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A pretty love story of a boy ............

Submitted: May 07, 2018

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Submitted: May 07, 2018




By:- $ubhash

Every one has its own life experience and story. Some part of every person life that he can’t forget forever. This is a beautiful memories which experienced by a young boy who doesn’t know that something is happened in his life that’s give a memorable memories for his whole life. It’s start when he went to other city from his home town for his competitive exam study. Like a normal boy he fully concentrated on his study. he join a reputed coaching class , rented a small hostel room for his new complicated life , he think for his goal and prepare his daily routine for his competitive study. He is happy in their study and do hard works until he join the hostel friend circle. When he meet to new friend then he think about his life style and also participate in his hobbies. All hostel boy’s are standing on the roof in the evening because it’s a summer session and heat are too much killing mind so everyone standing on roof in city’s at the evening. They also watching what happen on the neighbor and commenting to everyone. At the neighbor there are many girl are also living with their family. They also come at the evening on the roof. There is a girl standing with pink top in the group. He fined that she looking more from other. Boys can’t stop him for commenting on girl which is standing near him. Every evening they are meet and looking to each other but they can’t do anything for talking because there are many boys are standing with him. He start thinking about that girl because he find something difference in his eye’s. when he looking to her he feel something that her looking style is different from other he started to notice them lot, when she came on the roof then both are looking to each other but they can’t react his feeling , they watch to each other silently. And when any one comes then she went from there. One day he went to the street market at the evening like every day suddenly he notice that she is also standing at the other shop and looking silently and talking to the shopper. He was shocked because first time he was near to her now he watch is more clearly with is voice , he start watching her hair which was half open and flow on her forehead and ear ,her pretty brownies iris eye’s are little with black kajal , her face are little cover with her hair make her more attractive. He decides to come more near of her so he decided to purchase a chocolate for that shop at which she was standing. He went that shop and purchases a chocolate. He was standing beside her but he shows that he can’t look to her. At that time he was happy a bit but scarred much more. First time he was standing too much near him ………continue

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