attended to the Lakesville church, to celebrate the sad loss of (Brody "BJ" Johnson) after the church ceremony,) the Lakesville Residents head off to Lakesville Cemetery to say goodbye to BJ, (while he’s getting put down in the ground) everyone began to *cry* and *cry* even though Lakesville has a big population of ten-thousand people the saddest thing is our town is losing people from skully murdering them”) (will the Lakesville residents work together to put an End to Skully Doyle? Once, and for all. as years went by / Mary and Darcy received a mail in the letter box, saying their invited to Lakesville High School Reunion. When Mary and Darcy arrived at the reunion they remember some familiar faces, Jessica and her daughter Allison *approaches Mary and Darcy* “Hello Mary Jessica said with a smile on her face” Hi Jessica!” Mary Responded) me and my Daughter just wanted to apologies for giving you and Darcy a hard time back in high school, can you forgive us? Jessica said? yeah, we forgive you”) don’t we Darcy? Mary said? yes mum. Meanwhile Detective Matthews arrived at Lakesville High School, and had to close the reunion, right now at 8:pm’) “because 9pm, The (LPD) have set a curfew, (regarding towards Skully) and the deaths in Lakesville. Darcy, Eric, and his Parents went over to Mary’s house, to celebrate her 60th) Birthday, A mysterious doorbell rang *ding ding* Mary thought it would be an anonymous present, --but it turned out to be an anonymous threat, what does it say mum? (Darcy said in a curious voice! Mary begins to read the paper”) R.I.P Hunter and Brody, Darcy is going to be next? Darcy *cries in tears* as Eric went to hug and comfort her) Mary immediately called Detective Matthews, and he came right away. Mary went to show Detective Matthews the threatening note, the more I keep this note, it’s going to keep scaring my daughter) you better keep it, and see how you and your team will deal with my brother? I’m sorry this happened Mary, we will catch him? (it just takes time) I know, Mary responded. A celebration for Jessica and Mason) they now have a baby boy, but! decided not to keep it / they carried the baby, and put him down on Skully’s front porch. Skully bought the baby inside, he then talks to him / what’s your name buddy? He said? The baby looked at Skully straight in the eyes, Skully then said to him” (your name is going to be Skully Jr) Skully Jr *giggles* and -claps his hands- Skully went to put Skully Jr to bed / “goodnight buddy” Skully said? he then went to his room, and went to sleep as well. “Next day, Halloween night: this is Skully and Skully Jr’s First Halloween Together; also, --their birthday-- Skully turns 23 and Skully Jr turns 1 years old) Skully made a cake for him and his son, also decided to make a Jack-o-lantern for the Halloween Tradition. The Lakesville residents are starting rumours about Jessica and Mason, abandoning their child; Allison defends her mum and dad) “you people need to fuck off, “mind your god-damnbusiness! “why would you leave your kid with a retard” Stan responded? Jessica, Mason, and Allison ignored the crowd, as they headed inside; Mason *slammed the door* exactly five minutes later”) the crowd eventually left, and didn’t disturb them again after all. Chief Rollins decided to retire as, --chief of Lakesville police force-- and crowned the new chief to”) (Detective Matthews) who is now known as Chief Matthews? the Lakesville residents applauded for Chief Matthews, --he is now recruiting members to join the force? Eric Bennett applied to be a Lakesville Police officer to join the team and protect Lakesville. Chief Matthews likes Eric’s Application form, he then said to him in a happy expression voice? (“Welcome aboard Officer Bennett! --Mary also applied to become a cop; Mother and son-in-law? became work partners, and worked on Skully’s case together. Eric and Darcy were in such a good mood to have sex in their bedroom Darcy starts to *moan* and *moan* “fuck me” Darcy said in a horny voice Eric *groans* and after they both sweated”) they breathed, and whispered; “that was amazing” the sex made them have a goodnight sleep. the next morning both Eric and Darcy woke up / “Eric” I’m pregnant? Honey this is amazing! Eric said in a surprised voice; I’m so happy! (I love you Darcy) “I Love you too Eric” all the Lakesville residents, including Darcy and Eric’s parents; are happy for them. Is it going to be a boy or girl? and will Skully get in the way. There is four people that was born on the 31st of October) Skully, Skully Jr, Darcy, and Now her baby? which turned out to be a boy, and decided to call him (Jeremy) Both Darcy and Eric’s Parents / who are now Grandparents? welcomes their Grandson, (Little Jeremy Bennett) to the family.





 on a cold Halloween night Jeff was driving on his way home / Skully Jr was crossing the road, the car went as fast as a bullet, but Jeff managed to turn the steering wheel, as the car collided by; *slamming into the tree* lucky for Jeff’s Sake? the car was damaged, and he is still alive. Jeff quickly got out of his car, Skully Jr *cries* and *cries* when he finally stopped crying / Skully Jr stabs Jeff as he *chucked up blood* when he got stabbed more and more / Jeff dropped dead on the floor; “moments later, when the cops immediately saw Jeff’s body, they notified his family / and it came to a complete shock for the Lakesville residents. April and Cindy decided to open their own business here in Lakesville, April and Cindy called their business? (Lakesville Psychiatric Asylum) how long can they keep their business running.  April and Cindy went to see a real-estate agent, and went to the property that was for sale; they gave the cash to the agent as the agent responded; “Congratulations on your new business” hope it all goes well for you guys”) Thank you very much! April and Cindy responded in a happy voice. “2 weeks later, Jeff’s Funeral: --The Lakesville residents are mourning right now for the sad loss of Jeff Brady? a loving husband / and a loving father, he will be missed, but never be forgotten. Mary’s face just froze! when she saw a little boy metres away from the cemetery, and noticed that was Skully Jr; Mary went to walk up to him, as Skully Jr vanished from Mary / as fast as he could, “you better run! You little shit? Mary responded aggressively. Mary notified her daughter Darcy “Darcy it wasn’t your uncle who killed your father” it was Skully Jr? “Mum Skully Jr is only three years old; Yeah! did you know your uncle killed my dad at the same age? Huh! “Strange coincidence” Darcy said anxiously, you know that woman’s head you saw on your third birthday? Yes, Darcy responded nervously; that was my mum? / known as your grandma? “Its common sense Skully Jr killed your dad, “he was the only one at the funeral” your uncle wasn’t there with him / there’s our proof! Mary said? Ok mum! Darcy responded; “I believe you. the Lakesville Psychiatric Asylum is officially open / there are three levels? one is for little kids, the second is for adults, and the third? is for much older people; some clients suffers with schizophrenia, and other mental illnesses. Skully made a Skeleton mask for his son; now that Skully Sr is now a man? / he is known as the Skeleton man / and as for Skully Jr! he is now known as the Skeleton boy) father and son goes for a little walk to Darcy’s house, (until one of her neighbours caught them in the act) --Skully and Skully Jr-- managed to teleport back to their house, safe and sound. “2 years later, October 31st) 1995: Darcy and Eric enrol their son Jeremy / at Lakesville Primary School; “moments later when Jeremy was heading outside for recess, -two metres from the road- he saw a man and a boy wearing a skeleton mask / staring right at him? he has no clue that is his uncle and cousin. (Liam Johnson) the cousin of (Brody Johnson) confronted Jeremy; you must be the new kid Jeremy Bennett? Hi! Do I know you? No! “but I know you? Your parents are Darcy and Eric, right? Yeah that’s right! “the people you just saw, that’s the Skeleton man and the Skeleton boy? Who are they? Jeremy said in a curious voice? I never seen them before; that’s your uncle and cousin / you must stay away from them, “their bad people” what do you mean? Jeremy replied? they are murderers Liam responded. Eric and Darcy took Jeremy for his first time Trick or treating, Jeremy went as a ghost / he started off very good as his first time? “He got nine hundred candies) after trick or treating / Jeremy, Eric, and Darcy; -made a jack-o-lantern- and puts it on their front porch. “Skully and Skully Jr trespassed on the Bennett’s property, Jeremy stared at them from his bedroom window; (he performed the chant) 1,2,3 Skeleton man and Skeleton boy go away) -as he repeated it two times- they vanished, and didn’t return back ever since. Halloween night: Allison went for a little walk as she walks past her neighbour’s house “Happy Halloween Mrs Davis” Allison then jogged her way in the forest / meanwhile she bumped into Skully and Skully Jr “Allison begins to scream” -while she is running- Help! Help! She tripped and fell; “Skully managed to grab and stab her. “1 hour later; the Lakesville police team found Allison’s body, Jessica is now suffering with depression / with the loss of her daughter, and leads on to having a mental break-down; -- Jessica is now known as a patient / at Lakesville Psychiatric Asylum) how long will Jessica stay in there? Will she get the help she needs? or will she get worse. “2 weeks later, Allison’s Funeral; Family and friends are mourning on this very sad day / for the loss of (Allison Cortez) Jessica and Mason Cortez who is known as Allison’s mum and dad? (Saw Skully and Skully Jr metres away from the cemetery) Mason is the mayor of Lakesville / will he give Skully and Skully Jr consequences? and what will it be. Jeremy was walking home from school meanwhile!  Skully and Skully Jr was driving in a van / they pulled over, and kidnapped Jeremy. Darcy’s Neighbours Mr and Mrs Payne saw the whole thing and went straight to Darcy’s house; “I’m so sorry to bother you now Darcy” your son Jeremy has been Kidnapped / what? (Darcy said in a shocked voice) it’s true Darcy! Mr Payne replied! “We witnessed it! Skully and Skully Jr pulled over with a van, and took him; I will call Eric now / “thanks Mr and Mrs Payne” Anytime Darcy. “Halloween night, After the phone call; The Lakesville Police Force broke into the Doyle’s safe house, Eric went in the basement, and saw Jeremy tied up? “Freeze” “Skully and Skully Doyle Jr” I’m placing you both under arrest, for kidnapping / and the murders in Lakesville; Eric unties Jeremy, -and got him home safe and sound- Skully and Skully Jr are now in custody. Skully and Skully Jr attends to (FCL) (Federal Court of Lakesville) Judge Ingalls announces that Skully must be executed, and as for Skully Jr / for all the murders he committed, he must attend to Lakesville Psychiatric Asylum, -for the rest of his life-  Judge Ingalls *slams the hammer* case dismissed! will Skully Jr get better, and get released early? Or! For under-circumstances will he escape. “Halloween Night, Skully’s execution; today is the day for Skully Doyle’s execution / the Lakesville policy for Skully Jr was? he can’t watch his father getting executed / also! can’t say goodbye to him) will this cause too much grief for Skully Jr? will he get revenge on the Lakesville residents. on a dark Halloween night, Skully Jr has been suffering with the loss of his dad, and being stuck at (LPA) -he wears his skeleton mask- and said? “enough is enough” (“I’m getting out of here”) I’m going to get revenge. “4 Hours Later, Midnight; as years went by / Kevin and Vanessa avoided their secret? -Brother and Sister who are now an insist- also has a baby; Kevin and Vanessa became bad parents / by abandoning their baby girl in the alley-way, “moments later, when they were gone) Skully Jr teleported to the Alley-way, and decided to keep the child / just like his father, how he kept him. Skully Jr held the baby, as he looked in her eyes / “welcome to the family” (Kelly Doyle) -Kelly smiles at her dad- the same way / Skully Jr used to smile at his dad, the day he was born. “Skully Jr Celebrates Halloween with Kelly, because today is the day / that Kelly came into his life, Skully Jr made her a skeleton mask, Kelly is now known as? (The Skeleton girl) The Skeleton represents, the Doyle family generation. Skully Jr Hallucinates, (of what happened to him when he was just a baby) -- and it was time for him to get his revenge; on Jessica and Mason; who abandoned him / the day he was born) Skully Jr confronts Jessica and Mason at (LPA) The anger on his face / made him kill both Jessica and Mason, afterwards! Skully Jr buried their bodies at Lakesville Cemetery, now that Jessica is gone / and so is Mason) how will this affect the Lakesville residents? who is going to be the new Lakesville mayor. “1 day later; the neighbours that lived close to the cemetery / secretly caught Skully Jr driving there) then when they noticed Jessica and Mason’s body, -the Lakesville authorities were on their way- Eric discovers the bodies *he sighs* “yep” that’s Jessica and Mason? Everyone was watching the Lakesville breaking news at home (Lakesville is looking for a new mayor) to apply / ring the Lakesville news, say your name) “we are going to accept four names” -we only need one winner- Good-luck! this is Lakesville news, and goodnight. Four Lakesville Residents rang the Lakesville News, and they are… (Sophie Wallace) (Sheldon Wade) (Bailey Shaw) (Darcy Bennett) the Lakesville news revealed / that Darcy Bennett? “is the new Lakesville Mayor, as everyone cheered and applauds for (Mayor Darcy Bennett) will she be the next Lakesville hero? also will she be named Mayor of the year.







Mary dedicates a song to her late mother, called / (Molly Smiles, by Jesse Spencer) the song made her busted into tears, and took out her own life) by shooting herself; the whole Doyle Family is all dead, except for three Doyle Members / which is? Darcy, Skully Jr and Kelly. The Story to be continued……….


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